I was lucky enough to snag myself a fantastic author with an amazing story! ovo

Freeruka is a ship that I have always low-key supported and I’m so happy that I decided to go for it this year. This ship needs more love guys, and what better way to do that than read a great fic about them, am I right? If you haven’t read the first part, it’s so worth it you don’t even know. READ EVERYTHING YOU WON’T REGRET IT 

Reluctant Company 2 by @sandmancircus

Read it now on Ao3 or FFN!

After 10 million years of SoMa hiatus, I come back with homemade stickers whooooo! OTL

I’m sry guys Haikyuu and uni shit has taken over my life, r.i.p. me

Fun fact: I used to draw Eruka A LOT when I first got into Soul Eater, she was my favorite witch, and I just thought her character design was so cute and I really liked her relationship with Free. :3

Join Freeruka Week 2015 guys!

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for @soul-of-spades, who is going through a lot right now. :) remember that you have some great friends who love you very much and look out for you, one of which reached out to me to help give you love and encouragement (@kaitlinmarley)!

it’s not much but i hope you feel a little better after seeing this ;u;

the Japanese caption reads “mou ichidou” which means “once again,” which i guess is my roundabout way of saying if something goes wrong, don’t be discouraged, you should try to keep on going, things will get better! i’m sure there is a proper Japanese proverb for that (something about falling down seven times and getting up eight). haha ^^

Happy Birthday Foxi~ (It’s all I managed to do for today so I’m sorry it’s not much QuQ)

You are one of my greatest inspirations, like I’m not even exaggerating. I love love love your art and your writing is also amazing, and even if we don’t talk much, I’m always happy to see you on my dash!! Thank you for being one of my mutuals, and I really hope we are able to have many more bdays with you here! <3