Dear, straight people

Please stop saying “their shoving their gayness in my face” I can’t watch T.V, listen to music, get married, go to the park, a walk, have a conversation with people, go to school, go to church, go to work, read a book, or watch a movie without having heterosexuality shoved in my face.

Sincerely, all the gays.

  • Trunks: How great would it be if I cracked this egg open and a chicken flew out?
  • Goten: That would be unbelievable! We would be talking about it forever.
  • Trunks: Plus I'd sue this place for millions, buy a house in the woods, maybe a boat.
  • Goten: Awh man, why didn't I order an egg?
  • Trunks: And I'd have to grow some corn.
  • Goten: Why?
  • Trunks: To feed the million dollar chicken, that's my boy.
  • Marron: So, this is an actual conversation?
  • Trunks: Hey, you're the one who always asks me what I'm thinking about.