A couple shots and a bunch of dancing later, Avery spotted his close friend in her Tinkerbell outfit with the infamous pouch ( definitely still a bag in his mind, though! ) in hand. He didn’t want her to be alone, so he excused himself from the group he was chatting with and made his way towards her. “But where’s Peter Pan at?” he asked jokingly, “You didn’t scare him away, did you? Yeah, you probably did.”

talking about “People  in terms of hair type (when its not used as in an informant abt race differences etc) i feel like evn more detaché frm body-living nd more disgust esp when its about wht ppl want in their re lay shun ship partner………………………..last night i mistook my arm for a part of my bed couldnt feel it at all and i cant look at the hairs on my arm without wanting to rip em out individually, esp when romance coms into the question i feel like ppl are gtting me ready for a breeding fest like totally plastic i know the Whole of Person includes the body but id rather not.. i wsh it wsnt so mch in the Way That It Is  

i feel sick i m gtting that horrible fuckign sick feeling like somethings going to happen ihavent gotten this imn ages

mintyluc asked:

Hi! Are you familiar with genderflux? "The term “genderflux” refers to a shift in gender intensity. It can also be thought of as genderfluidity between agender and some other gender." -crushingthebinary. Could be another sigil to take on :)

I gtting so much information today! This explanation is really helpful, you don’t hear about genderflux very often but it’s such a delight to learn. Anyone else wanna give some info on genderflux so I can make a sigil?


Im probably gtting on your guys’ nerves 

Im sowwy :(

So I pasted the horse in the backdrop

I take the lasso

And it moves the horse????? not selects?????

you know what im gonna spend the next 2 hours researching layers

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how many pain killers have you tried taking? i'd say take ttwo at max, and try gtting into bed and curling up tight in many differnt positions until you find out what makes the pain go away the mostt, you know? that's what works for me, also, stay hydrated and SLEEP. sleep is FANTASTIC for cramps, sleep them pff and they'll likely be off. take this ffrom someone who has had VERY bad cramps in previous!

I took two ibuprofen and I starting to feel better. I’ve been curled up in bed all day with a heating pad/blanket thing.