guacamole bacon burger

Kiss Me Better (12/?)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Loki x BFF!Reader

Word Count: 705

Summary: More museum shenanigans.

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When you finished the mummy exhibit, Bucky tugged on your arm, leading you to something that caught his eye. 

“Can we?” he asked, indicating to a sign about a space presentation. 

You pulled out your phone to check the time. “Sure. We have more than an hour until the next showing, though. Wanna get some lunch?” 


You bought the tickets and headed out to find somewhere to eat. You opted for a diner, which thankfully, didn’t have any problem with Bucky ordering his guacamole bacon burger. Bucky took a long time to eat, as he talked the whole time; about the dinosaurs, the mummies, and the book about the ‘piggie’. You were in awe of the change in him, and hated to stop him short, but you needed to get going if you wanted to make it back in time. 

He watched the show, mouth agape and hardly daring to blink. A couple was sat near you, speaking in low voices during the show. Bucky turned and shushed them. You covered your mouth in fear of bursting out in laughter, earning you dirty looks from the couple that no doubt expected you to scold him. After the show, you noticed Bucky was starting to become sluggish. It was nearing his nap time, but you still had one more thing you wanted to see before heading back. 

“Was dis?” he looked at the greenhouse looking thing in confusion. 

You took his hand and led him to the front. “Let’s find out.” 

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