gtfo with your body

4 things

1. If you post political stuff on a sex blog- GTFO.

2. If you post interracial and feel the need to insult another race- GTFO.

3. I’ve been suffering from real world issues. STOP ASKING FOR THE SNAP. I’m fucking working on it, but it’s hard to do that when I’m popping muscle relaxers and valium like fucking Skittles.

4. I’m a much nicer person when you realize, I don’t care about you cunts. Show us your body and gtfo.

As a final word… MOIST

gallicinvasion  asked:

Concerning your post asking people to gtfo with their female reality, female body, girlhood, and sex roles. You are being incredibly dismissive of our very real experiences with gendered socialization and the oppression that results from that. Why do you think you have the right to dismiss the way we describe and fight against our oppressive experiences?

i can’t tell if you are trolling or not but i’ll bite. when your fight excludes women because of the genitalia they were born with it is gatekeeping and toxic as heck. by making the determiner of womanhood solely about body parts you are helping the patriarchy oppress all women. if my criticism of terfy bullpoop came off as criticism of women and their fight against oppression then i am genuinely sorry but I include all women as part of womanhood not just ones born with the passing body parts.


Gtfo with your “female reality”, “female body”, “girlhood”, “sex roles”

This reads like a book an evangelical christian group would put out of “10 former gays” who talk about how god showed them they werent gay anymore and it was just the devil(patriarchy) trying to tell them otherwise.