Get To Know: (Bilal Ra)

Physical Description/ Personal Facts:

·      Had an afro

·      Had Hazel Eyes

·      Was very Handsome

·      Was 10 years younger than the Prophet PBUH

·      Was half Abyssinian, half Arab (Father was Arab)

·      Nickname: Abu Abdullah

·       Umar RA and the Sahabah used to call Bilal RA “Our master who was freed by our master”- meaning Abu Bakr RA

·      He RA would seek the Prophet peace Be Upon Him’s permission every time before calling the Adhan

·      Killed his master in battle (when he RA saw Umayyah Ibn Khalaf in battle he RA said, “wallah, it is either me or him, if he is not killed than I am not really alive.)

·      Everytime Bilal RA made whudu, he would pray 2 rakat after

·      Passed at the age of 64, in Sham, buried in Babus Sageer

Early Life:

·      Bilal Ra’s father was a slave but also an Arab

· His (Ra) Mother was Abyssinian –her name was Hamama- She was a princess in Abyssinia before she was captured in the year of the elephant

·      He was very close to his mother- he used to see his mother get beaten and became strong through that

·     Ummayah Ibn khalaf was his master and cruel slave owner, and was one of the elite members in Makkah

How He came to Islam:

·      Heard his master cursing the Prophet Pbuh’s message and immediately recognized the truth.

·      Did not hear, see, or even meet the Prophet before accepting Islam.

·      His master put a collar on him and dragged him through the streets and  spit on him (RA) to humiliate and break him

·      He was freed by Abu Bakr RA when the Messenger SAW heard of his torture

·      He used to say Ahad Ahad repeatedly while being tortured because that was the only confirmed fact he knew about Allah SWT at the time

Accomplishments as a Muslim:

·      Of the first seven to openly declare faith

·      Forerunner of the Abyssinians as stated by the Prophet. The Prophet PBUH said, “There are four Forerunners (in Islam, al-Subbaq): I am the sabiq (forerunner) of the Arabs; Salman [al-Farsi] is the sabiq of the Persians; Bilal is the sabiq of the Ethiopians; and Suhayb [al-Rumi] is the sabiq of the Romans.”  

·      He RA witnessed every journey and every battle of the Prophet PBUH

·      Was 3 of the best Sudan that ever lived

·      He RA was the confidante of Rasulullah SAW and could stay with the Prophet SAW when others were not allowed

·      He RA was the Prophet SAW’s muadhhin

·      He is the leader of the Muadhin on the day of judgment

·      First to give adhaan in Makkah, Medina, and Jerusalem

·      Treasurer of the Money and Charity that the Muslims had

·      Went into the Kabah with the Prophet SAW on the conquest of Makkah and threw the idols out of the Kabah

·      He is the only one to climb onto the Kabah and call the adhan from on top (as per instruction of the messenger SAW on the day they took back Makkah)

·      First person from the Ummah to give the adhan

·      Prophet SAW heard his footsteps in Jannah

·      Prophet SAW declared him a man of Jannah

Source: The Black and Noble Series


get to know me: [1/5] favourite tv shows ☰ black mirror (2011 – )

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Get To Know: (Abu Huraira RA)

Physical Description/ Personal Facts:

  • Had brown skin and a reddish beard- people said this combination complimented his face and gave him a unique appearance
  • Had wide shoulders
  • Was a shepherd when he lived in Yemen
  • Lost his father and lived only with his mother
  • Very obedient and loving towards his mother, served her and remained unmarried for as long as his mother was alive
  • After the Prophet SAW passed, He RA married married Busra bint Razwan, sister of Utah Ibn Razwan, a rich and religious woman with whom he had one daughter
  • His name was “Abdus Shams Ibn Sakr”, which means “Slave of the Sun Son of the Stone”
  • Prophet SAW renamed him “Abdur Rahman”, which means Slave of the Merciful
  • He was nicknamed “Abu Huraira” by the Prophet SAW, which comes from his love for a cat that was always with him
  • He RA used to feed the cats at the masjid and had a special relationship with cats
  • He RA always made jokes, was known for his humor, was a very lighthearted man
  • He RA used to play with the children by tapping them and then hiding from them- when the kids would find him he would act like he was dead and the children would then read Quran on him and he’d wake up and read the Shahadah. They’d play this game over and over
  • His RA memory was extra ordinary and very special
  • Always asked Prophet SAW questions unlike any other
  • Was very hospitable
  • Was very scared of incorrectly narrating hadith
  • Passed away at the age of 78, 58 years after Hijrah
  • Asked for a peaceful, simple Janazah
  • His last words were: “Oh Allah I love to meet you so love to meet me 

 Life/ How He came to Islam:

  • Abu Huraira RA was from Ad Daws- a tribe from yemen, notorious for all the wrong things: it was the center for adultery, idols, and ribbah during Jahiliyyah
  • Islam was introduced to Ad Daws through Tuffayil Ibnu Amr RA who met the Messenger SAW on his visit to Makkah
  • Abu Huraira was the only young man who accepted Tufayyil’s message the first time he preached (Tufayyil RA returned to Makkah with only Abu Huraira as the only acceptant (apart from his family) and then went back to preach a second time with a duaa from the Prophet SAW)
  • Abu Huraira helped call people to Islam with Tufayyil Ibn Amr RA in Ad Daws
  • Joined the Prophet SAW at the age of 33, four years before the death of the Prophet SAW
  • He brought with him to Makkah his Non-Muslim mother and purchased a house near the Miqat, Dhul Hulayfah. He placed his mother in this home
  • After he told his mother about his conversion she cursed him and the Messenger SAW after which Abu Huraira began to cry. He narrates that he cried for two reasons: because he was scared she would be punished and because he felt bad for her
  • He went to Rasulullah SAW and asked for his mother to be guided. When he went back to the house, she had turned on the water to make ghusul and shouted the Shahadah

Interesting Facts:

  • Abu Huraira RA asked the Prophet SAW, “Make duaa to Allah that my mother and I become beloved to all the good people”. He RA later narrates that “Wallahi no Muslim ever saw me or my mother except that they loved us”
  • Every single morning while leaving the house, Abu Huraira would be heard saying to his mother, “Ya Ummah, Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Baraktuh, Rahimakillah kama rabayani sageera”(Oh  my Mother, May the peace and blessings of Allah SWT be upon you. May Allah have mercy on you as you have raised me when I was young)
  • And every single morning His (RA) mother would reply, “Ya bonayya, Wa Alaikumus salam wa rahmatulllahi Wa Barakth, ghafaraallahu laka kama barartani kabira”( May Allah have mercy on you as you have obeyed me and served me in my old age)
  • After his mother passed away, Abu Huraira RA gave his house away in charity and joined the people who are known as Ahlus-Sufah- simple people who slept and stayed at the back of masjid. This group was made up of the poor people of medina and were loved by the prophet SAW and the companions
  • He joined Ahlus-sufah so he could shadow the Prophet SAW without any distractions
  • When he got hungry, he did odd jobs to feed himself and then went back to his normal routine
  • Abu Huraira RA narrates: I would be so hungry that I wouldn’t be able to move”
  • Met and talked to the Shaytaan who told him that reciting Ayatul kursi before sleeping would protect him from the devil and any dangers
  • Imam As Shafii RA said Abu Huraira RA used to sit from Fajr to Zuhur every single day reciting every single Hadith of the prophet with precision even until his 70’s
  • Read some form of tasbeeh 12000 times a day- had a rope to count his utterances
  • Abu Huraira RA remained alive after the Prophet SAW had passed
  • He RA knew something about the future political situation that he kept from the people out of fear
  • Made duaa not be alive after year 60 of Hijrah 
  • His RA family would divide the night into 3 parts- the first part his daughter would pray, the second part his wife would pray, and the third night Abu Huraira RA would pray
  • Once he RA complained to the Prophet SAW, “Oh Messenger, I hear a lot of hadith and I forget. I try to memorize everything you’re saying and I forget. The Prophet SAW asked for his cloak and read bismillah on it three times and told Abu Huraira RA to put the cloak back on again. Abu Huraira narrates, “I swear by Allah besides whom there is no God I never forgot a letter after that incident”

Accomplishments as a Muslim:

  • Narrated over 5000 Hadith from the Prophet SAW
  • No man narrated more than Abu Huraira (RA)
  • Led the Janazah of Aisha Ra and Hafsa Ra and Umm Salma Ra, and of all the wives of the Prophet SAW that passed during his lifetime
  • 800 different companions narrated Hadith from Abu Huraira RA
  • People used Him RA to confirm the accuracy of the Hadiths
  • Was appointed as the governor of Medina and of present day Bahrain
  • Took part in Battle of Yarmuk, Battle against Musaylama, and Battle of the Apostates
  • Abu Huraira RA was the right hand man of Abu Bakr RA and before the salah started he RA would be sent to make sure the lines were straightened
  • He RA stood guard around Uthman RA’s house during Uthman RA’s caliphate

Source: Abu Huraira by Omar Suleiman (Bayyinah Tv)

your smile to be pressed against mine

Title: your smile to be pressed against mine
Pairing: Ginny Weasley x Luna Lovegood
Words: 1217
Warnings: alcohol mention, past hinny mention
On ao3
Part of the get to know our members challenge: favorite rare-pairs - ginny weasley & luna lovegood (1/5) - caryn

Going back to Hogwarts so soon after the war seemed foolish to Luna. Time helped heal most things, she believed, but the thing was, simply not enough time had passed. How silly it felt to answer riddles and sleep towers apart from the people she bled with?

She missed Ginny, that was all.

Before Luna was taken to Malfoy Manor, they had taken to sleeping in the Room of Requirement.

“We’re safe here,” Ginny would whisper. They’d fall asleep facing each other. She had wondered if Ginny’s chapped lips would feel as rough as they looked.

Now, it was October, and she had her answer.

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