Masters Sun vs. The Greatest Love

Recently I watched a drama called The Greatest Love (2011). I chose it because Gong Hyo Jin, who I loved in Masters Sun and wanted to see her in something else. 

Btw: It is interesting that I choose this drama, because about two days ago I read an article on about Cha Seung Won, who played the male lead in this drama, all three most important broadcasting companies (SBS, KBS and MBC) want him to participate in their up coming dramas. The Greatest Love is the last drama he shooted.

So how was it?? I liked it but…oh yeah there is a “but”! It was very and I mean VERY similar to Masters Sun, or it is better to say Masters Sun is very similar to The Greatest Love. Ok you may argue that in GL she is a former top star and he is a current top star and the enviroment is totaly different and she doesnt see ghosts and so on… But if you look under the surffice the true story is the same. Well the story is the same in almost every drama. But the characters are the same also. 

In Masters Sun I really liked Joo Joong Won. There are many heartless and cold CEOs but Joo Joong Won is far the best of them. Hes got style!! And so has Do Ko Jin! They are both arrogant and selfish in their way, which is quite charming. I think they even look alike and they both have amazing voices, also very similar. Both Cha Seung Won and  So Ji Sub are very good and handsome actors!

And Tae Gong Shil?? She is so crazy and lovable in the same time, Gong Hyo Jin is excellent in this role. But After watching GL I understand why. She is weird. In a good way! I love her weirdness!! When she is playing a celebrity (Gu Ae Jung) it is kind of off. But it works! So when she is playing a crazy woman who sees ghosts it must be weirdly awesome! 

Masters Sun is my most favourite drama I wonder if there is something better. And I think The Greatest Love is almost as good. Almost… My rating for both dramas is 10 out of 10!

The Greatest Love (Review)

I regret that I didn’t watch it before, this is so damn good! I’m so jealous with Ae Jung, Dokki Jin really loves her. He even sacrifice his fame and image for Ae Jung that’s why the title really suits the story.  There are a lot of sweet moments that makes me feel giddy. I will definitely going re-watch it. I’m so satisfied with the ending, good job!

Btw, I love Ae Jung’s nephew, Dingdong! He is so cute, I want to take him home, hahahaha (Dokko Jin’s laugh)!

By now. I’m going to re-watch Spy Myung Wol, which is also a great drama. It’s a must-watch!, everyone!