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For Yuuichi, Ume + Shun, Sadayo, Minato (and Shibata Tomohiro if he'd like to come play): what do you like most and least about your son? What are your hopes for him?

Ume: Did you just ask me what I like least about my son?

Shun: Honey—

Ume: Least?

Shun: I’m sure they didn’t mean—

Ume: Hold my flower.

Shun: *sighs* I’ve got your flower, baby.

Minato: Naruto is funny and adorable and brave and sweet and I love him so much that sometimes it terrifies me, but I will be really happy when he gets past this phase of picking his nose and wiping it on the walls.

Sadayo: I’m proud of Kakashi’s drive. I’m… saddened that he takes after me more than his father, but perhaps, at least, he’ll live longer. I hope for his continued success.

Yuuichi: I don’t know how I can pick one thing I love best about my son. Genma’s brave and funny and organized and loving and kind and so calm. When something’s troubling him, he just puts his head down and gets to work figuring out a solution. It does worry me that he keeps so much to himself, though. There are times I know he’s upset, but even when I ask he won’t tell me. He thinks he’s sparing me, I think, but I know his career takes a toll. His mother was a ninja, too. I used to hold her, sometimes, and just let her cry, when she needed to. She called me her touchstone. I wish she were still here. Maybe Genma could unburden himself to her. I hope he finds someone who can be that touchstone for him, someday.

Shibata Tomohiro: Hakone is his own man, and that’s something to be proud of. He knows his own mind and makes his own choices, and he generally makes smart ones. He can be a bit of a smartass, but his mother assures me he gets that from my side of the family. I hope he’ll find the kind of happiness in his life that I’ve found in mine. I think he will.

Sakamoto Chihiro: You didn’t ask me about my grandson, but I couldn’t help but overhear the question. Ginta has the ambition and the skill to do whatever he puts his mind to. He’s also a delight to be around when he isn’t playing pranks. I do wish he’d at least consider the marriage meetings I’ve proposed, but I suppose he still has to sow his wild oats. Of course Gousuke and I hope for him to have every success in life.

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Can I have a hug from Vincent? I kind of need one right now... I'm just having a really confusing and upsetting day... I don't know how to feel...

He hopes that you’ll be able to feel love and warmth from the hug, and he hopes things improve for you.

-hugs- The day may be rough, but there is still the light of hope inside you that burns bright, no matter its size.

what dnp did on the lion guard

• they grabbed an animal and made it fart on each other

• they were two prince brothers who came to pride land to deliver a message for simba from their dad (or as dan&phil called him, ‘papa’)

• they sang twice in sync and it was better than the internet is here 10/10 release that shit on itunes

• KUISHI NA KUCHEKA (it means live and laugh)

• they forgot what the message was because they’re stupid and goofy so simba sends the lion guards to join gorilla dnp on their quest

• gorilla dnp are idiots

• they got lost at the forest then they were chased by this Thing whose name i forgot. gorilla phil got scared so gorilla dan caught him in his arms truly PINOF8 then gorilla dan THREW HIM AWAY GOD BLESS

• turns out gorilla dnp are fucking idiots who don’t know where their own home is


•"oh i knew you couldnt be that silly" “NO WE ARE”

• gorilla dan: he needs someone who knows the mountains

gorilla phil: TWO SOMEONES

basically dnp irl

• gorilla dan: BROTHER
gorilla phil: BROTHER

• their dad wasnt mad at them but we got like 30 seconds of dan and phil saying “yes papa” repeatedly

• they saved simba’s son at some point idk