Alright @futagogo, you guys got me good with your story, The Citadel of Lost Children. Just…Just take my fanart so far!!! TT w TT I gots more fanart coming your way cause I am just hooked on it X”D Thank you guys for sharing your story with me. If you guys have not read it…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?! Come down and get fake doors read it when you have the time!! Trust me, I’m a really slow reader so I’ll be honest I had to read it like 3 times before I’m like “Sh*t…Things are going DOWN!! And they added smexy time?!? Oof, this’ll end me…” (Which it did btw)

Again, more fanart coming your way cause I love the story so far TT w TT It sucks cause I read all of it and now I’m just sitting here impatiently for the next chapter XDD Drawing the characters is the only way to calm me down but after I’m done with it I’m like “Garsh darn it, I wants MOAR!!”

princess-unipeg  asked:

How much of Eugene's past as Flynn Rider will come back to haunt him? Will there others coming back for him when news hits that he's living large dating the princess? Who knows how many people he might have ripped off and how many might come back to get revenge.

Well, it’s hard to say, given that we don’t know exactly what all his past entails. We’ve already seen some of it come back to haunt him - Feldspar wouldn’t hire him, because he remembers him as a boot thief, The Captain has no respect for him (or didn’t), because of his former life, the Stabbington Brothers trying to take revenge and being ready to quite simply kill him, Lance tricking him into pulling a heist on someone who double crossed them years ago, having to face up to having stolen Arianna’s ring, not to mention the townsfolk just being generally mistrusting of him - but there’s simply too much of his life we don’t yet know about. I feel it would get a bit tiring to have a recurring theme be “x person shows up to get revenge on Flynn Rider” when there’s so much more they could explore.

Personally, I’d like to see an old love interest (or “love” interest, since I doubt the infamous Flynn Rider made a habit of building strong relationships with many people) show up, and see Rapunzel get jealous and/or insecure.

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“I’m sorry what? Love? Figuratively? Soda-chan? Wait-….You mean Matsuda? What abou-?!” she hears a splash and turns. “Wait…who..wasn’t he..?..” she thought in her memory bank as she process.

“-Shit!!!…” she exclaimed, as she ran to the water. “You idiot! You were suppose to save your friend!! Not drown!” she yelled as she dove into the sea. ‘Idiot! Where are you!’ she thought as she program switched her eyes to look clearly beneath the ocean.

She continued to go deeper into the sea frustrated….until she spotted bubbles. Quickly she swam in hoping she either finds him.

She reaches out and tried to speak beneath the water, knowing the water will be entering inside her, causing who knows what of damage. She tried to make a noise beneath the sea in hoping someone will notice she’s coming down after him.


(Ya know…it’s rather hard to use water effect and make it visible to see xD for some reason but ya. )

GoT S7 posters!

Here’s the emoji key for snatching all the new character posters on the #WinterIsHere tag on Twitter:

  1. Dragon = Dany
  2. Wine glass = Tyrion
  3. Lion = Cersei
  4. Waving right hand = Jaime
  5. Wolf head = Sansa
  6. Snowflake = Jon
  7. One sword = Arya
  8. Eyeball = Bran
  9. Shield = Brienne
  10. Bird = Littlefinger
  11. Pickaxe = Tormund
  12. Octopus = Theon

I tried the squid first for Theon and it didn’t work, so it took me a lot longer to be aware they had a poster for Theon.


i mean i kinda dig it but at the same time i keep using the same apparel for tons of my dragons. i’d ask for apparel advice but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

chop chop staff release more bone stuff thanks

hunterxblog  asked:

Eyyyyyyy for you Q and A about guard AU... Imma cheat and ask TWO : What got Killua into guard and is Gon in it too?

So honestly, it all started when Alluka had seen a marching band rehearsal one evening after school. She was absolutely captivated by the graceful movements of the guard members and thought they were stunning. She wanted to try out for guard, but didn’t want to do it alone. So who does she ask try out with her? Her loving big brother of course! 

At first he’s against it (Of course), but she finally convinces him to try out with her (via chocorobo bribery). When they try out, the captain at the time is very impressed with how quickly the two of them learn. The immediately make it onto the team! Killua is kinda… unsure about it. He didn’t think he’d make it after all! But the more he learned, the more he liked it! He and Alluka would spend hours learning new tricks and techniques outside of rehearsals! 

Eventually it became something similar to a stress reliever to him; whenever he needed to vent pent up frustrations, he would just grab a flag or maybe even a sabre and just toss it around. 

Gon is actually not a part of the color guard! Gon is the quarter back of the football team for their school! It’s very interesting to say the least. During games, you can bet Killua is screaming the loudest at Gon to haul ass and score that touch down!

And you can bet that Gon attends every single band competition that he can. He’s there and every time the band wins an award,  Gon is cheering and clapping the loudest. 

Bonus: Sometimes, in competitions, the announcer will read notes written by parents,friends, loved ones etc., as a band is entering the field. Gon will literally write some of the grossest, most mushy shit you can think of. The worst part is? Killua has to keep a straight face during the whole reading. He can’t make any reactions to it. So he just stands there in his position on the field thinking “He’s so embarrassing oh my god I can’t believe him Gon that’s so fucking embarrassing whyyyyy!?!?!?  WHY IS HE LIKE THIS!?!?! STOOOOOP NOOOOO STOP WRITING THOSE GROSS THINGS, FUCK ASS THIS WHOLE DAMN STADIUM AND THE WHOLE BAND CAN HEAR THESE WORDS BEING READ GOD DAMN IT!”

And Gon just stands off to the side grinning innocently~

GMS Fanfiction - Sherlock/MC - First

This is the second of three requests, this one from @jane-runs-fast / @janeshobbies. The prompt was: ‘221B Academy - Sherlock/MC first kiss’.

Now, I must warn you all beforehand that I’m rather insecure about this fic, since I spent a great deal of time trying to write it through my writer’s block. That, and the premise I decided to go with is a little silly - I won’t mention why, I’m sure you’ll figure it out for yourselves - so please forgive me for that as well. Let me know what you think though, if I haven’t already frightened you away XD

It was not an unusual occurrence at all to find Sherlock lost in his own head. Usually, this was a result of particularly deep thinking on subjects he deemed critical enough to deserve his brain power, such as an interesting experiment or anything to do with fellow student Guinevere Stark.

Ironic then, that the very person he should run into while traversing the hall was the actress-in-training herself, her attention on a book and his on his thoughts.

They collided just as Sherlock rounded the corner, the contents of their arms clattering to the floor in a cluttered mess of notebooks and pencils.

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” Guinevere exclaimed, already dropping to her knees to begin gathering their supplies. “I knew I should’ve been watching where I was going!”

Sherlock just stared for a moment, the vitriolic remark that had been bubbling up his throat catching and fading immediately away. In its place, he could feel embarrassment beginning to burn at the tips of his ears.

He cleared his throat, kneeling in front of her. “Don’t apologize. It was my fault.”

She glanced up at him, and smiled suddenly. “Oh, Sherlock. I didn’t realize that was you. Good morning.”

Sherlock inclined his head, still avoiding her eyes. “Same to you.”

He reached for his ruler, attempting to avoid acknowledging just how close they currently were, and his fingers brushed along Guinevere’s as she grabbed for the same item. At the contact, a bolt of electricity shot up his arm, his face heating when he yanked his hand away as if she had burned him. His heart hammered in his ears.

Guinevere chuckled awkwardly, retrieving her fingers and the ruler they had grasped. She gathered her fallen belongings and stood from the floor, offering back Sherlock’s ruler upon doing so.

After a moment of hesitation, Sherlock followed her, silently moving to take his ruler back though he knew he should say something to her before this silence consumed them.

As he was opening his mouth to do just that, however, a student shoved rudely past them, knocking Guinevere precariously off balance.

Fearing she would fall, Sherlock instinctively came to her aid, tugging her forward and into his arms before his mind could catch up with his body. Unprepared for her weight as he was, his back ended up against the lockers, Guinevere’s front pressed flush to his.

He didn’t realize their lips had come together as well until she jerked abruptly away, her cheeks turning a very conspicuous shade of red and her eyes going wide with surprise.

She began sputtering mortified apologies, though they all fell upon deaf ears, as Sherlock’s very existence seemed to have come to a screeching halt.

They had kissed.

It had been an accident, of course, but the fact remained that they had, indeed, kissed.

Sherlock wasn’t sure whether he should feel happy about this or not.

“Very smooth, Sherlock,” came John’s voice from across the hall. When Sherlock raised his head to look, Guinevere was gone, and John and George were watching him with varying negative expressions. “Just standing there like that.”

“Where did Guinevere go?” asked Sherlock, momentarily confused by her absence. Hadn’t she just been here with him?

John shook his head at him, sighing. “She went to class after you stood there unresponsive like a statue.”

“I can’t believe you kissed Guinevere.” Unlike John’s exasperated disapproval, George looked to be a mixture of irritated and disappointed, scowling while a faint furrow started between his brows.

“It was an accident,” Sherlock hissed, growing vexation ruffling his nerves. “If you had really seen the entire thing, you’d know that I didn’t mean to kiss her.”

“If you call that a kiss, Shirley, then you’re more in need of help than I thought.”

“Mycroft,” John said, surprise lighting up his eyes. “I didn’t see you there.”

“I happened to be walking through the halls when this little show caught my eye,” replied Mycroft coolly, as he turned a vaguely amused smile onto the trio. “That little bump could hardly be classified as a kiss, Shirley. Not that I could see my cute little brother ever kissing a girl regardless.”

“My name is Sherlock,” snapped Sherlock. “And I am perfectly capable of kissing girls. I can do so anytime I like, in fact.”

“Really?” Mycroft narrowed his eyes at him patronizingly. “Then prove it.”

“I don’t think that’s such a good-”

“I will,” interrupted Sherlock with a growl. “And I want to hear you admit defeat when I do, you shriveled old prune.”

“-Idea,” finished John flatly. He sighed again. “There’s no stopping you two when you get like this, is there?”

He was, unsurprisingly, ignored.

“Don’t crow victory so soon, Shirley.” Mycroft’s smile was sharp and mocking. “We both know how that’s ended in the past.”

Sherlock didn’t reply, already striding away with the animated determination that had become both so familiar and so unpleasant to those few who called him friend.

Eventually, enough time passed for the academy’s lunch break to begin, students filtering from their classes and congregating in various groups to eat. The commotion wasn’t anything new, and neither were the antics of one James Moriarty as he tried, for the upteenth time, to successfully invite Guinevere Stark to take her lunch with him instead of her friends.

“I’m sorry,” she said, smiling apologetically. “I was actually going to study this lunch period. I’m falling behind in my math.”

“I’m majoring in math, actually. Perhaps you’d like help?” asked James, undeterred and still very much relaxed.

Before Guinevere could answer, she was grasped and spun, given a very brief window of time to see an extremely resolute-looking Sherlock before he was kissing her, firm and unhesitant, in front of much of the school. Her eyes flew open, shock blanking her reddening face, and he could feel her pulse stutter through his lingering hold on her wrist.

James may have said something - and Sherlock distractedly noted with satisfaction that he looked distinctly and utterly chagrined - but it was not given any particular attention. Sherlock was far too focused on Guinevere, on her warmth and the scent of her hair and how incredibly good it felt to finally be doing this.

He also noticed that she did not pull away, and the exact moment when she began to lean into him.

After a second, even Sherlock began to admit that he may not have done this without Mycroft’s intervention. For just an instant, he found himself glad for the push.

And then he caught himself, and forcibly threw the thought from his mind, disgusted that he would even think about feeling gratitude for anything his elder brother could ever do.