THis is mythank you to the tiny part of the Graytear fandom who have ever done anything awesome for this ship!! My doodles are nothing to write home about, and gosh! I haven’t had the time nor the heart to think about graytear much recently but I really want to do a specific little shout out to all myfavorite & willing graytear propellors out there XD 

! i’m soo sorry if i missed anybody but even if I forgot to add you , I just want to just say that despite my withdrawal from the FT fandom you have no idea how much I appreciate you guys and any & every little graytear thing anybody has ever dished out for this tiny inactive fandom from the bottom of my rarepairloving OTP heart!!

Special love to<3!! :  @kyogre-blue   @bigbadwf  @lifesfibers  @boogey56 @ahumanintraining  @dragonshost  @whitefoxie & @kanyewestofficial @namiiswan @etcetc .!! I’m so glad I got in contact with you guys once upon a time! & i’m sorry I’m a terrible online-er but I appreciate you accepting my groove & all you graytear lover’s/ lik-ers & doer’s & taker’s of my requests so MUCH ReallY!!

Cause not only did you take my requests, some of you guys love/like the ship enough to do something lovely for it & that makes me sob happy tears! SO YEAH!

I appreciate you guys for being part of this fandom & writing/arting/editing graytear whenever for us/me who can get never get much decent graytear for our viewing/reading pleasure even if we go looking for it<33

& thank you lots to those who appreciated & encouraged me personally to keep doing my lamedoodling & writing as well!!

I also want to thank @utsukushiicaps for taking all my GrayTear requests even though you didn’t ship it!!  given how little anybody does for this ship, it meant a lot to me.

& yeah! that’s pretty much it. I don’t always come out and say things at the right time but I just have a strong appreciation for all the little graytear contribution out there from the bottom of my heart and so I had to express my gratitude!! as terrible as this doodle is.

Sketches for an AU I’ve been thinking about for a long time. Their outfits will probably change once I decide on an era of style. Also, this may or may not be part of a Steampunk Eater world, my idea is actually fuzzy about a lot of details~


I’ve reached a new milestone! I never do anything for my milestones but this time will be different. Please look forward to an art request giveaway in the near future!

Fun fact: I used to draw Eruka A LOT when I first got into Soul Eater, she was my favorite witch, and I just thought her character design was so cute and I really liked her relationship with Free. :3

Join Freeruka Week 2015 guys!

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