Foodspotting is judging at Guactacular this Sunday! To celebrate Cinco de Mayo and guacamole’s return to its rightful place in the limelight, we asked Guactacular organizer and popular New York blog Nachos NY to share their perfect Cinco de Mayo…

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Start the day off right, with crazy heartburn and a happy tummy. Instead of going for your regular breakfast sandwich, try this: egg, chorizo, cheddar and jalapeño torta with some chipotle mayo.

After a heavy breakfast you may need to take it easy. Cozy up with a hearty chicken tortilla soup and wash it down with a Mexican Coke – Coca Cola made from real sugar cane. Squeeze a lime in there, you won’t be sorry.

Disregard the hours between lunch until the end of work day and we’re on to happy hour! After a hard day’s work, a jalapeño margarita is in order. Infuse tequila with sliced jalapeños for an added kick. The restaurant El Maguey y la Tuna on the Lower East Side shakes up a margarita so spicy, it makes us sweat.

Over beverages, FEAST ON NACHOS! Whether you make them at home or spend the night at your favorite taqueria, nachos are a must. If you’re making them at home, the trick is to layer chips and cheese multiple times. Use a mild cheddar (milder cheddars melt better than sharp) and for the love of God, skip the iceberg lettuce. Nachos are the perfect food to share with friends and will serve as a good base for whatever alcohol-related debauchery you plan for the evening.

For dessert, enjoy a cupcake from Robicelli’s. Last year, Robicelli’s came to Guactacular with their cupcake, Melacoton de la Muerte, a peach-ghost chili cake and buttercream with smoky peach-ghost chili compote. This year they have one of our favorites for Cinco de Mayo, the Abuelita, a Mexican chocolate cake, cajeta buttercream, ground Abuelita chocolate. Cajeta is goats milk caramel and is the perfect way to top off Cinco de Mayo 2011.

So eat up, drink up and come to Guactacular this Sunday, May 8th, for an extended Cinco de Mayo of sorts. Hope to see you there!

Last night I made beer. Today I will stop drop and Guacamole. I’m too busy to tell you anything else! You can read about us here. Apparently, our picture was too horrific for them to post to the site… I guess next year we will need glamor shots. 

I have gotten some great fan mail lately - don’t worry you will get your posts soon! 

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY (My mom said our secret ingredient, which will be unleashed today, sounded disgusting. You can always count on her to be honest. We will see what the masses think).


There are those who will wake up early to run the 16th Annual Cinco De Mayo 5K (for a trip to Puerto Rico, if that’s any incentive)—and there are those who will roll out around 2 p.m. for Roberta’s hipster-heavy afternoon fiesta (pinatas, kiddy pools, an all-girl mariachi band). Or, there’s also the “Luncha Libre”wrestling-inspired Taco Throwdown hosted by Thrillist from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. in Williamsburg—and the DIY Guactacular at Bell House. Now once you’ve had your fill of guac-and-chips, you can always dance it off at Body Language at Glasslands Gallery—or keep the party going till late at Diablo. 

Guactacular 2013

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You know what really chaps my leathers?  When I plan to attend an event and I have an extra ticket lying around that I paid hard earned American dollars for. It chaps my leathers even more if the face value of the ticket is $15 and I paid $20 for that ticket.

What a waste.

If you ever find yourself in line at an event and you have an extra ticket in your pocket that you paid a premium price for, there’s really only one way to respond: buy a SECOND extra ticket from the girl in front of you, for LESS THAN the face value of the ticket.  In the case of the situation outlined above, I was able to procure a second extra ticket for only $10, thus completely offsetting the $20 I paid for my first extra ticket.

This meant I had two extra tickets.  But the price that I paid for both averaged out to face value, so I felt really good about the whole situation, especially after I thought about it more and more.

- Sarah