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Jeremy and BB
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[ Okay, this was really, really fun to do. The good man Lee agreed to do some voice acting for Jeremy, and this happened.

Expect more of these in the future, both of us had a lot of fun.

…No one likes you, Billy.

Original comic by rebornica.

Jeremy - pyschadelicsnake
Billy the Balloon Bitch Boy - Me

Now all we need is Mike giving Jeremy a star badge with ‘you tried’ written on it in unfilted Comic Sans. Poor kid. ]

sometimes i forget that some people don’t find the NW storyline interesting

attention guard boys

Im just going to put this out there:

if you are a boy, it is your responsibility to take care of yourself and pick the correct underwear so that YOU are the star of the show not whats in your pants. just throwing it out there. something you shouldn’t be doing with, you know what during a performance.                           -Jack

im looking at you bluecoats……


This 4 year old boy from Indonesia has some rifle skills! WGI will be waiting for you!

Starter for Ask-The-Night-Guard-And-Fox-Boy

Gordon strached as he woke up, blinking slightly. Huh. Sleeping on the floor hadn’t really been uncomfortable before…he hadn’t really felt anything but pain before as a ghost. Dull impressions, sure, but nothing really…real. he looking at Tim, blinking as he realized he seemed more…colorful than last night. And then Gordon realized he was both breathing, and not transparent. He laughed to himself, knowing this was probably just some new ghost thing. He placed a hand over his heart, fully expecting nothing…and then it beat. And then he started screaming.


Conga Freddy is the best thing to ever exist.