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Sketch commission done for my friend @nocturnalether of our characters Lillian and Alec! I love these two so dearly. Pictured, they are cuddling after an argument. This is well after Coming Back, and Alec is now a movie star as a giant captain America :)

$7 sketch commissions open!

<<Ogebi, right?>>, Clara said approaching her.

Ogebi nodded. <<You are Clara Bergsen, no?>>, she asked. <<Would you like to hear about my platform for election?>>.

Clara shook her head, sighing. <<Dear, no. For your own good, stop this nonsense>>, she murmured.

Ogebi’s smile fell as she lowered her gaze. <<I… I don’t understand>>, she admitted.

Clara sighed. <<You can’t be for real, Ogebi>>.

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yoooo where is that victor figure with the ass being sold? I keep seeing pics on tumblr but I can't find a link to buy it!!!!

Hey, Anon! It’s not on sale yet, the figure going around is the first glimpse of it, revealed at Wonder Festival, since it still doesn’t have colors :> I don’t know if they released a pre-order date yet, but keep an eye on the tag because it’ll definitely appear!

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hello fellow makoharu shipper! do you happen to know any good makoharu fic recs - multichapter or one shot? i miss these two

Helloooo!! ahhh I am not a big fic reader, I read some from time to time ;)) so for my fav MH fics, they are not all very recent but I hope you won’t mind? >////<

When Haru met Makoto ; this is my favourite, very LONG fic but the romance is slow but well build. It’s an AU where instead of Rei, it’s Makoto who is the new teammate of the club and it follows the episodes of s1 with this new view^^

The Palace That Rose From the Sands  ;  an other long AU fic xD it’s based on the arabic AU from the ending. The writing is amazing, everything is so detailed, it’s really immersive <3 (and there is a sequel *0*)

Saltwater ; it takes place in tokyo after s2, it’s Haru comforting Makoto so basically, a lot of fluff =v=) <3

Dolphin Kick  ; I have this thing for Myth’s fic, she always creates stories with so much warm feelings in it <3 It’s  Makoharu and their professional and couple life ^^


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I hate when I'm watching v-lives and idols make the filter so bright so they are really washed out (if this makes sense?). Most of the time it's so annoying, the lighting actually annoys me. I really do feel like they look best in natural lighting too, it's really not necessary.

I don’t watch V-lives but I see the gifs people make from them and just… I know exactly what you’re talking about >.> If they don’t then people will say they look dark…and that’s a nasty thing in itself :/// 

-Admin Kim 


> [Mongmong] “UKYAKYAKYAKYA!!!”
> Mongmong used Constrict on Suho’s face! It’s super effective!
> [Xiumin] “You didn’t think we’d just let you see Prince Chen without a proper punishment, did you? How naive.”
> Suho struggles to untangle himself from Mongmong’s tentacles, unaware of Xiumin getting to his feet and cracking his knuckles rather menacingly.

Replies - 231: Private Paradise

Okay so I’ve proven before I suck at this. I’m gonna try to do replies for each episode the evening after they post (I’m already failing obviously). I’ll do them twice today for 231 and 232. Hopefully this will be more manageable for me.

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ok but zarkon and shiro getting grabby in front of the other paladins and shiro snarling at them to fuck off

Frankly I don’t think Shiro cares if the other paladins see him getting felt up.  To him it’s so normal and good that, like, whatever.  If they don’t want to see they can get lost, sure, but if you’re gunna bitch about it and make it a problem (Keith) then yeah, do fuck off.  

(Keith is the one most likely to go to bat for Shiro’s sake to Zarkon, ie ‘humans can’t do that you’re going to hurt him, he’s limping >:(   Keith also doesn’t know about some of the, ahem, modifications that Haggar has done to Shiro to make this possible.  Shiro doesn’t exactly want to talk about it, and he’ll dress Keith down for it pretty heavily, so he scampers at the first sight to keep from losing his temper and doing something rash).

I think if Zarkon wanted him alone he wouldn’t hesitate to bark at them to get out now, but for the most part they’re all the exceptions to Zarkon’s rules with Shiro.  After all, they all spend a lot of time hanging off him, and literally no one else in the galaxy is allowed to do that

Local Police woman weight lifts civilian and astronomer in a show of excellent strength and friendly compassion

Because his robot girl OCs are really cute I drew @chuddbear‘s cute robo girls/gfs with my robot apollo :p I think they’d be good buddies if they all met~ anyways, time to go back to drawing more DC comics though i might draw more robo buddies because I can do whatever the heck i want  with my art >:P

(please don’t repost or use w/o permission, and leave my description; thanks!)

so valikar was raised by the forest, like animals + plant spirits + fey, especially the fey. so he’s kind of feral? like he’s not like total wolf boy but he is very odd as far as civilized people can see, he sniffs around like an animal, he has wild hair. he is very forward and blunt with his thoughts and emotions, which makes a lot of people uncomfortable around him. he doesn’t like to wear pants but his party makes him and he’s grumpy about it always >:C he doesn’t wear shoes unless its really cold. 

wealth is something of a mystery to him, he doesn’t really get why people covet currency so badly. everything he’s ever needed he’s got from the forest, never needing to trade for or buy anything.

he knows infernal, common, and sylvan. all from the fey and creatures he’s met. he does not know how to read or write, being taught only spoken word.

he’s a very talented and formidable warlock, also super great at gardening.

he’s also a big gay for ben’s tiefling, Acolyte.