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161211 Junhyung was live from his new studio on his friend’s Facebook with Infinite’s Sunggyu

[TRANS] Summary of the video: 

Junhyung introduces himself in an informal way then Sunggyu asks why is he speaking informally and Junhyung introduces himself again in a formal manner.

Junhyung says Sunggyu is the first guest to come over in the new studio and asks why has he come empty-handed, to which Sunggyu draws out a heart.

Sunggyu asks Junhyung to sing a song but Junhyung says he already did.

Junhyung playfully asks Sunggyu why is he talking without honorifics(?) when he’s the sunbae and Sunggyu apologizes and they both start laughing saying that the situation is funny (T/N: Junhyung is the sunbae but Sunggyu was born earlier, on the 28th of April thus the confusing situation 😂). Junhyung goes on saying they’re both comfortable with each other.

Both Sunggyu and Junhyung didn’t know about the live feature Facebook has until now.

Junhyung mentions this is Chan Gu’s Facebook page and because of the live he’s been getting a lot of followers to which Sunggyu said Chan Gu should treat them to a meal.

Sunggyu congratulates Junhyung on his new studio and whishes Junhyung to produce more great music.

Sunggyu says thatif he’ll come again when Junhyung is recording a guide they will do a live again and Junhyung ends up agreeing to this 😂

Both Junhyung and Sunggyu are worried/thinking about the future and about life.

Junhyung: “Infinite fans. I love you”. Sunggyu: “Me too, I love B2uties and Inspirits too.”

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