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El Errejón Yanki acojonando a su novia en un Nissan GTR.

¿Cuántos años tiene ese chaval? ¿12?

Obvious M_L_F_ is obvious.


Holden Torana GTR-X, 1970. Because England are about to win Cricket’s Ashes series against Australia today I’m going to post Australian cars starting with one of my favourites. The Torana GTR-X was powered by 160hp 186ci (3 litre) six-cylinder engine, fitted with three Zenith-Stromberg CD-150 carburettors, a performance cylinder head and camshaft and an Opel four-speed manual gearbox. GMH (General Motors Holden) we serious about producing the car and sales brouchures were printed but only three prototypes were ever made, two of which survive. One remains on public display at the Salmon Street offices of Holden in Melbourne, Victoria.

I originally posted it on August 11 2014

JDM Legends Archive

I’m probably going to be posting in the near future some pictures of what this shop is known for, meticulous craftsmanship with out Japanese favorites. I can’t help but talk about the labor intensive work these guys do, and I was able to get some pictures from their recent Toyota Celica build. For now though, let’s just admire these past creations for a few minutes.

- Jon Tong


Nissan GT-R vs Audi RS7 vs Mercedes E63 AMG.

562cv vs 597cv vs 603cv respectivamente.

El Mercedes tiene bastante más par que los otros dos, pero pesa 100 y pico kilos más.


La ETS más rápida del planeta.

Lo único que pueden utilizar para frenarla son unos gigantescos preservativos en la parte de atrás que entran en acción justo al final.

Vale, es viral pero no es una ETS, es el GTR más rápido del mundo. Se ha cascado un 6,88 en el cuarto de milla.

Aquí su foto en bolas: