The other man ~ Part six

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A/N ~ Ok so this one kind of feels like a filler chapter before the action begins in the next one, so please bare with me, I promise the next one will start to pick up and get interesting.

Theme ~ Cheating/Infidelity/Love triangle

Pairing ~ Choi Seung hyun x Reader x Kwon Jiyong

Rated ~ Smut/Angst/Fluff

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It had been a week since Jiyong came to your home that night and you hadn’t heard a word from him or seen him the entire time but it was probably for the best. Part of you wanted to call him to try and explain what happened but you knew it was a bad idea, the possibility of him seducing you again was too great, even over the phone. You didn’t want to risk your relationship with Seung hyun, not now you were closer then ever before. It was almost like a fairy tale with him, just how you always imagined your loving companion to be when you were growing up but you couldn’t shake the guilt you felt for Jiyong, you almost felt as if you had betrayed him. You spent two days locked in his house, willingly giving yourself to him and then a few hours later you were in bed with another. Seung hyun was your boyfriend after all and what happened with Jiyong was never meant to happen but the hurt on Jiyongs face weighed heavily on your mind and heart. It didn’t help any that Seung hyun wouldn’t stop talking about how sad Jiyong looked lately and sharing his assumptions with you on why that was. You didn’t really add to the conversation much when he did this, you didn’t want to give away what had happened, instead opting to throw out the odd simple “I’m not sure”, “that’s no good” and “I’m sure he will be ok” here and there.

Seung hyun had spent the week at your place, leaving every morning to go to the studio before returning late at night. You didn’t mind because it allowed you to get your own work done while he was gone. You were sending off the finished photos to your publicist when a text came through.

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