gtop is love

Can I just say how much I love this clip?

The hyungs scolding their dongsaengs for talking too long, Seungri breaking down in laughter, GD’s angry voice in japanese sounds like an anime character and lol TOP introducing themselves to cut them off is the best thing ever

🔗 Full video: bb.translations

It’s been a month since our Hyung have been in military service.
I do believe that we all miss him,because I do.
Miss him.

So! TOP-hyung! Hope you’re still healthy and happy and all!

P.S. What GD give us before TOP leave was so precious,you guys know what I mean. *sob*


G-Dragon - “Missing You” Ft. T.O.P


So I was going through old videos in GD& TOP Vol.1 era.

1) At first GD was referring to TOP with his stage name (TOP-ssi), but then when he gave such an elaborate details on their stage performances, he kinda said, Seunghyun-hyungie, referring to TOP. That was the sweetest thing i’ve ever heard. 😍😍😍

2) They said there were many rumours saying Bigbang members are not close. Hence, during that time, there was no comeback from Bigbang. People were making baseless assumptions since all of them were doing solo projects. And the centre of those rumours was GD & TOP mainly.

3) TOP was kinda, “we never had conflict” and was saying, “i think this should be something worth for Bigbang to be proud of” (regarding that they had no such issue). Awww you are such a cutie, TOP. Ahh his deep voices and his chuckles. 😍😍

4) Jiyongie kinda insisted that they are close. Very close. Ok we heard you, Jiyongie. 😂😂😂 Of course you are close.

The radio show is filled with GTOP. Im dying 😶😶

From Radio Show By Noh Hong Chul’s Best Friend.


Baby GTOP killin’ it