gts can get out


I just made my last sea bunnies from my current fabric stocks, and I don’t know when I’ll have more of it! If you’ve been holding off getting one, I’d recommend snagging one now as I only have 3 available! Any of them unsold will be gone at Animaritime next weekend!

If you’d like to purchase one and pick it up at Animaritime, send me a message and we can get it sorted out :>


Guys. The BFG. It’s happening and I seriously can’t wait! I used to love reading this Roald Dahl classic and this book helped awakened my inner macrophile when I was younger (granted I was young so it was the fascination for giants). I seriously can’t wait and can y'all actually believe the Gt community is growing and slowing getting out there? ON SCREEN. I mean, we got Ant Man, Gigantic, and then this?! (I mean there’s probably more but I’m too excited to think lol) WHOOOO.

Plus have you see the screenshots of the new Tarzan? Lemme tell ya, it’s the size difference I love (between Tarzan and Jane) OMG omg.

What do y'all think? IM EXCITED (I am soooo seeing this by myself, unless my little cousins want to see it. Oh god that’s gonna be something).