gts can get out


a very dramatic saga

the second one is my fav of course



<<Alright, I see the first little head>>, the doctor announced.

Alina groaned in frustration. The first one? The thought of not being even half way done terrorized her. 

<<Push for me, Alina! I can almost get her out!>>, he exclaimed.

So she did as she was told. And she pushed. And she could feel the first baby on its way out and the second one itching to have her go, too, and she wanted to die. This was so much worse than the first time.

heres the thing: i turn 18 in june and i should be able to go to this informed consent clinic in memphis and if everything works out i can get on hormones :>

anonymous asked:

Hello ESTP here um asking for a friend ;) HOW DO I GET OUT OF THE GRIP. I mean it is horrible I feel so numb and like passive but there's something about this existentialist and reflective state that feels so good I feel like dead idk if u have ever experience this. help

> take a bath 

> take a walk

> play good music

> talk to a friend

> write/draw/do something artistic 

> if you can’t get out of it, analyze what got you feeling that way and see if you can’t strategize your way out.