A person that shall remain nameless (because of anon) asked me to make Rilakkuma sweaters for female adults…AAAAND, this is what I could came up with. Never in my life heard of Rilakkuma before, so i hope i did a decent job!

Go here if you want the orginal ea kitty version, converted by Nyola.

Go here for the MESH by Puresims (I think you might need it for my file to show up in your game)

2 recolors
All in one .package
Stand Alone item


Hope you enjoy!
ps: sorry for the lack of posts!

creds to owner, i want to start making youtube vids :( but my parents doesn’t support it, they said that it would get me to nowhere, awwww i wanna cry so bad, it hurts knowing that your parents doesn’t support your dream


Posing with my new brown hair, took some confidence posting these photos as I feel really dysphoric with myself at the moment, I just gotta deal with it face first and hopefully it’ll die down soon.

(I’ll probably delete the second photo anyway, god I hate my nose so much and I failed miserably at make-up today.)