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Presenting to you 9 best scenes with our Daddy Gumiho, Gu Wolryung (Choi Jinhyuk). Although you didn’t win 2013 MBC Newcomer Award (male), you’re the winner in our heart because we can see how much effort you have put in as Wolryung. 2013 is definitely your breakthrough as a better actor and I look forward to your TVN drama with Jihyo unnie! Hwaiting!! And, let’s hope to see you tmr at SBS Drama Awards because this means you stand a chance in winning an award! ^^ #teamwolryung!


Strong Girls from KDramas: 1/7

“Whenever you think of me, I wish you would be happy.”

Dam Yeo-Wool

Taught by her father at a young age, Dam Yeo-Wool learnt what many girls did not during the Joseon Era; how to fight. She was strong, but more importantly she was kind. She used these two qualities to fight for what she believed in; her nation and her love for Choi Kang Chi. While everyone else saw a monster in Kang Chi, Yeo-Wool saw a caring man who needed help. Throughout her journey, Yeo-Wool inspires many to fight for what they believe in. Yeo-Wool is the epitome of beauty, strength, kindness and braveness.