Boueibu 30 days challenge

Day 8: OTP’s favorite moment.


there are maaaany..

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soooo many

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tooooo maaany

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I mean

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have you seen

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who I ship with who??

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I tag of course @magiccatprincess and @mostlikelytofangirl and I wait for more obvious answers XD

Boueibu 30 day challenge

Day 8: OTP’s favorite moment


I’ve seen posts mention some of my favorite ioryuu moments already, and I’ll use day 9 to talk all about season 2 episode 6. So…

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Protective Io is what makes MY heart flutter XD

I always love having one person protective be protective of the other in my OTPs, but it’s not often when that’s a thing that’s confirmed by canon and not something that needs to be concluded from subtext. With ioryuu it’s something that’s actually pretty obvious and I adore every second of it