It makes me sick how in almost every single show or movie (mostly americans), when Mexico is involved, when there’s something in the plot happening in a Mexican city, it is like 99% ALWAYS pictured as a sandy, dusty little town with a couple strip-tease bars and clubs, old rotten motels and, for the most cliché ones, some chickens in the streets with stray dogs.

Well I am sorry to tell you, but there is more in Mexico. I mean, did they forget Mexico freaking City, aka Ciudad de Mexico?? 

Or, I don’t know, maybe the city I am from, Guadalajara?

Ever heard of Monterrey (the city, not the freaking cheese)?

Or maybe Toluca?

I could list many other cities, but I’ll let you check them if you want and end with the lovely Puerto Vallarta (so long my love, we’ll see each other again, I promise)

Places of México that must visit the zodiac signs
  • Aries: Bosque de chapultepec - México city.
  • Taurus: Sayulita - Nayarit.
  • Gemini: Xilitla - san luis potosi.
  • Cancer: Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzmán - Oaxaca de juarez.
  • Leo: Cenote IK-KIL - Yucatán.
  • Virgo: Teatro degollado - Guadalajara.
  • Libra: La Calle de los Dulces - Puebla.
  • Scorpio: San Miguel de allende - Guanajuato.
  • Sagittarius: Santiago de Querétaro - Quéretaro.
  • Capricorn: Molino de flores - Texcoco.
  • Aquarius: Mercado de flores y plantas cuemanco - Xochimilco.
  • Pisces: Plazuela machado - Mazatlán.

Here’s my tweets about Kubo-sensei and Sayo Yamamoto during their conference in Con-Comics Guadalajara, it was terribly unorganized but I got half of what I wanted
Please consider that everything they said was translated to english and then to Spanish, so the “friendship bond” part may have been something else but got lost in translation, I’ll still think of Victor and Yuuri as fiancés and nothing else

Edit: thanks to @retropug apparently the “friendship bond” was a mistranslation, makes sense, the girl beside me kept giving me better translations than those two guys 2nd edit: thank you @kimisweetbllover for clarifying! Apparently, Kubo said “unbreakable bond” in addition to Sayo’s “love” I’m screaming this is beautiful