June 16th, 2014 was when this picture was taken. 

This was a day that I enjoyed with people I would have expected and people I would have least expected to enjoy an ocean, Fish Eye (snorkeling spot in Guam), paddle boarding session with. 

I love the beach, but I’m not so much of an ocean person to be honest. Growing up I lived, and still reside, on Guam my whole life; but my parents were always very cautious when it came to the ocean. So that being said, I never really grew up an ocean baby. But that doesn’t mean I’m not an island girl at heart. I love Guam; it’s home. I’ve never really been anywhere else but here. The only other place I’ve been to is the Philippines, to see family (I’m half Filipino, half Chamorro). Evidently, when I do relocate, I will truly miss the natural beauty that Guam holds. 

Picture taken by: my friend, Ariane

Taken with: Drew’s (another friend) GoPro

7:04 PM - September 2nd, 2015