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Hermione Granger x Reader #15

Prompt: Hermione and you are reading together when Harry and Ron tease and hint about your mutual feelings for eachother.

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“Hey Herm,” the chair beside you was scraped back as one of your friends plopped down beside you. You didn’t bother looking up but Hermione paused.

“Hey [Y/n].” You sighed, looking up to see Harry pulling the chair next to Hermione and grinning deviously as he sat down.

You shared a confused look with Hermione.

“Uh… hey guys.” She answered looking between the two boys.

“What are you doing?” Ron snatched the book you had been previously reading and inspected it.

“Well before we were so rudely interrupted, we were enjoying ourselves.” You replied, snatching the book back and placing it between Hermione and you.

“Is that so?” Harry raised a brow.

“Yes.” You responded.

“It it a love book?” Ron asked, looking over Hermione and you and smiling at Harry.

“Uh… no. I don’t like romance books.” Hermione muttered, flipping the book open in search of the page you had left off on.

You hummed in agreement. “Neither do I.”

Harry chuckled under his breath and Ron just burst out laughing.

What is so funny? You wondered.

“What?” Hermione frowned her brows pinching together in discomfort.

“Maybe you should take a page or two out of the romance books!” Ron wheezed.

You blushed and looked down, hoping Hermione hadn’t seen that.

Hermione on her part looked away from you, biting her lip and daring Harry to add anything else.

“Well… we’ll leave you two to enjoy each other-”

“Ron.” You said, warningly, glaring at him.

“-I mean… you guys enjoy your book. See you later.” He stood up abruptly, Harry following and Hermione and you watched them, twin glares on your faces.

“What was that about?” You shook your head in annoyance.

“I’m not sure,” Hermione responded, brows furrowed but a light glow on her cheeks.


“You two are nerds.” A voice rumbled above you.

You looked up, rolling your eyes.

“Thank you for noticing, Ronald.” Hermione glared.

“You really do deserve each other, honestly.” Harry said, high-fiving Ron, and running away.

You cleared your throat, your eyes glowering daggers at the back of their retreating heads and awkwardly met Hermione’s eyes. You gave her an embarrassed smile, and she bit her lip, looking down and shielding her face with her hair.

You smiled at the cute quirk and went back to reading.

Hermione and you had moved out of the library and had been discussing the book you had just finished in the common room when she broke eye contact with you and glanced behind you for several seconds. She sat still, her lips parted into an ‘O’ shape, stunned. She clenched her eyes shut and shook her head, going pink.

Confused, you looked behind you.

There was no one there. You turned back to Hermione, raising a brow.

“Uh, you okay Herm-” Your eyes widened at the sight in front of you, but you quickly replaced it with a cold scowl.

Ron and Harry were wound up in each other’s arms behind Hermione’s seat, their heads merely centimeters away as they puckered their lips and made kissing noises.

You made a sound at the back of your throat as you reddened, hoping Hermione hadn’t seen that.

Sadly, unfortunately for you, she swiveled around and gasped, a hand flying to her mouth.

“Ronald!” You screeched, hand going to grab the wand on the desk.

“Harry!” Hermione screamed, getting out of her seat and rushing to catch him.

The boys laughed maniacally as they ran out of your reach around the common room.

Just as your fingertips grabbed the collar of Harry’s shirt him and Ron apparated out of the room.

Hermione and you looked at each other, both flushed, and chests heaving. They were so going to die.

For the past few hours Hermione and you had been speaking in low volumes, drinking hot chocolate and sitting in front of the fireplace. It was late now and everyone had retired to their respective rooms but you and her stayed up, ranting and sharing information and just talking about random things.

You had begun the afternoon reading with your favourite witch but as soon as evening rolled around and you switched activities, so did your train of thought.

You hadn’t been listening to what she was saying. Not really. But she was speaking enthusiastically and you watched her fondly, your face in your hand, a goofy from in your lips as you propped up your elbow on the armrest.

You studied her features, drinking in every possible thing you could. Any quirk or twist of her lip and glint in her eye. Somehow you always ended up observing her lips though.

Puffy, pretty, pink lips. The ones that looked so soft and warm.

You knit your brows, noticing that said lips had stopped moving. You scanned Hermione’s face and took in the tiny smile, borderline smirk, at the edge of her lips and the eyes warm eyes twinkling with something akin to amusement. The expression which was directed to you.

You both stayed still for a couple of seconds, just sitting at the edge of your seats, knees touching and idiotic smiles gracing your faces.

You were both so absorbed in absorbing eachother that you didn’t notice the two people sneaking behind each of you.

Harry raised his hand slightly, catching Ron’s attention over your head.

Ron nodded, letting him know he was paying attention and then Harry lifted up 3 fingers, mouthing until he got to 1. At the same time Ron grabbed ahold of the back of Hermione’s head and Harry seized yours, smashing your heads together.

Your crashed into each other, foreheads bumping painfully and warm lips meeting. You both groaned against each other lips and flinched, instinctively pulling away and turning scarlet.

“Finally!” Harry and Ron cheered, both grinning like Cheshire cats.

You looked at Hermione with wide eyes. Hermione pursed her lips, her cheeks flushed and her eyes wide.

“Hermione, I am so, so-”

Hermione pressed a finger to your lips, silencing you.

She peered back to where Ron and Harry were- both climbing up the stairs to the dormitories ridiculously slowly, and threw her a thumbs up- then turned back to you.

She smiled shyly at you giggling at your starstruck expression and removed her finger. She leaned in and paused just seconds before she reached your lips.

She looked into your eyes, silently asking you a question.

Is this okay?

You sat frozen in shock but slowly nodded and pressed your lips the rest of the way against hers. Your eyes fluttered close as she sat herself onto your lap, her hands tangling gently into your hair while yours wrapped around her waist.

This was more than okay.

A//n: Dedicated to the @Anon who requested this💙