guard bus

the astro marching band au
  • everyone knows who jinjin is before he even starts high school bc he’s been playing drums Forever
  • literally he walks into first band camp and all the officers are just like “yep hes the next drum major”
  • manages to land battery captain as a freshman which is Unheard of and everyone respects him cause hes fuckin great
  • except mj
  • mj’s a shit
  • thats because mj is an oboe player who cant march bc “marching oboe is DANGEROUS you can DIE” 
  • so he goes to front ensemble and while jinjin isn’t in charge of front ensemble they do plenty of rehearsals together and jinjin has no idea what to do with this sunshine of a kid who has never played a mallet instrument in his life and goes around singing under his breath 
  • but he can memorize his music and vibe so who is jinjin to complain he’s cute too
  • mjs favorite part of being a front ensemble freshman is being stuck on the random instruments like gong which means he can just stare at drumline when they decide its too hot and go shirtless
  • he may or may not miss a gong hit
  • or two
  • oops
  • fast forward a year and moonbin and eunwoo enter the program 
  • eunwoo is this state ranked flute player who literally everyone just stares at bc a) hes beautiful b) hes brilliant c) hes a fuckin amazing flute player like what even
  • except this boy isn’t marching flute, oh no. he’s a guard boy. his lines are beautiful, and the guard instructor may have cried when he realized he was getting eunwoo pls im crying eunwoo as a guard boy my soul
  • no one was more shocked than moonbin who joined 100% thinking he would end up on tenor drums bc He’s Great but instead had to deal with bass drum like every other freshman bc hierarchy exists and jinjin takes no shit but it was ok bc the bass drums just happened to always end sets real close to where eunwoo was
  • and if that meant bin got to talk to the really pretty guard boy he wasn’t complaining 
  • bin may or may not have begged jinjin to make sure they were on the guard bus to states so he could sit next to eunwoo
  • jinjin obliged bc it meant that front ensemble would also be stuck on the guard bus
  • eunwoo fell asleep on bin, mj fell asleep on jinjin, everyone died i died thinking about it 
  • the next year jinjin gets assistant drum major, which means he’s no longer marching so great!! for moonbin who gets a tenor spot, not great!! for the battery section which has lost its leader of two years and flounders a bit
  • the biggest benefit of jinjin becoming assistant drum major is the ability for mj, who has moved to a mallet instrument and is always front and center bc of his ability to vibe being able to make faces at jinjin and fuck him up
  • but then rocky shows up at band camp in raybans and twirling drum sticks in his fingers and snatches the center snare spot from everyone bc its rocky what CANT HE DO
  • bin automatically claims him as a best friend
  • rocky and bin come up with so much dumb shit which begins innocently enough like making up weird sentences to memorize rhythms and seeing who could cause a bigger distraction during lunch or accidentally letting locker doors close when changing behind them
  • jinjin draws the line at the idea of rocky and bin exchanging sticks in the middle of the performance by throwing them at each other this aint drumline boys 
  • fast forward another year and finally sanha joins, and he’s a trumpet player is anyone shocked im not
  • jinjin is now head drum major, mj is front ensemble section leader, rocky is technically battery captain but shares it with bin and eunwoo is saber captain
  • jinjin and mj are basically married at this point
  • moonbin is v much in love with eunwoo and rocky is five seconds away from hurling a drum at him bc he keeps messing up rhythms bc he’s always getting distracted by eunwoo tossing 
  • so rocky, being rocky, with the help of jinjin decides to do somethin about it
  • which is during freshman/senior bonding which is where innocent freshman have to do the tasks the seniors ask of them or risk running laps, jinjin makes sanha go up to eunwoo during the middle of lunch and loudly say “MOONBIN THINKS UR PRETTY” and run away
  • bin may or may not have tackled rocky 
  • all the guard girls screamed and eunwoo blushed ten shades of red but ya know it worked because over the weekend eunwoo and bin went on a date and the marching band power couple of binu was born
  • sanha is also the bane of jinjin’s existence 
  • bc sanha is a good player, but the problem is that sanha knows it and is the piece of shit thats always upsetting the balance by going up to third octave and overblasting and always making faces at jinjin whenever hes trying to be serious and get the band to check their positions
  • mj loves it
  • jinjin may have threatened divorce 
  • and y’all this is just the shit that happens in marching season

• percussion kid, ends up in pit 1st year, bass line 2nd year, and stays on quads her Junior and Senior year and she loves it
• most ppl underestimate Holtz bc she’s tiny and they don’t think she can hold up her instrument but years of working at her dad’s auto repair shop has put some muscle on her
• only girl on the line (which isn’t that hard to do bc most girls drop percussion for some odd reason?? At least at my school)
• Holtz fuckin loves her instrument and she’s always practicing and ALWAYS SHOWING OFF
• the flirtiest and funniest out of all the percussionists
• everything is a sex joke to her
• has a photographic memory so always remembers sets and dots and music
• loves to play cadences E V E R Y W H E R E
• genuinely likes the parades

• surprisingly hella athletic????
• is really into playing songs that are not pep songs or show music (kinda like how all the saxes know how 2 play careless whisper)
• hella gifted music wise, grade wise, she don’t give a shit and always is almost failing the grading period
• doesn’t believe in seniority
• O P I N I O N A T E D af
• starts alotta section wars
• always has music memorized and down even tho she never practices
• that pisses her section leader OFF
• marching technique is not the best and not the worst, it could be better
• always has like, 20 million extra reeds
• not a section leader hut definitely well respected in her section

• guard girl who doesn’t take anyone’s shit
• looks flawless as hell,,, how?????
• her technique is perfect af???
• ends up making rifle her 2nd year and everyone in guard who didn’t make rifle is secretly very upset
• always knows her sets
• she’s on SLT (section leader team)
• always apologizes when she hits someone and actually makes sure they’re alright and helps them if they really get hurt and takes full responsibility 4 her actions
• technically the guard mother
• actually helps the freshman + newbies
• really kind and nice but u fuck with her friends and she will honest to god END YOU
• always knows what to do????
• how????????
• honest to god, she deals with so much bs it’s unreal.
• so talented it’s unfair

• the only trombone that doesn’t over sexualize everything
• Quiet lil babi
• but don’t piss her off or she’ll be right ON YA ASS THEN AND THERE
• becomes section leader, best and most responsible section leader in the band (besides patty)
• we all know why she’s a trombone, she has the longest arms
• h8s that band dislikes all low brass even tho some of them aren’t that bad????
• has a huge crush on lil drummer Holtzy and is always smiling and laughing with her
• everyone making fun of Erin for being one of the token girls in low brass
• “every girl in low brass is always gay!!”
• tutors abby and still manages 2 get all her shit done???
• on the page in the band hall 4 people that need tutoring (we have one, you write your name under a subject you understand and get really good marks in and ppl can come ask 4 help in that subject)
• h8s band camp til she meets holtzmann

Just Breathe

Summary: You go to support your boyfriend at his concert and end up having a panic attack.

Requested: Not At All 

I glanced out the window of the tour bus, anxiety rushing through my veins as I surveyed the rather large crowd. I took a deep breath as I bit the inside of my cheek. I’m here to support Shawn with his concert, but I didn’t know there was going to be a crowd outside the venue. 

“You okay. Y/N?” Shawn asked, adjusting the strap to his guitar case on his shoulder. I shook my head and backed away from the window.

 “I can’t do it, Shawn,” I said, unable to break my gaze from the window. He must’ve felt my anxiety because he pulled me closer to him and placed a kiss on my lips. 

“You’ll be fine. I’ll be next to you the whole time.” He said, placing another kiss on my forehead and tightening his grip around my waist. Just then, the security guard walked onto the bus. The screaming increased as the bus doors opened. 

“We are ready for you, Mr. Mendes.” The security guard said. Shawn looked at me and grabbed my hand, giving me a reassuring look. I took another deep breath as we made our way off the bus and into the sea of screaming girls and paparazzi. 

There was shouting and screaming all around us. Some asking Shawn questions and asking me some questions, but we just kept moving. I kept my focus on my breathing and the feeling of Shawn’s hand in mine, when someone grabbed me, shouting my name. I turned around to try and release my arm only to have a camera shoved in my face, temporarily blinding me when the flash went off. I blinked multiple times, trying to restore my vision. That’s when I realized Shawn’s hand was no longer in mine. 

“Over here, Y/N!” someone in the crowd shouted. 

“Turn around, Y/N!”

 “Are you and Shawn splitting up?” Another person asked shoving a recorder in my face. I looked around frantically for Shawn, feeling my heart rate speed up. 

“Is it true that you pregnant with Shawn’s child?” 

“Y/N, Look over here!” I couldn’t think straight as another person shoved their camera in my face. I could feel my hands shaking as I covered my face from the bright flashing lights. That’s when someone grabbed me, parting their way through the obnoxious sea of people.

 My chest felt tight as we made it to the door. Shawn was pacing back and forth while talking to somebody as we made our way into the venue. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw me.

 “Y/N, are you okay?” He asked, worry clear on his face. I nodded my head, trying to calm myself down, but Shawn knew there was something wrong. 

“Hey, hey, hey, what’s wrong?”   

“I can’t- I can’t-“ I repeated as my chest got tighter and tighter. My hands shook violently as I ran a hand through my hair, trying to breath when I got lightheaded. My legs gave out from under me, but Shawn caught me before I fell. 

“Whoa, Y/N? Somebody get help! She’s having a panic attack!” He shouted as he sat me against a wall and knelt in front of me, taking one of my hands. “Y/N, baby, take deep breaths.” I shook my head.

 The pain was excruciating. It felt like I was drowning and I couldn’t come up for air. I tightened my grip on Shawn’s hand, my breathing getting faster. I felt a tear slide down my cheek. Shawn ran a hand through his hair like he does when he’s nervous. That’s when he picked me up bridal style and made his way into his dressing room, sitting on the couch with me on his lap. My head rested on his chest just under his chin as he rocked slowly back and forth.

 “Breathe, baby, breathe.” He said. I listened to his steady heartbeat as he rocked me back forth and sure enough, my heart rate started to slow down, allowing me to breathe. I loosened my grip and Shawn’s hand and closed my eyes as we sat there in silence, relieved the pain was over.

 “Is she okay?” I heard someone ask. 

“She’s fine. Thank you.” Shawn answered, his voice vibrating under my ear. I felt him shift under me and I tightened my grip on his hand once again. “Don’t go,” I whispered, feeling weak. 

“I’m not going anywhere.” He replied, placing a kiss on my forehead.

I hope you liked it. Requests are open if you want to make one, just inbox me!

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True School Trip Bus Experiences: a large group of girls singing Let It Go on the top of their lungs while some boy is vocally shittyfluting it in the background, another one yelling at them to "kill yourself, I wanna sleep!". Two boys banging their heads on the backs of seats. A smaller group has been discussing murder for at least half an hour. Boy next to me talks about how his friend had 33 volleyball playing girlfriends while getting his short hair braided. Disco polo plays loudly.

sounds like our marching band’s color guard bus

The Red Menace

She had him pinned. He couldn’t defend himself.

It would be so easy to raise her fist and deliver the finishing blow.

But Sashi didn’t.

She took the time to savour her victory, look into her opponent’s face and commit it to memory before she utterly destroyed it.

They were only inches away from each other, after all.

She could see the bewildered look on Penn’s face, still having trouble believing his silly plan hadn’t worked.

She could feel Penn’s breath on her face, hot, ragged, tired.

She could look into those stupid eyes of his, see the fear in them, dive deep into those bright, shining pools of blue–

 BUZZ! Beep-beep-beep…!

“Winner! Penn Zero!”

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So, last night.....

The marching band went to our first football game of the season (now granted it was a pre-season game, but still…). We drove over an hour to get there and we got rained out after halftime. But then it stopped raining for a bit and we ate hot dogs n stuff only to get rained on AGAIN. And as it turned out the other band was coming over to our side of the stadium to greet us right as the second downpour hit hard. So instead of turning back, they were running in between our buses saying hey and cheering with us. Then our band director comes onto the buses and tells us whats going on with the other band and that we should come outside and have fun with them, since we were already soaked anyways. So it turns into a massive crowd of band kids running around screaming, high-fiving, giving people piggy back rides, and crowd surfing in the pouring down rain. Then the other band’s band director (who is a total hunk btw) joins our’s in the middle of the crowd and we just have an absolute blast. But then one of the administrative people from the other school rides up to us in a golf cart to find out what’s going on. Apparently we were being so loud the people in the stands thought we were fighting and something was going down. XD Ah, this is why I love band kids… Nothing can get us down when we’re out at a game like this, even if we get rained out.

Like our band director said at practice before the game…

“Forget everything that’s happened this week; forget the studying, forget the homework, forget the tests and quizzes you have next week. Because for the next seven hours, none of that matters. You guys are here right now in this moment in band, and that’s an amazing thing. So just go out there and have fun. And remember, if things don’t go perfectly (and I guarantee they won’t), remember this was just a learning experience, a trial run, if you will. Cherish the things that you thought went well, and think about how to improve upon the things that didn’t go too well.”

Anyways, I guess my point is… As much as I may complain about it, I love being in band, being able to experience these things with all these wonderful people. I don’t know where I’d be right now if I decided to drop out of band in high school. If any of you out there are considering not continuing band in high school or not being in marching band, since you aren’t sure you’ll like it, I say just give it a shot! Give it at least a year, and you’ll see! Marching band can really be one of the best things in your high school experience. The only downside is it’s over come November… ;w;

Yes Maurice. That must be it. Communists.

Mother On Tour || Michael Clifford

ya’ll love some daddy michael, ay

I M A G I N E 

“Aw man, everyone, we’re at our last song!” Michael said sadly into the mic in front of 20,000 screaming fans. They all pout, a series of ‘boo’ and ‘aww’ spread throughout the room. Calum pretends to cry while Luke rubs his back as a way of comforting. 

You were backstage, as usual, at the right wing. It was the closest wing to Michael, your lovely boyfriend. But you were sat in a cushion chair for your legs. Your stomach was huge and heavy, having your legs ache when standing too much. As you were enjoying the music, though, you felt something rush down your legs.

“What the…” you whispered to yourself, drifting off as you gave your legs time to understand this new sensation. A liquid began to run down your leg and to the ground. It was soaking in your jeans. You were then introduced to an awful feeling of pain. You held your belly, wailing in pain from the sudden surge of hurt. Crew members immediately went to you, asking if you were alright while palming your forehead. “Am I okay?” 

“Get the doctor over here!” A crew member yelled, beckoning the tour doctor that made sure the boys were healthy. The doctor immediately came, with her hands in gloves and her mouth covered. She then bent down to check the source of the water, quickly turning pale at the sight. 

“I-is everything alright?” You asked nervous as you continued to hurt. 

“Her water broke!” The doctor announces, making you go completely pale. The doctor managed to say it loud enough to ring Michael’s attention. Michael quickly turned over to you and looked in horror. He stopped playing and went to the boys, telling them words you couldn’t hear. But they all immediately looked at you with worry and sadness. 

“Guys, guys,” Michael immediately rushed to the mic, looking as frantic as ever. “I have to go, I’m so sorry, but something important came up!” Michael quickly takes off his guitar and runs over to you. A powerful wail leaves your mouth as you squeeze your eyes shut. A few fans hear and begin to throw questions all around the stadium. “Oh fuck, Y/N, now?” Michael says nervously. 

“Uh, I guess that’s our queue as well!” Luke chirps before taking off his guitar and rushing over to you and Michael and the crew. The fans begin to mope as they resumed asking questions. Ashton and Calum trailed after Luke and got off stage, waving awkwardly at the fans as they did so. 

“Y/N is gonna give birth?” Calum asked in a frightening tone as you release another scream. “Like, right now?”

“Not right now exactly,” Ashton says, being the most calm in the room. “But if we don’t move fast, she will be giving birth soon.”

“She needs a hospital right now!” Michael shouts. A crew member comes around, asking what to do with the show. “Get OneOkRock out there, I cannot perform! The lads can stay if they’d like but this is my child!” Michael blurts out before he carries you bridal style. “Someone get the tour bus pulled up to the back. I need some guards around me please!”

“Mike, please!” You cried in pain as you bounced lightly from Michael’s running. “You have… a show to do… I’ll be fine, really,” you said with a strained voice while rubbing Michael’s face. Michael didn’t even look at you while continuing to run off with guards rushing around him. 

“Lad, wait up!” Luke called from behind. You looked as Ashton, Luke, and Calum were catching up to you and Michael. They looked just as panicked as Michael while attempting to run as fast as him. But Michael was motivated, having his speed seem to triple as he dashes outside to see the tour bus already pulled up and ready. A few fans collected, screaming and taking photos. The guards kept them back as Michael ran in the tour bus and gently placed you down on the couch at the back of the bus. Luke rushed in immediately as Calum and Ashton took a few pictures with fans as distraction. 

“Y/N, two things!” Michael begins as he grabs pillows from the bunks to lift up your upper body. “One, you’re my girlfriend and you pretty much are the world to me. Two–” Michael puts two fingers up as he grabs blankets and towels. “–You’re my girlfriend and you’re about to give birth to my child. My priorities are quite in shape, Y/N.” As much as you wanted to feel overjoyed, you were busy hurting. 

“Guys, get out some water bottles!” The doctor exclaims as Ashton and Calum hop into the bus. You listen as Luke tells the driver to go to the nearest hospital, which was surprisingly far. But you were busy screeching in pain to be caught up on it. Trying to convince the boys to go back and continue performing was like telling a brick to go to a dentist appointment. You just can’t. 

“Can you not drive any faster?” Ashton wails to the driver as Calum goes to you with a completely pale face. You wept and cried, making Calum feel anxious and scared for you. You knew Calum saw you as an older sister as he was away from his real one. You took care of him and kept him on a good path since you were going to be on the tour with the boys. Since then, Calum was always caring about you. To see you in pain without him being able to help, he felt nervous as though you were going to die. 

“C-Cal, don’t freak out, okay?” You breathed, trying to calm Calum down while suffering the awful pain. The bus was going extremely fast as you whimpered loudly. The doctor was attempting to keep you calm with Michael kissing your forehead repeatedly. He was more nervous than you. Not only more pale than usual, but his hand was shaking in yours. Madly, might you add. But as the soothing continued, the bus came to an abrupt stop. You almost fell off the couch but Michael ensured your safety as he caught you. 

“What the fuck?” Michael exclaimed as Luke trotted to the driver. Ashton opened the curtains of the bus, giving a pretty worrisome face at his sight. “Luke, Ash, what’s up?”

“Mate, we’re stuck in traffic!” Ashton calls out as he leaves the bus to go ask around. 

“The highway is packed!” Luke exclaims as he returns to you and Michael. The doctor gives a concerned look as Michael opens the curtains of the back windows to see cars behind the bus as well. You guys were literally stuck in traffic with no way out. 

“She’s gonna give birth any fucking minute now!” Michael yells in frustrated as you cry loudly. The doctor rubs your belly while putting more blankets on you and towels under you. You wail as Michael bangs against one of the walls of the bus. “She can possibly fucking die in here and lose the baby! Fucking hell!”

“Mikey, I have some good news!” Ashton calls from the front as Calum begins to fan you with a fan he made out of paper. You were amused and thankful but couldn’t help screaming from the pain. Fear crawled all over you as you hoped that the baby wouldn’t die. As much as you don’t want to, you were down with dying in order to save your child. 

“Please tell me the traffic cleared up completely and we can get Y/N to a fucking hospital?” Michael whines, beginning to sweat from nerves as he paced around. 

“There’s an ambulance a few cars ahead of us that could probably help us!” Ashton cheers, giving you a small rush of relief. But the pain was finding itself to be unbearable as you cried. 

“Bless!” Michael yelled at the ceiling. “Luke, go with Ashton to the ambulance and tell them there’s a woman giving birth in here!” Michael instructed, watching as the two boys scurry out the bus with guards following them. Guards also got into cars and followed the tour bus, just in case. “Calum, please calm down. I know you love Y/N, but she’s gonna be okay!” 

“If she’s not, I swear I’m gonna cry to my death,” Calum says as he fans nervously. You look up at his worried face, those chocolate eyes threatening to cry any second. 

“Can someone please get this baby out of me?” You screamed, digging your hands in the couch cushion as the doctor rubs your knees. You look to see Michael come your way, standing in front of you with worry in his face. He cups your cheeks in his hands and gives you a small smile and a quick peck on the forehead. 

“It’s gonna be okay, I swear,” Michael whispers as Calum continues to fan. You smile a bit at Michael before reaching out to Calum. He grabs your shaky hand and squeezes it tightly, letting you know how scared he was for you. You have him sit down next to where you lie, with your head pretty much next to his arm due to the pillows elevating you a bit. 

“I’m gonna be fine, Calum,” you croak as you groaned quietly in pain. “I’m too strong and young to die.” Calum chuckled a bit as you gave him a weak smile. He nods at you, listening to your words but refusing to let go of your hand. Michael dips down and gives you many pecks on your lips, making you smile at how loving and affectionate he is. 

“The baby is gonna come out any second now!” The doctor screeched as she began to separate your legs. One remained on the couch with the other on the table. You screamed at a jolt of pain hitting your lower stomach. Tears were rapidly streaming down your face. “We need the ambulance now, or Y/N and her baby have no chance!” 

“Where the fuck is Luke and As–” Michael began to whine before the tour bus door suddenly opened.

“We got ‘em!” Luke cheered as a series of ambulance workers came with equipment. Immediately, you were being hooked up and prepared as they practically ripped off your jeans and underwear. The boys watched as they delivered your gorgeous baby and ensured your health. They immediately wrapped your baby in a towel and passed it to you with wide smiles. 

“It’s a girl, Mrs. Clifford, congratulations!” They said as they handed you your child. You looked in awe at your baby, seeing how much she looked like your handsome boyfriend. Luke and Ashton give each other high fives as Calum basically weeps with joy. Michael goes to you, bending down to be leveled with you and the baby. 

“Oh god, she’s gorgeous,” Michael breathed, putting one of his fingers between the small beings little hand. You watched as Michael looks immensely fascinated and excited over your new baby girl. His smile was extremely wide while he lifts up his other hand to delicately stroke the baby’s cheek. “What are we going to call her? She’s everything beautiful and perfect and amazing, just like her mother…” 

“Let’s call her Joy,” you whispered, having Calum squeal in happiness. “Because I know she’s going to make us happy for the rest of our lives.” Luke and Ashton smile at the name and come close with Calum behind them. Soon, they all ogle the baby, forgetting all about the show and the terrible traffic. 

“The family is complete,” Michael whispers as he looks at you lovingly. “I’ve got my brothers around me with the woman I love and the baby girl that I’m going to fall in love with. I love you, Y/N. Thank you for being so strong.”

“I love you, too,” you whisper before Michael places his lips on yours for a passionate kiss.

AWWW some cute little brotherly calum with loving michael and supportive lashton eeeeep <3

where the heart is;

(agents of shield // skye/ward // gen // // ao3)

// in which Skye has a child who grows up trying to deal with her parents’ seriously messed up relationship.

(part ii of home is)

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Angel in burning Heaven

Request: Can I make a Request for a Joker x Reader x Harley : where Reader is Harley’s twin ( Identical or Fraternal your chose) and the joker doesn’t know Harley is a twin until he breaks her out of Arkham while reader is visiting her and when he meets her he decides he doesn’t just want Harley but also her sister you can make up the rest from there :) p.s: you first story is really good - by anon

“Damn he is so good for me!” Harley clapped with her hands and smiled widely “He will come and get out of here sis!” You and Harley were sitting in small light room with one sofa. It was your meeting hour. You came here to see how is your a few seconds younger twin sister is doing. You weren’t identical twins but both of you had that fabulous smile and energy.

“Like… I can’t even decide where to spend those money anymore. OH I know, I will give you some of them sweetie!” She jumped off the sofa and hugged you tightly. You just smiled and hugged your sister back. You were happy to see her smiling even in this place, Arkham Asylum.. She always talked about Joker in that high pitched voice, with happy eyes and calling him ‘Daddy’ all the time. Yes, the same crime boss..

From beginning your sister were very innocent girl, she was working and studying very hard, but one patient turned her into this slightly crazy psycho.. While you were working extra hard to get paid of your small apartment, taking care of your mom..

Harley didn’t even ask about their mother, nothing. All you do, was listening to her, and nodding. You were happy enough that she at least wanted to talk with you, like sister with sister. You were looking directly into her eyes and suddenly hugged one more time, supper tightly “God, I have missed you so freaking much lil sis” you whispered and closed your teary eyes. Having a Gotham’s crime king’s princess as a sister wasn’t always that easy.

You had to deal with police, reporters… All the time… Harley smiled and rubbed your cheek “oh sister..” She laughed and them stood up after hearing an alarm “He is here” she smiled and whispered. At that moment Joker knocked the door out and walked in while holding his gold, shining gun. “Hey, princess” he smiled and hugged Harley “Puddin’!!!” She shouted and kissed him passionately while you were just sitting there, looking at them and admiring their love. You wished to be loved like Harley was…

You stood up about to leave the room when you saw that the Joker pointed his gun at you. You stopped and terrified looked at Harley. “Don’t you dare to shoot her Puddin!” She said getting angry “She is my one and only sister, who accepts me in any way” you gulped when you saw how Joker’s eyes widened a little “Y-your sister, Baby doll.” He asked and moved the gun away. He walked closer to you and touched your (h/c) hair and smiled “Same wonderful eyes..” He smiled widely and held your hand “You have never mentioned that you have twin sister baby girl..” He kept talking while looking into your eyes with his icy blue ones.

Harley walked behind him and kissed his neck “Yeah.. But why should I… She is just a normal smart girl.. Few seconds older than me…” She talked looking at him and touching his green hair. “We can go now..” She whispered and held his other hand with the gun. “No sweetie….” He said and kept standing. “My, my, my…. a few seconds older.. Soo cold. What’s your name baby girl?.” He asked and gripped your hand tightly “(y/n)” you said quietly. You weren’t scared at all, you got used to the psycho being next to you. Quickly your eyes moved to see Harley’s face. She was pale and confused “Bu-but, guards will be here very soon Puddin!” She said getting nervous and angry. “Shhh…” He smiled and leaned closer to you “Tell me, baby, why you aren’t shivering?” You gulped and looked at his cold hand holding yours. “'Cause crazy people are interesting.” You didn’t know why you answered like that, seeing Harley in this situation was heartbreaking, but something was very attractive in Joker. “Very fine” he smiled and shouted for one of his goons to enter. “We will have a new ‘family’ member” he said loudly and his maniac laugh echoed. “WHAT!?” Harley and you asked at the same time.

—3 days later—

You were sitting in your big, light bedroom, looking through the window. Joker entered and looked at you angry “WHAT DID YOU DO!?” he asked and pushed you next to the wall “Killed one of your goons, I need to leave this place!” You shouted back.


Your eyes widen up. He slapped you harshly. “You won’t leave this place without me!!” He said laudly and laughed “Why!? You have Harley!? I don’t belong in this crazy world of yours!” You said angry while rubbing your lightly red cheek. “Harley?! Pfff… that lil kid is just a kid” He said and leaned next to you… 

3 days ago he saved your sister Harley from Asylum, so he took you too, because he wanted so. Harley got super mad at you, even after you tried to explain her that it is not your place and you would love to leave them. You even tried to escape, you shoot one of the best goons of Joker. And now you are here, locked in this place, in this luxurious place. He didn’t touch you after the accident in the Asylum’s room, when he held your hand. And now he is right in front of you. You were able to feel his breathing.

“W-what do you mean… just a kid?” Harley stood right next to the doors with teary eyes. “Ugh.. you are childish as fuck, princess… sometimes I need more mature lover” he explained still looking derectly into your eyes. “L-lover?” You whispered.

Then you pushed him off “I can’t stay here. I need to work.. I need to take care of OUR sick mother, Harley!” You walked past her looking super angry. All those years you worked super hard to take care of yourself and your mother. No hobbies, no parties, almost no friends, no love… Joker was the first one who wanted to take care of your stuff and you and he was the first one who could be someone more than just a friend.

With teary eyes you left the house and headed right to your small house. You found nothing in the house. You started to panic a lot. You nervously looked around, every place she would hide/fit. Your mother illness was sclerosis, each day she remembered even less than before. It broke your heart when one day she didn’t remember your name.

You knocked to the neighbour’s door. “Ahh. (Y/n) where have you bee-..” “where is she!!?” You asked loudly “sweetie… she…” your auntie (a pretty old lady was your second mom, when your real mother got sick) looked away “go to the hospital” she only said and looked at you when you rushed to your car and fastly drove to hospital.

-Joker/Harley POV-

They both left standing there quietly. Harley was lightly in a shock after hearing ‘mom’ subject. Joker looked at her. “Soo.. you don’t need me anymore? Huh?” Harley asked quietly, still thinking about you, as a perfect, always smiling sister and about living with the only her love - Joker. “Jeez… I don’t need your tears.” He said coldly and walked into his office.

-Your POV-

You opened the doors of the hospital and grabbed one of the nurses’ hand “Where is my mom!?” You almost shouted at her. “M-miss… please be more quiet..” she said trying to stay calm. Your make up was ruined after crying while driving. “W-what’s your surname, miss? And maybe you want a cup of water?” A nurse asked worried “(y/sn), no thank you” you replied calmly. “Where is my mother…?” You asked once again. Nurse quickly looked into the computer and gulped. “Um.. I am so sorry to say that.. but your mother isn’t alive anymore..” you looked at her with your wide eyes “no…” “she had a heart attack” nurse said and looked down. “…” you fell down on your knees and started to cry. Different thoughts were running through your head. Joker. Harley. Mother’s death and how you should have been here for her…

—2 days later—

You asked for small break at your work place, so you just stayed in your bed all the time. No internet, no friends, no food or water. You wanted to die. It was first time when you actually had time for yourself… It was awfull. After bad news you got everything for the funeral and texted Harley. No reply…

After sometime you got back to your normal life. Changed your job in more hobby/job activity, got some friends, renovated your house. But still no reply from Harley…

One day you got a letter and one purple rose.

“Soon your life will be even better…


You just smiled and let your future come…

Color Guard Questions! Send me a Number! :)
  • 1: Favorite piece of equipment?
  • 2: Favorite WGI show?
  • 3: Favorite DCI show?
  • 4: Most overrated show?
  • 5: Most underrated show?
  • 6: Biggest guard-related pet peeve?
  • 7: Favorite after-rehearsal food/guilty pleasure?
  • 8: Favorite song to warm up to?
  • 9: Favorite show you've performed in and why?
  • 10: If you could make your own show, what would it be?
  • 11: Favorite guard ever?
  • 12: Cavaliers or Madison Scouts?
  • 13: Most embarrassing guard moment?
  • 14: Worst guard injury?
  • 15: Best bus-ride memory?
  • 16: How high can you toss on rifle?
  • 17: How high can you toss on sabre?
  • 18: Favorite dance move/jump?
  • 19: Do you prefer gloves or no gloves?
  • 20: Favorite color guard quote?
  • 21: What show do you wish you could see live again?
  • 22: Did your high school respect/appreciate your colorguard?
  • 23: Thoughts on airblades?
  • 24: Favorite section in marching band and why? (besides guard!)
  • 25: Favorite guard hair you've had?
  • 26: Post your best action shot!
  • 27: Any pre-show superstitions/routines?
  • 28: Do you call it a rifle or gun?
  • 29: Do you call it a floor/tarp/mat?
  • 30: Do you call it an end cap or crutch tip? (or other?)
  • 31: Do you call it tossing or throwing?
  • 32: Proudest moment in your colorguard career?
  • 33: Best thing you have learned from an instructor?
  • 34: How many seasons have you spun?
  • 35: What made you do color guard?
  • 36: Do you have pre-guard experience? (twirling, dance)
  • 37: If you spin independent, how did you afford your dues?
  • 38: If you could spin anywhere, who would you spin for?
  • 39: Least favorite show you've spun in and why?
  • 40: What year do you ageout?
  • 41: What advice would you give to a new guard member?
  • 42: 36" or 39"?
  • 43: Color guard or winter guard?
  • 44: Favorite guard-related blog(s)?
  • 45: Do you like swing flags?
  • 46: What do you dread doing the most at rehearsal?
  • 47: Favorite flag toss?
  • 48: Favorite competition food?
  • 49: What are your thoughts on crazy band moms/dads?
  • 50: What does your future with colorguard hold?