guam fan tour

Guam Fan Report~sorry it took me so long

Feel free to skip this paragraph because I’m going to complain a little *Im not complaining about the time spent with U-Kiss, but how the tour was advertised and organised*. This was the worst tour I’ve ever been to. H.I.S/AVEX combi SUCKS!!! Usually someone picks us up at the airport and we get the schedule for the tour in the bus and can exchange money and they take us duty free shopping…..this time NOTHING!!! We had to wait an hour at the airport just to be picked up…then there was no guide on the bus so we never got a schedule (it was just written on a whiteboard in the lobby; where we had to be at what time; but it’s kind of hard to remember several different locations and what times to be there when you’ve never been somewhere before), each bus also got told different things once they got to the hotel….one group was told they weren’t allowed to take pen lights and uchiwas to the photo/concert. It was the nicest hotel we’ve stayed at (actually had beds AND towels lol) but it was so unorganised and really half assed compared to other tours, especially considering this one cost more. The other thing that really annoyed everyone was the photo part (yeah I know, just taking a photo should make me happy but these events are the only time we get to do things like this and considering the American tour people got to take a picture alone and we had to take pictures with 20 people, everyone was disappointed and angry-we basically paid 10x$). The handshake happened at the same time as the photo so it was super quick and no time to talk to the boys at all!! We actually hardly got to see U-Kiss at all. The staff told us the reason was that there was no time…FFS EVERYONE WAS THERE FROM THE NIGHT BEFORE (and U-Kiss had gotten there a day or so earlier)!!! Plus they only started the tour at 4 when we usually start 11/12ish so it was just stupid and rushed and unorganized and disappointing.

OK so now that’s done with on to the report. Actually I wasn’t going to write a report because not much happened…but in the end it was good and I’m glad I went. I was super lucky this time XD

This was the first time U-Kiss had a fan meet outside of Japan/Korea for the Japanese fans (the AVEX staff I’m friends with said they were all really looking forward to it) and it’s something Soohyun said he wanted to do during concert MC. A LOT of KM missed out on going, the “goes everywhere crowd” mostly missed out so a lot of new KM/people I haven’t seen before were there. (And a lot of the new fans are multi group fans with no manners…..who the F takes an official 2PM Japan bag to a U-Kiss tour? Also saw GD, CNBlue, BlockB, SJ and BB stuff. WTF? That’s just rude…plus no one brought U-Kiss bags or goods, it was weird. My JKM friends are all complaining that the newer KM have no manners and I agree after what I saw at this fan meet(more about that later))!!! Apparently the next fan tour will be in Hawaii????

Once we got to our rooms we found a signed postcard on our pillows!!! That was such an awesome surprise….PLUS I got Soohyun’s sign *happy dance* We had to go find Kevin for my friend but it was surprisingly easy because there’s so many Soohyun fans now lol.

The next day was the fan tour, it started at 4 and we had to line up to go into a room to wait for the photos. There was no assigned seating so it was first come first in BUT THEY DIDNT TELL US THAT!!! Anyway I ended up in a row with some of my friends (luckily) so I was happy. Then U-Kiss came in and everyone was calling out to them and they were waving at everyone and Soo was all bouncy lol. They did their greeting and talked about what they did in Guam. Apparently Soo made friends with the MC and they went swimming together and Kevin went swimming with the hair/make up staff. Then they announced the photos would be next and that 20 people at a time would take a picture together. OMG everyone was so loud!!! I don’t think U-Kiss knew because people yelled at Soo and he told them to complain to AVEX staff…so everyone was yelling at the staff but they ignored us and we got told to shut up….and then they went on with the photos. It was so shittyly organised! They got 20 people to walk in one line to the other room and we shook hands with U-Kiss who we’re sitting down (awkward cleavage at eye level moment lol) then we’re meant to move and stand behind them for the photo. Of course only 10 people could be in each row so everyone was really pushy and horrid (usually each member stands next to a number and we draw lots to see who stands where….much more civilised!). Any way the handshake was soooo fast that there was no time to say anything. Kevin asked me where I’m from and I just kind of stared at him in shock (lol if you’ve read my other reports this’ll make more sense), no idea what Kiseop did lol, Soo was happy and all “oh it’s you!”, Hoon was also surprised and Eli recognised me too. Then when I went to go line up for the photo the staff stopped me to say something and these 2 randoms just pushed us out of the way to get a good spot……I ended up right next to Kevin. My friend started calling out to me, she’d ended up behind Soohyun!! She kept yelling at me to swap with her so I squished back through everyone and ended up behind Soo. I kept saying ‘excuse me, I swapped with my friend, don’t get angry’ just randomly while I squished through the KM. I think Soo heard me because he turned around and waved at me lol. He was so cute sitting on his little chair lol. He tilted his head back and smiled at me a few more times and then we took the picture. I have no idea what it looks like….we still don’t have a copy of it. As we were leaving (idk what came over me…OTL) I patted Soo on the head and said thank you (his hair was sooooo hard lol too much hairspray). He was all smiley still and waved. The staff chased us out if the room and then I exploded into fan girl OMFG WHAT JUST HAPPENED mode lol. All my friends just started talking at once and it was a mixture of 'whooooooohoooooo’ and 'that was shit’ lol and basically people just happy about seeing U-Kiss but pissed about the tour (please print off your photos from our website later, we will post them all on our homesite…….so anyone can see anything otl).

The next event was dinner so my friend and I got changed into swimmers and put summery dresses over them and off we went. Again it was chaos as there were no instructions and everyone just got told to sit wherever (seriously unorganised!). It was meant to be a BBQ~but I’m pretty sure BBQ just equals eating outside lol there wasn’t even anything that looked like you could BBQ it. So same as Seoul, it was a buffet and we just got up to get food. After a little while there was an announcement that U-Kiss would be coming around and that WE COULD NOT TOUCH THEM! (Seriously bad manners this time, like KM calm the F down) So my area got Kevin and Kiseop. Kevin came around and gave us chicken lol the KM at my table talked to him a bit but I don’t remember them talking about much more than chicken lol and that U-Kiss hadn’t had dinner yet. Kiseop came around a bit later and we sang Happy Birthday to him. He was happy (we were the only table that did it) so he actually talked to us a bit, it was cute. Then he gave us some watermelon. I ate it…..all of it lol, it was just sitting on the table and everyone was full from Kevin chicken which I didn’t eat. After Kiseop left we could hear all this screaming and carrying on coming from one of the other areas…..KM with bad manners. (Hoon and Soo complained during the next part about being touched in weird places and Hoon said he’d call the police if KM didn’t behave themselves. I don’t think they were really angry, just a bit shocked people had been so bold/rude especially when we’d been told DONT TOUCH!) I don’t know how much of it was actually started by the boys though, my friend in that area told me Soo fed one of the girls on her table and that he was being ridiculously touchy with the fans……

Then u-kiss ran away and we got told to move to our seats (the only assigned seats of the whole damn thing). Next was the talk/game part. The stage was where the wave pool was but they’d turn the waves off. KM had seats on either the left or right side of the stage or we could sit in the pool and watch. A few KM went into the pool (it was too far compared to our seats so after checking it out we went back to them) but they complained about being cold pretty much the entire night lol. So the first game was to see who could hoolahoop the best. The boys had a pedometer attached to their hips and had to hoolahoop for 1min. Hoon and Soo were the only ones who took it seriously lol, they were also the best at it. Hoon never dropped his and Soo lost it once (um….so I think their next MV should have hoolahoops because DAMN Soo and Hoon look freaking good/sexy doing that shit, everyone needs to see the gloriousness). Eli and Kevin were pretty hopeless and Kiseop gave up and just started dancing and jiggling around inside his hoop. Even though he cheated Kiseop won….Kevin had the worst score so they presented to throw him into the pool~it was so cute lol. Hoon picked him up princess style and kind of swung him out over the pool. It must of been fast/scary cause Kevin was grabbing Hoon for dear life lol. The next game was with the pedometers again but they had to do a funny dance. Kevin went first (because Soo has low expectations for Kevin’s funniness lol lol lol). Kevin had the counter attached to his neck so he had to move his head a lot to get a good count. Ummmm it wasn’t very graceful lol it actually was pretty amusing and Soo was laughing his ass off…Hoon said Kevin danced/looked like a bug, like a cockroach and Soo said that was mean to cockroaches XD (it was a bit of pick on Kevin night…..this is what happens when you take Soo places and he doesn’t get to MC/talk and then gets all his control back~revenge). Kevin actually got a good score though. Next was Eli, they put the counter on his hip(Soohyun started being really strict about reseting the counters and not letting anyone move). Eli went all out!!! It was crazy, he was all over the place and jumping around and he pretty much passed out when his time was up….but he got a really really really low score lol he was so depressed! Hoon was next and some fan shouted that they should put it on his nipple so Hoon went off about having to call the cops again for all the pervy KM and then Soo was trying to figure out if he could put it there and they decided it would hurt too much so they put it on his butt (pants pocket) instead. Hoon…..otl….he just doesn’t care about his image lol his dance was so funny and a little ummmm naughty lol. But he got a crappy score too. Soo went next and I yelled for them to put it on his foot (and Soo hates losing so he was all YES GOOD IDEA FOOOOOOT!!!!) So they put it on his foot and the music started………they gave him a ballad (everyone else had a dance/upbeat song)….he was so cranky lol but he still didn’t want to lose so he just did the TickTac foot dance over and over and over and over till his time was up XD He didn’t get a very good score though. Kiseop was last and he had a business type shirt on with a chest pocket so a fan started yelling nipple again and the boys were all…..OK WE GOT IT! (Seriously weird group of fans lol amusing, but weird). So Kiseop’s went in his pocket and then the music started and he exploded lol. He still didn’t get a good enough score to beat Kevin though so Kevin won that game.

The next part was the give away section. Usually each member gives away about 5 CDs, them there’s a photo with each member, a group photo and some sort of special prize. This time they gave away 5 CDs…..but it was the new single so you didn’t even get the CD, just got told it’ll be mailed to you after the release date…………………….(seriously WTF). They also drew 5 lucky morning calls and asked the fans what they wanted to hear (of course some of the people who got picked didn’t care about the member who was going to call them….Eli got pissed cause his person said they didn’t care what he said so he said he’ll just say イイね and hang up and Kiseop also got cranky and said he was just going to say 'bang’ and hang up lol) Soohyun didn’t ask his person what they wanted to hear and said they were going to hear his real morning voice lol. Kevin said that was scary (or something) and Soo started speaking in a really low, mumbling, croaky voice. Hoon was asked to sing, so he started to and then they yelled at him because he was meant to only do it on the phone and Kevin was asked to say something sweet so he said he’d say something like “if you don’t get up now I’ll kiss you”.

That was the end of the talk/game part (there really wasn’t much talk part at all which was sad because U-Kiss usually come out with some great crack at these events) and U-Kiss went to go get changed. The MC came on and he asked us if we had any questions for u-kiss and a few people yelled out somethings but he yelled back that he couldn’t hear unless only one person spoke at a time………yeah, that’s going to happen. Next he started saying that he really likes U-Kiss and they’re lovely guys and good to work with and could AVEX call him next time they have a fan tour because he’ll come again. Then he asked us where we wanted to go next time and my friend and I just started screaming Cairns and Australia lol. So he heard us and was all 'you’re not Japanese, what are you doing here….’ and starts climbing the pool fence and walking over to us. Then he’s shoving his microphone in my face asking me all theses questions about where I’m from and why I was there (my friend got angry with him because he said I was too excitable lol). Anyway he came to the conclusion that I was crazy….14hours on an airplane to see U-Kiss lol. Thankfully the staff came out to tell him U-Kiss was ready.

The mini live was next. It was a little sad. It was my first time seeing them without Dongho and it really did feel like something was missing. 5 members is just weird!!! AJ being gone doesn’t bother me as much as not seeing Dongho there (mostly cause AJ’s just at Uni and will be back but also because Dongho spoke a lot of Japanese so it’s really noticeable when they have talk parts). They sang~
Fall in love
She’s mine

Eli died… they need another rapper. Idk how the Valentine event will be because Eli complained about having to do the whole rap part and that he missed AJ already. There’s too much rap in their songs for him to do it all (noticed they gave him all English rap for Break Up). Also somewhere during the live someone stepped on the fake flowers at the front of the stage and then Soo started going off about life forces and protecting nature and it was weird but cute and oh so random. Soo also wanted to sing a bit of Break Up for us. He had all the members organised and ready to go and the staff was just making giant crosses and waving their arms to tell him no! But he was off in his own little world and the AVEX staff actually ran onto the stage to stop them singing. Soo was so horrified lol he was all 'Nooooooo KM FORGIVE ME!!!’ and everyone was yelling again and screaming at Soo (bad mannered fans it’s not his fault!!) Eventually someone said they couldn’t sing it now because they were going to sing a bit during the TV jack later. I think they sang Someday after that and Soo went and sat at the edge of the pool near the fans. Then was the last song MMHN and this is where everyone lost their manners completely!!! There was like a small ledge and a rope chain stopping KM from going onto the ledge and into the pool and Kevin decided to come out onto the ledge……and so everyone ran at him and was touching him and grabbing at him. I was seriously worried he was going to fall in the pool. Anyway I stayed at my chair and was MMHNing with my friend and then Hoon walks over to us, ignoring everyone and just grabs my hand and sings at me lol. I was so shocked (he’s such a sweetie) but it was really nice of him and we danced a bit and then he wandered off lol. By this stage the song was almost over and you could just hear Kevin saying 'scary’ into his microphone. The song ended and Soo was all 'Ke——–bin…….where are you???Hoon where have you run off too???’ You could still hear Kevin saying scary over and over and the fans weren’t backing off. Cue manager man (aka Rupino) to the rescue. So he comes in and gets Kevin back to the stage and Eli grabs Kevin and hugs him. I see Hoon walking back up behind the fans and wave at him and he waved back and ran for the stage. It was just chaos. I’ve never been so disappointed in JKM (although my friend was telling me quite a few people weren’t actually KM, they just wanted to get close to some idols and didn’t care who they were, this event isn’t limited to fan club members….well they can F off because we don’t need this kind of crap. Actually a lot of the younger KM who have been fans for ages have left/stopped going to events because the newer fans are scary and rude. Even KM I know that didn’t go to Guam were complaining that there’s been an influx of rude/mannerless fans and they’re not happy….nothing we can do about it but I hope KM don’t get a bad reputation cause that’d reflect badly on the boys…) So that was the end of the live, but it was Kiseopies birthday so they brought out a cake and we sang happy birthday and they took a photo and then all hell broke lose and they threw Kiseop into the pool!!!! Poor Kiseop can’t swim/is scared of deep water so he just started drowning. Manager man (aka Rupino) comes running onto stage and throws every lifesaver floaty thing he can find to Kiseop…..Soohyun just pushes the MC into the pool. Eventually they save Kiseop and the MC from drowning and do the end greeting and we get told to go to our rooms.

My friend and I ran back to the elevators so we wouldn’t have to wait forever and so we could have showers. We managed to have showers and be all redressed and pretty before the TV jack started. Basically U-kiss was on the hotels own TV channel so guests staying at the hotel could watch too. They tried to be more serious than they normally are and Soohyun yelled at Eli for making Elephant noises and said it wasn’t a zoo. He also apologised for the noise and disruption to the guests staying at the hotel. They did a brief introduction and explained they were a Kpop group having a fan meet and Kevin failed at explaining in English lol he never said they were singers or that they were from Korea….his explanation was so confusing. They talked about the new single and sang a bit of break up and that was pretty much it. They also drew their teams for the goodnight greeting. Soo and Hoon ended up together and Eli, Kevin and Kiseop were together. And then Soo said he was coming to my floor and I threw things and cried because that NEVER happens (also added bonus of Hoon XD) They said they were coming soon so just wait a bit. Anyway I was freaking out and I asked my friend what she wanted to do (normally this is the swap with your friend who’s on a different floor time) but she said she’d rather stay with me than go to Kevin (OMFG FEEL SO LOVED!!!) So we just waited till manager man (aka Rupino) came and knocked on our door and told us to wait in the hallway. We had to wait a while because a bunch of stupid people had just decided to randomly wait at elevators and floors they weren’t staying on (like ok if you can swap with someone great but if there’s no one to swap with tough shit don’t be stupid and decide to hang out creepily in corridors) some other guests also complained about the noise on KevinEliKiseop floor so all those fans got sent back to their rooms…..sigh, seriously no manners. (Also some girls waited in bikinis……..and then bitched later that Hoon is a pervert because he looked at them, I’m sorry you’re fwits piss off!!)

So I’m waiting with my friend and everyone else in the hallway because we know how to stfu and wait like normal people and then Soo and Hoon and Rupino and my AVEX friend come strolling down the hallway. I’m slightly excited that my friend is there so I told her to 'keep working hard’ and hi-5ed her as she walked past….Soo was very amused I’m friends with staff and started laughing. We were the second room from the end so we waited while they said goodnight to the last rooms in the corridor and then they came over to our door. Soohyun walked straight up to me and gave me a yellow lay and told me that I’m cute (seriously need to stop saying that to me or I’ll start to believe you XD). Then he hugged me and it was fantastic and I wish I could go back in time or replay that moment again or something because crying and Ijustfreakinglovehim. So it was a lovely squishy but not too squishy hug and then I don’t remember what I said to him but he laughted at me and held up his hand for a hi-5. I hadn’t thought about what I was going to say to him so I just started rambling at him but thankfully he’s finally figured out I speak Japanese so it’s not awkward anymore and we can actually talk like normal people. Anyway he was being super sweet and I said that I’d been lonely/sad and wanted to see him and he said that he’d missed me too (and then I think I died). Somehow we ended up holding hands and were kind of standing there swinging our arms while I told him that I really liked him and that he was fantabulous and I thought he was a great singer and dancer and a nice guy. He was all 'really?’ and smiled at me and i said yes I really think so and then randomly I apologised for having cold hands and he just shook his head and said it was fine. And then Hoon was all switch!!! Nooooo Soo comeback!!! It was the first time Hoon had come to my floor for good night greeting and I do love Hoonie too so I was excited. I may have yelled Hoonmin! at him as he grabbed me lol, I was a bit surprised he was so gung-ho about it but thankfully he didn’t squish my guts out like AJ. Hoon and I had a lovely little conversation, because he’s such a sweetie!! So I asked him if he remembered me and he was all yes yes yes of course and then I said that I’d especially come from Australia to see them this time and he was all thank you. And then I asked him to come to Australia some time and he said sure!! But I was all 'Hoonie that’s not good enough, you have to pinkie promise me’ So I held out my hand and he was all OK no problem and then he told me in Korea you have to touch thumbs as well to make the pinkie promise so we did and then I told him Australian KM are waiting so he better keep his promise and he said he would (I tried Auzzie KM, I tried!!) At this point Soo has died laughing because of something my friend said and Rupino is getting cranky because they’ve spent too long talking to us XD So we said good night to them and waved and they went to the next room. Of course everyone is in the hallway so we can see everything lol. They were pretty quick with some of the rooms and Soo started saying “ok we’ve hugged long enough, switch” or he’d just push Hoon over to hug the other KM. I have to say I felt pretty lucky that they actually stopped to talk to us considering they spent less than 30sec at some rooms. My friend kept calling out to them as they walked down the hallway and they kept turning around and waving and being cute. It was really nice seeing them happy and they thankfully didn’t seem too tired either.

After they left my friend and I swapped stories on what we’d said to SooHoon. I freaking love my friend, she’d tried to talk to Hoon for a long time so I could talk to Soo XD AND then when Soohyun was talking to her she said she’d asked him if he remembered me and he’d said of course but she had asked again and he’d gotten cranky that she didn’t believe him lol. She said she asked him if he realised I’d come all they way from Australia this time and he’d said he knew and was happy and then she said i really like him and Soo was all I know!! So then she said she would keep supporting U-Kiss as long as he remembered me (I seriously love her….I mean it’s complete BS cause she’s such a Kevin fan but it’s still nice to hear XD) and then she told him a secret about her and he basically died laughing and that’s when Hoon and I where all what’s going on with them.

So basically that’s it. It was a really short fan tour and we didn’t get to spend as much time with the boys as we normally do but I did get super lucky with my Soohyun encounters this time so I’m really glad I went. Actually I had an awesome time with my friend just touring around Guam and going on boats and seeing shows and playing on the waterslides XD it was a nice little holiday. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see all my JKM friends but hopefully the hall tour will be on when I can escape work so I can see everyone and U-Kiss again. It’d be awesome if they came here though…..I’ve run out of money XD.

Um congrats if you made it to the end, sorry it was boring and that I complained about a lot of things~