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So I was up fairly late last night working away on the book sketches.  Set my alarm for 5:30 am this morning as I wanted to refine a few of them further and I also had to get it all printed out and my notes typed up for the meeting with the author at 9am.  Well for some reason I woke up - like wide awake at 4am - so I hopped in the shower, got dressed and got to work.

Meeting went great - she loves the work I have done on this one.  She picked up on all of my little details (which always makes me happy - since I spend so much time planning them in).  Best of all her completion date for all the art is flexible right now - so I can work it into my overall schedule.  Do not have to keep killing myself like I have the past few days, trying to keep so many projects moving forward at the same time.

After the meeting, I ran a few quick errand and then I would have loved to take a nap.  But the car mechanic called and the abs module they ordered came in and was the wrong one- so they asked if I could stop over there at 3 this afternoon so they could get it up on the lift and get some photos and write down more numbers off of it.  Its a tricky part to locate (per my own internet research) as I have an XUV model which did not use the same module as all the other versions of the Envoy - of course!

So instead of taking a nap - I worked for a bit, then hit the pool for another 2500 yards before making my way over to the shop. 

Now I am back home and ready to fall asleep.  Trying to decide if I should go meet up at the weekly art guild social or not.   I have to go to another event on Thursday with the guild - so if I do not show up tonight it’s alright. 



Hi everyone!! ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ゙  I hope you all are doing great!! ♡♡ Here I am with my first follow spree! I’m looking for new anime/manga blogs to follow, so!

☆ Please reblog (and add in tags) if you post:

  • Mainly: BnHA, Shingeki no Kyoujin, FMA, Psycho Pass, Akatsuki no Yona, Ao no Exorcist, Sailor Moon)
  • Sports anime (Haikyuu, Ballroom e Youkoso, Free, Kuroko no Basket, etc.)
  • Shoujo anime & manga
  • Classics / Seasonal anime
  • Movies (Studio Ghibli, Makoto Shinkai, Disney, Pixar, etc.)
  • Sceneries/ fanarts/ cute stuff

☆ Plus if:

  • You make graphics/ colorings/ gifs (don’t forget to add this in tags so I can check them!)
  • Tag your posts
  • You are following me (I love making new mutuals/ friends (*ฅ́˘ฅ̀*) .。.:*♡ )
  • Don’t repost any content! (>o<)q

I’ll checking blogs for the next days! Have in mind that is not guarantee I’ll follow you back, so please don’t take it personal ;v; you’re awesome no matter what!

To all my wonderful mutuals: I’ll be extremely grateful to you if you please could help me to reblog this post to spread the word!! Thank you so much!! ilu ♡ ♡ ♡

Blog Following Spree

Hello! So my dash has been really inactive lately and I’m looking for some more blogs to follow lol ~ (if you are my mutual I hope you could help boost this ily)
Uh I really just like anime and manga in general but here are some specific things I’m looking for.

- mystic messenger
- yuri!!! on ice
- haikyuu!!
- free!
- shoujo manga
- yaoi manga
- manga caps
- pastel edits/photography/gifs
- dan and phil
- dank ass memes
- A E S T H E T I C
- some kpop (beg, red velvet & iu)
- any kind of art really…

if you post one or more of these things, please like/reblog and I will check out your blog. Of course I’ll go through the reblogs first (also following me will like guarantee me following back because hell yeah mutuals are awesome)

anyways have a great day/night, ily bye bye

anonymous asked:

Is it ok to interact with you if our roleplay blogs are OCs or arent apart of ddlc?

If we are mutuals (I’m following you and you are following me) then that means you can interact with me. If we are not mutuals, you are free to send in asks (not sentence starters) or general questions to me or Monika.

I’m rather selective, so I’m very sorry if I don’t follow you back. I need to know the muse or canon that’s following me, and it’s always because of my own personal comfort, not because of someone else or their blog. So yes, I will follow and interact with blogs that are not in

As for OCs, I’m extremely selective, so I will follow ocs from time to time but unless I know the person, I can’t guarantee I will follow back. This is due to some issues I’ve had with ocs in the past. Fandom OCs in general are more difficult for me to want to follow than fandomless ones, since fandomless ones are more open to crossovers and aren’t generally tied to one canon as their base.

The short answer, however, is yes. If we’re mutuals, you absolutely can interact with me and I will interact with you, no matter if you’re a canon character or an OC, or if you’re in the same canon as me.

Also, non-mutuals are able to reply to my posts and send me IMs, but if I feel I need to I will lock either or both of them to mutuals only.

let’s make new friends <3

Okay so i follow LITERALLY everyone back that follows me. ONLY FOR PEOPLE THAT FOLLOW OTHERS BACK. now let’s all play a game. reblog this post and whoever reblogs this post *including me* follow them and it’s a guarantee follow back! Tumblr is a big place, let’s be friends. :)

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Orphan Black
NCIS: Los Angeles
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Law & Order: SVU
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Lost Girl

Also blog about: Things related to smoking weed, astrology, nature and scenery, quotes on life and love plus/motivational quotes, surfing/the beach, jewelry, tattoos & piercings, lesbian sex and postings, BOOKS, animals, music, and any other things that end up catching my eye.

I ship:
Swan Queen

Hi guys ♥~ 
so i’m doing this follow spree because i need more blogs to follow so if you post:

  • Free!
  • Magi: The Labirynth of Magic
  • Kuroko no Basket
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
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  • Kuroshitsuji
  • Psycho Pass
  • No.6
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  • Season Anime

Bonus if you:

  • post bts
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FRIENDS i am in desperate need of more rad blogs to follow bc im new and im a tumblr bab so if you post any of the following:

  • sherlockkkk (graphics and edits)
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  • basically rec me any blogs you think are cool
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i most likely will guaranteed follow you back ^_^ pls pls reblog and help a sista out y’all


I’m not following enough blogs sooo reblog if you post any of these and I’ll probs check ya out:

~One Piece
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~Literally anything Nintendo really


i’m only following around 150 blogs and my dash has been a lot deader than usual so!! if you’re following me and you’re someone who posts a lot of gaming, especially

  • dragon age
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and not too much sj or dumb humor type stuff (bc my dash gets clogged with stuff like that as is), PLEASE like/reblog this and i’ll check your blog out!!

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