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Jon x Todd Coffee Shop AU

Work was usually boring for Jon, he would usually just work the register but every now and then he’d work as the barista.

It was a slow day at work for Jon, not many customers, then someone walked in, he didn’t pay much attention at first, then when he was at the counter he looked up and, wow, there were some kinda cute people who would come in now and then but, wow.. this boy was cute, really cute.

“Slow day, huh?”

“Y-yea.. I uh- w-what would you like?”

Jon was never this nervous, but this boy caught him off guard. The boy told Jon some drink with a few pumps of this and that.

“Alright, and your name..?”


That name sounded simply blissful, like a name that would stick with him forever, but before he even thought about asking him out or something, he should make his coffee.
Todd paid for the coffee and sat down at a table by a window, and took out a laptop.

While Jon was finishing with the coffee he took out a sharpie and wrote down the name, Todd.
It struck him again how that named sounded to him, as his mind drifted he started doodling all over the cup, he drew many things, from hearts to little aliens, by the time he snapped back into reality the cup had close to no spaces without doodles, he felt so embarrassed, and was honestly afraid to give him the cup

He finally called Todd’s name, still nervous to give him the cup of coffee.
Todd came up smiling, Jon handed him the coffee and Todd stopped for a second and looked at what Jon drew all over the cup. Jon was afraid he was going to be angry but when Todd looked back up he was smiling.

“You drew all these, right?”

“I, uh, yeah”

Todd smiling looked down again at the cup, but then to Jon again.

“Hey, can I get a muffin too?”

“Yeah, s-sure.”

Jon went and got a muffin and then came back over to Todd. He gave him the money for the muffin, took it, and sat back down. Jon was putting the money in the register when he noticed there was one of the cardboard coffee sleeves in between, he looked at it and gasped slightly when he read it.
On the cardboard sleeve it said “Call me - Todd” along with a few doodles and of course Todd’s number. Jon looked up at the boy sitting at a table by a window, with a muffin, and a coffee cup with doodles on it, he smiled at Jon, and Jon smiled back.

That name sounded simply blissful, like a name that would stick with him forever.


I did it, I fucking did it.

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attention guard boys

Im just going to put this out there:

if you are a boy, it is your responsibility to take care of yourself and pick the correct underwear so that YOU are the star of the show not whats in your pants. just throwing it out there. something you shouldn’t be doing with, you know what during a performance.                           -Jack

im looking at you bluecoats……

BTS in Dubai Diary: V

Title: A night of Versace 

Date: Saturday, 26th March, 2016; The first day of trip; Sunny

Writing: I really look forward to tonight. I’m going to melt the heat of desert in a hotel shower today. Just thinking about it makes me happy. And I think I saw a fennec fox today. What a lovely day. The end.

Title: Meeting Bur

Date: Sunday, 27th March, 2016; The second day of trip; Sunny

Writing: We went to a historic town today. We ate some good food and did lots of fun things. We danced and got some free ice cream. It was really good. And we hung out with Bur. I thought he looked like a professional Batista. Anyway, I had so much fun with shooting. ( Bur was our guard)

Title: I hate swimming pool. i’m older… I’m older…

Date: Monday, 28th March, 2016; The third day of trip; Sunny

Writing: We went to the swimming pool. We played a game, but our team lost because of my mistake. Oh, my. We played the second game. Anyway, we lost. Jungkook being too competitive, and I still remembered how he looked at me. I’m older than him. I don’t like going to a swimming pool anymore.

(Rap Monster, Suga, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook

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I Remember You

Carl + You


I was roaming the streets alone for 3 months now. All food and protection was served when I was with my family and our camp but we got separated from a herd of zombies. Unfortunately I got lost along with an infected friend. I shot her leaving me with only 5 bullets left in my gun.

After living on cereals from different houses I finally left the neighbourhood. What else do I have to loose anyways. I was desperate for a camp but I haven’t saw any people since the tragedy.

“Stay outside, I’ll check the insides first okay?” I heard a manly voice say from afar. I began walking towards the voice. I look over a fence to see a young one eyed boy guarding the door. He looked familiar. I kept peeking out the fence trying to figure out who this kid was until out eyes met mine and I ducked.

“HEY! D-DAD! I heard his voice yelp.

“What! Are you alright” I heard the mans voice speak. Everything was quiet for a few seconds. I kept my head against the fence not even peeking out the holes to see what was going on.

“Are you alone” I hear the mans voice say coming from beside me. I quickly look over, there was the sheriff from my old town standing pointing his gun at me.

“Sheriff Grimes?” I question. The boy comes out beside him to take a look. It was Carl Grimes he was the shy kid from my old school. He did not look innocent anymore.

“ Y/n, I remember you” Carl said. I sighed with relief, finally people, people I could trust.

“Carl, I remember you too” I smiled.

After telling my story to Rick he brought me to his camp, well estate, Alexandria. After meeting the residents the Grimes brought me back to their home they slept in. 

“Carl, get y/n some cereal. Darling your skin and bones, how did you cope?” Michonne smiled gripping onto my arms. 

“5 bullets and a couple of boxes of cheerios” I laughed. She smiled at me.

“Your just a kid, 3 months, you are sure one hell of survivor for a 16 year old” She said hugging me while Carl passed me a bowl of Corn Flakes and sat beside me.

“Thanks” I said looking at them both. Michonne left to put Judith to bed leaving Carl and me alone.

“How did you remember me?” Carl asked looking up at me with his pretty blue eye.

“What?” I questioned not understanding his question.

“I never thought you knew me in school, we never talked” He shrugged.

“Of course I knew you, you were the cute and shy kid. Remember when I invited you to my party but you refused to come and said your were gonna be sick” I laughed.

“Oh yeah, I was just scared of all the bigger kids” He laughed.

“I bet they would be scared of you now with your guns and stuff” I smirked. 

“You mean these guns” He winked lifting up his arm to reveal his muscles. We continued talking for the whole night. 

“Oi kids its 3:00 in the night, get some sleep” Rick whispered while laughing at us. Carl looked at me with his sad eyes, “Fine” he muttered. We cleared the table and headed upstairs to his room.

He handed me some clothes of his “You can wear these if you want, they’re mine so they might be a bit big” He said shyly. I laughed while unfolding a blood stained t-shirt and baggy pants. “Oh yeah there might be a bit of blood on them too” He added. 

After getting changed downstairs, I headed back upstairs to a spare room.

“You can sleep in my room, Judiths is sleeping in there” Carl’s eager voice said. I knew Judith wasn’t sleeping in the spare room and I knew Carl knew too because Rick told me I could sleep there in front of him. Although I didn’t want to embarrass Carl. I knew where was coming from, he was lonely, like me.

We slept in his double bed far apart from eachother, too scared to say anything or do anything but throughout the night our bodies became closer and closer. By the time the sun rose we were spooning, I haven’t felt that safe in months. 


I’m thinking of doing a part 2 where Carl and the reader gets closer, msg me if you’d like that (:  (I might even do more parts like a series thing)

Bruce & Y/N ~ Chapter 4: The Mission [Part 2]

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Bruce & Y/N:

- Summary

- Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3


Y/N ducked back behind the corner, making sure her guns were loaded and ready before she went into the guards view.

“Hello, boys.” Y/N said as icily-sweet as possible, surprising them before shooting both of them down.

She then placed her guns back in her thigh holsters before approaching the door, turning the wheel-lock and making the door slide open.

As she entered the room, she saw that it was actually empty. The only things in there were two windows on each side, and a metal desk and chair with a series of computer screens. There was one large monitor in the center.

“Okay, Hydra…” Y/N said softly as she approached the desk and sat down. “Let’s see what you’re hiding.”

She started tapping the keyboard furiously as her eyes scanned the various screens.

“Come on, come on…” She murmured . “Oh… My… God…”

This was definitely not good.

“Uh, Thor… Buddy, how are you doing on getting people to safety.” Y/N asked shakily.

“I am doing marvelously.” His booming voice replied through the comm. “I am taking them to where we left the quinjet. That should be far enough.”

Y/N laughed nervously. “I wouldn’t be to sure about that one.”

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Armed and Not Dangerous Niamey Streets Niger Photo Hugh Ardoin

Leaning against the red metal gates to his family home

A young boy stands guard toting a serious slingshot

Pretending to be a street kid, yet standing at a safe distance from home

The barbarian at his own gate, the pre-teen looking for some safe adventure at his doorstep

But it may never come scattering in the sand the wingless dreams of glory

Hugh Ardoin Africa by any Means Necessary Gallery 

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(Talon McCree AU) It was finally time to kill that graying, old bastard, finally time to kill Morrison. McCree walked up to the entrance of the Watchpoint, smirking devilishly. He was stopped by a group of guards. "Alright boys...we can do this the hard way...or the easy way..." The soldiers looked at each other before raising their guns, but to no avail. McCree blasted all of them away without any remorse. "Shoulda chose the easy way..." He mumbled, kicking the bodies aside, and heading in.

Jack heard the bullets raining down outside and immediately cringed. This was a whole new hell. He knew Jesse was looking for him though, and decided it’d be easier to go straight for him instead of sitting back and letting others get hurt. 

He grabbed his gun and ran down the hallway, holding it up as he neared the front door. The last thing he wanted to do was have either of them end up with bullet holes. 

“Jesse, it’s Jack. Put the gun down.” He called out to him from the hallway.