get to know me meme (12/50) romantic relationships → oliver and felicity (arrow)
“The entire time that I was gone I could never completely trust someone. And when that goes on for so long you stop seeing people for people. You see… threats, or targets. And when I decided to come home I just didn’t know how to turn that part of me off. But then I walked into your office. You were the first person I could see as a… person. There was just something about you…”

Rich Boy - Part Three

Pairing: Luke & Y/N 

Words: 1700+

Warning: None.. yet, the fourth part will contain smut xx

There will be a fourth and final instalment to Rich Boy which will contain smut, so don’t panic lmao. I hope you guys enjoy this and thank you so so so much for all the notes on the previous parts, you guys are fucking awesome and i love you xx 

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“We need to go camping somewhere else, let’s do that.”
“Let’s do that, let’s do that.”

I brought you a present.” He felt immediately foolish, and for a moment considered running from her rooms. 

“A present?” she said more clearly, turning toward him and blinking. 

“It’s nothing; they were giving them out at the party. Just give me your hand.”

He fished in his pockets and pulled out the gift. “Here.” He placed it in her palm.

She examined it, smiling drowsily. “A ring.” She put it on. “How pretty.” It was simple: crafted of silver, it’s only ornament lay in the fingernail-sized amethyst embedded in its center. The surface of the gem was smooth and round, and it gleamed up at the assassin like a purple eye. “Thank you,” she said, her eyelids drooping. 

“You’re wearing your gown, Celaena.” His blush refused to fade.

“I’ll change in a moment.” He knew she wouldn’t. “I just need… to rest.” Then she was asleep, a hand upon her breast, the ring hovering over her heart. With a disgruntled sigh, the captain grabbed a blanket from the nearby sofa and tossed it over her.