Everything’s Fine, What Are You Talking About?

Has everyone noticed how normal everything is around Jack’s social media pages? 

There’s no glitched out profile pictures or zalgo text appearing in descriptions and bios. Anti’s overall presence seems to have been restricted to one game and a few cocky responses. 

But when “Jack” added how he missed his piercings in his latest instagram picture, it all made sense. Anti is trying his best to make everything look fine. He added the caption because people pointed out that the guages are something the dark part wears so he quickly made it sound like Jack was just putting them in because he missed them.

One of the more popular theories is that it’s not Anti glitching in the Detention videos, it’s more like Jack trying to reach out and gain back control but how can he if Anti’s making us believe everything is alright? He’s doing a good job of making everything seem normal and we’re falling for it.

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But the demon isn’t going to let us forget that we’re not helping the Green Bean: BETRAYAL, NEGLECT, MISTAKE. Anti is blatantly taunting us for our lack of concern over his control of Jack….

So now the question is: how do we help Jack gain back control?


Punk Castiel cosplay (~°•°)~

“Sam. Dean. I swear it’s not a phase.”