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Andrew Lloyd Blanchard
Andrew Blanchard, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Andrew Lloyd Blanchard

Presenting “The Phantom of the Opera,” as performed by Andrew “Lloyd” Blanchard on THAT ONE WHERE SOMEONE ALMOST DIED ON IT - On The Spot #102, with accompaniment by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Also featuring commentary from Michael Jones, Gus Sorola, Shannon McCormick, and Jon Risinger.


So heres a few Eddsworld-themed Inktobers posted on my instagram! It was a joint thing with @chora-art where we decide on specific themes for each day on october(some during the last minute too HAHAHA)

As of now we cant offer much of the story for the steampunk au so atm its just for…design purposes HAHA it started off as just a theme idea :’)

Day 1: TomTord
Day 2: Artstyle Swap
Day 3: Steampunk AU

pastelmogar  asked:

Ahhh, hello! Ive never talked to you, but i really love stardew valley too! Im in my second year and I've decided to romance Emily. She decided to dance with me @ the Flower Dance and now its the day after and! In the mail! Perrie tells me about the bouquet, Emily sent me the letter for her 8 heart event, and Demetrius (my closest friend in game) sent me an amethyst, one of Emily's favorite gifts!! It feels like Perrie and Demetri are playing as my wingmen and I'm so excited about this!!

THIS … IS THE ABSOLUTE CUTEST i am 100% in favour of top wingmen pierre and demetrius ……. demetri getting all emotional about his best friend’s blossoming relationship …. pierre delighted that the farmer is really finding a home in the community ……………….

Breaking Bad- A startling saga of the dope racket in 16 thrilling chapters! (1947)

I had been itching to make this one for a while! I ended up choosing Gus Fring for the recap title simply because I felt he’d be easier to retro-fit. This one’s part of my retro title sequence series, which can be found on my blog under the “title art” tag.
Also! I posted a complete run down on how this was made on my Patreon (Link in blog), including some instructions on how to age a video clip. It won’t be the last either. (This is usually on the $5 tier, but as an introduction it’s available for $1)