CGT Dallas IO 2016

Hey these guys are pretty cool, you should watch their show.

Im also performing with them in world this year :) -Jack

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hey so i saw you reblogged that mensturation post and tagged it with "" it was kinda funny but your blog and posts states that you're a man. it trivialised the struggle of mensturation when you added those tags just btw. please think before you post. not attacking you just letting you know that mensturation is awful its no joke

i know that mensturation is awful, im a trans man

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Have you ever heard of this biker gang from Arizona? They're called Bikers Against Child Abuse, or BACA for short, and they are amazing. They keep children whom have been abused safe from their abuser who is being prosecuted. They guard the kids house, show up in court to give the kid support, all that. You can read more about them. Anyway, I was just imaging Vincent joining up with them. The mental picture of Vincent cruising the road protecting kids is simply beautiful.

I’d heard of that! A very awesome group indeed!

And that sounds like such a great image, Vincent cruising on a classic motorcycle to go and protect kids and offer counseling as well!

He’s just sitting on it, not riding. XD Mahogany won’t let him ride off without a proper helmet.


Braddock Independent’s 2009 Show entitled, “We Do It To Ourselves”.

I honestly don’t really even know what to say besides, Just Watch it


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-precariously positions a kitten so that it latches onto Papyrus' scarf-

Oh my god!!! There was a kitten! In his scarf!!!!

Papyrus brought his hands up, cupped beneath the kitten to encourage the creature more securely between his scarf and neck. He could feel its soft fur against his bones, and the kitten’s soft breathing against him.

Oh my god!

He loved it. He wanted to keep it forever and ever.

When Camilla Parker Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall, visited Abu Dhabi in 2016, she was the first member of the British royal family to be protected by an all-women security team. The women wore flowing, black hijabs, are all members of the UAE’s presidential guard, are highly skilled in martial arts and combat, and each one is hiding unidentified weapons on her person. Source