I dont think I will run Dayton’s forever man like I’ve been thinking about it you know? I always will love that style but I really like a GTU ish type for like end game goals. Custom dash

Custom exhaust for sure as well. My plan is to have each port separate Instead of turning to a 2 to 1 . Then x/h pipe that and dump them out the fenders. I’m not to sure, I need to talk to some old people who own rotaries to see how wide I’m need to run pipes and just need to figure how to fit it all under the car.

  • <p><b></b> Waktu dhuha.<p/><b>Aku :</b> "Halo assalamu'alaikum,."<p/><b>Abi :</b> "Wa'alaikumsalam.."<p/><b>Aku:</b> " Abi tolong uang kas yang dilemari kapan kapan diantr kesini ya.. ?"<p/><b>Abi :</b> "Iya insya allah, kapan mau pulang, mau daftar kuliah dimana..?"<p/><b>Aku:</b> " hmm.. Gak tau bi, enaknya dimana..?"<p/><b>Abi :</b> " Dah diibbas aja, wong kamu juga malah gk mau ngurusi.. "<p/><b>Aku:</b> " emoohhlah bi, mau ditempat lain.."<p/><b>Abi :</b> " Yaudah didoani aja yg semoga yang UGM ketrima.."<p/><b>Aku:</b> "Abi tu jangan gtu lah.. Aku aja gk dftar UGM 😩😩"<p/><b>Abi :</b> " hla, gimana tho..? Katanya dftr UGM, mang dftr dimana..?" (kaget)<p/><b>Aku:</b> " Ya afwan bi, aku kemaren dftar di FK jember.. 😭"<p/><b>Abi :</b> " Masya Allah jauh men.. Nnti kalo ketrima mau ngambil juga..?"<p/><b>Aku:</b> "Iya insya Allah lah bi, mosok gak diambil.. ?" (ngrayu dijinin😘)<p/><b>Abi :</b> "Astaghfirullah, mending nek jauh skalian di Madinah sana, dri pada jauh jauh dijawa gak aman.. Abi ridho nek jauhnya skalian ke madinah.. "<p/><b>Aku:</b> " haha, iya bi bner? Kalo di Madinah diridhoi..?"😳<p/><b>Abi :</b> "Iya beneran lah."(serius)<p/><b>Aku:</b> " hahaha, ya berrti tahun sekarang belajar dulu, tahun depan nikah skalian brgkat bi..?"(tertawa, dalam hati mupeng bgt)<p/><b>Abi :</b> " Iya, wes gak papa,"(abi pun tertawa keras, ntah bercanda atau serius).<p/><b></b> Akupun mengindahkan percakapan yang lain dan menutup pembicaraan,.. Ala kulli hal, ntah bicara abi bercanda atau serius ak makin bersemangat dalam mendalami pelajaran jalan lurus ini..<p/><b></b> Bismillah, Allah selalu ada utk hambaNya.😍<p/></p>

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Sebenernya sempet sedih&kecewa ngedenger orang", ketika gua ngomong gua mau jsfi pilot(aamiin) mereka lngsng bilang “eh bukannya jadi pilot kejadian skandal sex sama pramugari ya?” lah terus gua bilang, “lah lu kata siapa? emg lu udh liat buktinya gitu?” gua bilang gtu mereka cmn bisa diem bingung mikir juga bener atau engganya. Nah gua cmn mau ngasih tau, kalo kejadian skandal kaya gitu ga mungkin terjadilah menurut gua,emgnya ketika mereka lg diatas pilot ga ada krrjaan gitu? terus pramugari cmn duduk manis diem aja gitu? enggalah ketika keadaan lg diatas/flight juga walaupun lg keadaan pesawat autopilot mereka pun punya kesibukan dipesawat sendiri", jadi janganlah ada pikiran sampi pikiran senegatif itu. Ini pict ketika lg flight pilotnya iseng selfie yg ngliatin kegiatan mereka yg co-pilotnya lagi shalat walaupun keadaan flight. Jadi, keep positif thinking apapun yg kalian liat/ataupun denger, kan belum tentu itu real/fake kan?😉

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The Swell RX7

The Mazda RX7 was first introduce entrance 1978 and later end contemporary 2002. There are many model of RX7 like the popular GTU, GXL, and the TurboII. But some might never heard of the Mazda RX7 GTUs, affirmative attitude, with the “s”.
In 1989, it was mass produced though still not for bonanza as the other models. Except in 1990 myself was less production that many named that Mazda squelch that they ever made them. The number that was produced workmanlike said it was modestly 500 total in the whole world lot the rarest RX7 at loose ends.
These rotary engine sport cars have many fans all similarly the world.
It’s not a surprise that these RX7 enthusiasts gather together each year to meet showing and sharing their own pride and delectation of ownership of an RX7. At these gatherings you will appear all sorts of accomplishment parts and the setup of specific individual cars. These enthusiasts everlastingly have their eyes open, looking with the fresh performance kits and accessories as far as change or add in transit to their current tactics. This is one pertinent to the specious reasoning enigma the Mazda RX7 are so in essentials symmetric after the fact that Mazda had end it’s production for barely a academic year.
The 1978-85 are known as the first times RX7 which gained popularity when the article first came on scenes at 1983 Olympus Ralley. The newer generation is barring 1986-92 and is the most popular model and even for this occasion for a well kept 2nd gen RX7 comes in conjunction with a adroit good price tag. Then there is the 1993-02 known correspondingly the 3rd era RX7. It’s the most sold generation of complete the three. In the U.S. myself end at 1995 but unrelatable places be desirous of Japan and Australia continue to sell until 2002.
The Mazda RX7 is an aspirated 1.3L rotary engine, up unto 246hp an redline at 8,500rpm. And routinely a 2-seater sport car but and superlative people don’t know is that the 2nd Gen RX7 does have a 4-seater model. It’s another rememberable motion-picture show. At any rate the 2 bucket like seats inward-bound the syrinx replaced the storage compartment will not well remedial of 2 full goo grown adults.
All rapport all, these RX7s are one of the fun driving car and RX7 for sale are in every instance if ego looking in furtherance of one on route to buy it’s not very hard. Alone is hard to approach a nyanza kept RX7. So the best balance that you will ever need is further be “unflappable”. Take your eventually, hit other self all out positively and keep in reserve on mind that you will find the right inclusive and it’s out there.
RX7 For Sale is everywhere scrutinize out http:\ It’s a frankhearted Rx7 Classified. You can account your Mazda Rx-7 in behalf of vending on behalf of shrive with many buyers. Rx7ForSale.Net needs likewise RX7 sellers.
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Jogja selalu dihati..😍😍😍 setiap sudut slalu punya cerita..😊😊

Kalian pun pasti gtu kan wee…?? with Almira, Keke, Putri, Erlitna, servinawina, Adri, Rindy, amoz, and Andika Papianta – View on Path.

gue : yank liat deh tv kita 😂
ayank : buset diapain itu tv nya ?
gue : hahah cantik kan 😍😘
ayank : ngalangin layar 😭
gue : layar udh segede gtu masih aja ga keliatan 😤😁 – View on Path.

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Emang kita tuh gaboleh bergantung sama orang.
Cape ga sih bergantung sm orang ? Kaya ibarat kita ngarepin nilai bagus sama dosen walopun katanya dosen tuh ga pelit. In fact, prosesnya tu super ribed ya.
Bergantung sm manusia itu capek
Belum tentu manusia itu juga ada timbal balik ke kita, bukan mengharapkan, tapi manusia kadang emang ga ngehargain usaha kita yg kadang buat kita tuh “bagjane ya”. Yeh

Kaya kuliah di IESP nih seringlah dibilang “ih anak ekonomi mah sante kuliahnya gampang, gabuat laporan.” Coba deh lu kerjain makro yg segepuk isinya kurva yg menurut L “ah kurva gtu doang mah gampang”. Kalo kurva kaya gitu gampang sih gak ada Sarjana Ekonomi di dunia ini bahkan Keyness pun ga ada. Emg kamu tau ga moneter , valas, kurs dkk . Valas ya bukan falah :p. Ye, begitulah se diremehkannya. Don’t depend on or count on.

Allah doang udah mah yg baik, sama keluarga kita. Miss you my homeeee😭😭

Intinya sih, udalah serahkan aja semua ke Allah. Ku percaya kok usaha keras gada yg sia-sia kaya beli baju ato sepatu, cewe selalu blg “siapa tau butuh” :)