gth trousers


Does music summon memories for you, too? I was just listening to Brubeck. As always, he took me back. Way back. To that jazz/trad clothing era that the “Ivy “ bloggers write about as an act of fashion faith but never saw.

And I suddenly and vividly recall a time and a place where the WASP giants I knew and loved still roamed the earth. It was a time when what we called the “college look” was our daily dress. Dirty bucs. OCBD shirts with a loop in the back. Suits in sober patterns, even for kids. When becoming a “grown up” was something we looked forward to.

Those giants I loved and looked up to are long gone now.  Except for Mr. S., I just heard he is still around, still wearing awful GTH trousers to the club. I have to drop him a note to thank him for being such a solid role model. Or perhaps I should “tweet” at him? No. He deserves a handwritten note. 

It must seem like a whispered rumor to you. Or worse, perhaps a perverse put-on from a guy who writes about the 1969 Rolling Stones. And many of you will find my veneration of these old white Protestant males somehow wrong. Yet they were my family and my neighbors. And walking around this old town today and listening to Brubeck, it all flooded back. I promise you that for me it was a true and real and good thing.

“All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.”


Every now and then, you come accross a piece of clothing on eBay that you just know you have to own, even though you have no use for it and you know you will never wear it outside of the privacy of your own home.

These Hickey Freeman Black Watch scratchy wool tartan GTH trousers thrifted on eBay fall into that category — I just can’t imagine when I’ll actually be wearing these… So here’s the photo just to capture the moment.

Brioni blazer thrifted on eBay. Velvet slippers by Stradel’s.

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