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For all you surf rock fans out there, I come baring good news.  If you’ve never heard of Portland, OR’s Guantanamo Baywatch then you have a new favorite contemporary surf act to discover.  For those of you out there already familiar with this band, then you’re keenly aware of just how amazing these folks are.  Playing a brand of surf that leans heavily on punk and garage rock roots, Guantanamo Baywatch charge hard with some real foot stompers.  Their debut LP, Skin Crawl, is a modern classic of the surf genre and proof that old styles can certainly be taught a new trick or two.  Sonically, the band has masterfully recreated the instrumental tones of some of the great forefathers of the genre like The Lively Ones, The Marketts, and The Tornadoes.  Additionally, the band delivers the goods live just as you’d want them to.  Sets where reverb drenched guitar licks and vocals glide and peel through the air just as easily and sometimes wildly as people do on barreling waves is something I can easily get down with.  Whether you’re digging recent acts like The 5,6,7,8’s and Bombón or classics like Dick Dale and The Ventures, Guantanamo Baywatch is definitely something to be checking out.

More information on Guantanamo Baywatch can be found at their Facebook, Bandcamp, and official site. Copies of Chest Crawl can be picked up via Green Noise Records.