gu's gallivant

Today Butch Hartman came to my school to entertain us as a sort of stress relief and also encouraged us to pursue big goals and passions. Butch Hartman is the father of one of the senior girls, so he happily came to visit. Luckily, everyone knew about the Fairly Odd Parents and Danny Phantom at my school. (:

Of course he gave out free drawings!

Before he we had filed into the room, Mr. Hartman hid 8 pieces of paper under our chairs, and told us that if we had one, we’d be allowed to go up on stage and ask for a drawing.

I looked, and I didn’t see it at first, but my art teacher noticed and told me to check on the other side of my chair. I never have this sort of luck, so I’m really happy!

Oh, I forgot to mention, a Hobbit is coming to my school Sean Astin is also coming to my school on April 9th to talk about filming the Lord of the Rings, and Sci-Fi club was invited. B)


I was talking to Kanye and mentioned how the P4G is better than the anime. And we wondered if they had a legit reason for this.



[02:02] Kanye: ……………………
[02:02] Kanye: is that a legit scene from the anime
[02:02] Gu: YEAH
[02:03] Kanye: you are shitting me
[02:04] Kanye: they seriously just
[02:04] Kanye: used photos
[02:04] Kanye: way to budget Atlus.

:’D Commentary in the photo captions yes.

Monitor Display Settings

You know, it annoys me when people use “It looks fine on my monitor” as an excuse sometimes. Or when people say, “Oh, there’s nothing I can do about it because colors are washed out on my monitor.

The problem isn’t something that you should use as an excuse. I know computers have a display calibration setting. Most of it should already look fine. It’s the Gamma that matters. A small change can make a big difference in computer graphics. askldjf

Yes, it’s true that the difficult part about being a computer artist is that you struggle with using other monitors and seeing how they look when it is printed and whatnot. The print is the true color. And the gamma is what makes it look closer to that. It’s also true that the type of monitor you have matters. But, ugh, don’t complain without looking around for a fix first. It’s right there, and it’s not hard to check.

(Personalize → Display → Calibrate Color)

For those of you who actually read this, yes, I will make you make sure your display is calibrated. -Hiss-