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Things I Love About The On The Spot Episode With The Free Play Crew
  • Every Time They’re Talking And The Camera Cuts To Jon With A Look Of Deep Regret
  • Hearing Michael Laughing Like A Maniac From The Audience
  • Hashtag Assplay
  • Team Been Trying To Fuck
  • Meg Shouting “Team Been Trying To Fuck” And Ryan Making A Heart With His Hands Behind Her
  • “This Is What You’re Fighting For; The Golden Gus-”
    Ryan Elbows Jon And Takes It “We Won!”
    They All Start Singing The Theme Like That Was All Planned
  • Ryan Covertly Taking, Dismantling And Replacing The Golden Gus
  • “White People Can Be Bait” And Then Everyone Loses It
  • As Soon As Ryan Says “Find A Corpse” Mariel’s Exasperated “Goddammit Ryan”
  • Ryan Awkwardly Going Along With The Sponsor Read
  • When Ryan Loses The Screw From Gus And Starts Looking For It Under His Chair, Confusing Everyone
  • “Morgue- Ah- Er- Meg!”
  • “Why The Fuck Would He Find Romance In Deep Space”
  • “I Tried This With Ray And He Betrayed Me Too, Go With It
  • When Meg’s Yelling At Ryan For Not Describing A Romance And He Recoils With The Most Amused Grin
  • When Meg Flicks Ryan To Make Him Stop
  • Mariel And Tyler Dying As They Try To Describe Kindergarten Cop Without Just Describing Kindergarten Cop
  • Ryan Singing Africa By Toto While Being Shocked
  • Ryan “How Many More Do I Have To Do?”
    Jon “Alright You’re Done”
    Ryan Hits The Button Again “I LIKE IT”
  • Tyler Being Confused About The Alphabet
  • Everything About Ryan And Meg’s Roleplay
  • When The Golden Gus Falls Apart And Everybody Loses It
  • They’re All Just Cheering And Laughing Like Kids Who Overthrew The Teacher
  • “It’s Finally Over, We Can Leave
  • When They All Run Off And Jon’s Just Left Staring Into The Abyss Behind The Credits
  • The Sheer Amount Of Screenshots Of Ryan And Meg Laughing It Has Blessed Me With

I spy with my little eye…A CERTAIN BOY GENIUS.

Looks like Dexter loves The Human Fist as much as Robotboy, Tommy, Lola, and Gus.

One thing that’s always been so weird to me is the fact that a bunch of the Mercury and Gemini astronauts had like…photos of themselves hanging up in their own homes?? What’s up with that tbh?? Like, yes they were very badass but that just seems a bit extra even with that consideration.

I think I know why Hazel and Augustus were so deeply in love. It is because they fell in love with each other’s mind. It was beauty that attracted them in the first place, but when they got to know each other better that’s when the magic happened..
And that’s what I want.
Someone to love me for my mind, my ideas, my crazy theories, my thoughts and the way I see the world. I want someone who will find my inner world beautiful not just my appearance..
Obesity gene no barrier to weight loss, study shows
Researchers find people with gene linked to weight gain as likely to benefit from fat reduction schemes as those without
By Nicola Davis

People with a gene linked to weight gain are just as likely to benefit from weight loss programmes as those without, researchers have discovered.

The findings suggest diet, exercise and drug-based approaches to losing weight can be widely beneficial, even if some people may have a greater risk of piling on the pounds due to their genetics. In short, your DNA is not a barrier to weight loss.

In short, your DNA is not a barrier to weight loss.

Respect Seo Chul Gu for what he did in SMTM4′s EP4

Even tho he might didn’t want to he did it. He yield the mic to the high schooler. He considered his chances and sacrificed his own place in the show. He wasn’t greedy. He gave the high schooler the chance to prove himself. And to me that move was really, truly amazing. He took the cake this time.
Warwick Thornton on his images of Indigenous children in 'fast-food suicide vests'
The film-maker’s new exhibition in Melbourne carries a blunt message about health issues facing the next generation of Indigenous kids in Australia
By Melissa Davey

“For people in these communities, eating junk food was not merely a lifestyle choice, she said. “People say to drink water from the taps, but some of the water in these communities is not safe to drink, so sugary drinks become a cheap alternative,” Doyle says.“People tell them to give their children two pieces of fruit each day, but if an orange [in remote area communities] costs $5 and you have four children, that’s half your pension packet gone.“You can’t expect people to be broke and have their kids go hungry for the sake of meeting fruit and vegetable quotas. So if a packet of chips costs $1.50, that’s what you’ll buy.”“

  • Staff: new update gu-
  • Tumblr people: nope hate it
  • Staff:
  • Obama: yeah it's ugly
  • Staff:
  • Benedict cumberbatch: disgusted
  • Staff: okay you know what fuck you guys...we thought about this and we took how time..fuck you fuck you *flips table* fuck you *flips the Grand Canyon* fuck you all *walks out of the room*
  • Harry styles: what did I miss??