guadalupe street


RIP Guadalupe Natalia “Lupita” Tovar (27 July 1910 – 12 November 2016). One of the last survivors of the Silent Era, and best known for her starring role in the Spanish version of Dracula. she died yesterday at the respectabel age of 106! Here in the 1920’s , and during one of her last interviews, in which she said:        “ I had very adventurous and romantic life. “
Anchor Explains Her Spanish Pronunciation After Viewers Comment On It
A recently hired news anchor on Phoenix's NBC affiliate attempted to clear the air after some viewers asked why she pronounced Spanish words and names with a Spanish accent. Vanessa Ruiz of 12 News told

The cities in Arizona are called Casa Grande, Sierra Vista, and Ajo. The street names are Guadalupe, Monte Vista, Encanto, Verde, Rancho, Palo Verde, San Juan, Solicito, El Camino and the dozens of others that I can’t think of and then you get upset when a Latina news anchor pronounces them correctly. I’m done.