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Project for Awesome 2016 Perk Fulfillment

Hello! This is the post we will be continually updating as we start fulfilling all the perks, so bookmark it and refer back here to see if your perk has been sent out! As of right now, these perks have been fulfilled:

  • P4A Recap Video Shoutout (12/13/16)
  • A Very Gideon Christmas EP (12/21/16)
  • Themed 2017 Calendar (shipped 12/28/16)
  • Nerdfighteria Activity Book (1/5/17)
  • Flula’s Dope Personal Compliment Song (1/9/17)
  • Tessa Violet’s First Video (1/11/17)
  • LFA Fingerless Mitts Pattern (1/16/17)
  • Rob Scallon’s Album Sneak Peek (1/18/17)
  • John & Sarah TFiOS Commentary (1/25/17)
  • Destin Sandlin’s Cellfies (1/27/17)
  • Mike Rugnetta Edits Your Essay (Connected 1/30/17)
  • Exclusive Dear Hank & John (1/31/17)
  • Josh Sundquist Adv Signed Book (2/1/17)
  • Nerdfighteria Penpal Club (2/7/17)
  • Project for Awesome Poster (shipped 2/8/17)
  • Thought Café’s Stream Poster (shipped 2/8/17)
  • Cartoon YouTuber Portraits (2/17/17)
  • Crocheted DFTBA Decoration (shipped 2/21217)
  • Phil Plait’s Meteorite (shipped 2/22/17)
  • Signed Dave Fish Balloon (shipped 2/22/17)
  • The Financial Diet Mug (shipped 2/22/17)
  • Grace’s Shirt (shipped 2/22/17)
  • Buddy System Script (shipped 2/22/17)
  • Buffering (Signed) (shipped 2/22/17)
  • Signed Copy of Nightblade (shipped 2/22/17)
  • Signed P4A Polaroid (shipped 2/22/17)
  • Signed Men in Blazers Jersey (shipped 2/22/17)
  • Craig & Joe Movie Commentary (2/23/17)
  • Dinner with Dr. Doe at NerdCon: Nerdfighteria (NCNF weekend)
  • Hank Plays Undertale (3/2/17)
  • Project for Awesome Coin (shipped 3/2/17)
  • Tessa Violet’s EP (Signed) (shipped 3/2/17)
  • BlinkPopShift P4A Zine (3/317)
  • Tessa Violet’s Shirts (3/8/17)
  • All I Know Now (shipped 3/8/17)
  • Signed Phil Plait Book (shipped 3/8/17)
  • Signed NerdCon: Stories Poster (shipped 3/8/17)
  • Signed “Love Yo’ Faces” Poster (shipped 3/8/17)
  • Grace & Style (Signed) (shipped 3/9/17)
  • Grace’s Guide (Signed) (shipped 3/9/17)
  • You Deserve a Drink (Signed) (shipped 3/9/17)
  • Custom Beanz Shotglass (shipped 3/9/17)
  • A Shaker (flask) from Mamrie (shipped 3/9/17)
  • Table Talk Wooden Sign (shipped 3/9/17)
  • Smarter Every Day Patch (shipped 3/10/17)
  • Signed John Green Book (shipped 3/16/17)
  • Hank & Fish Coloring Page (3/21/17)
  • Penny Passport (shipped 3/22/17)
  • Pressed Pennies (finished shipping 3/22/17)
  • Project for Awesome Tote Bag (shipped 3/23/17)

If you ordered a digital perk, make sure to add to your contacts so it isn’t sent to spam.


Hello, friends! If you are located in the Missoula area and would like to help decrease world suck in the coming months, please email and let us know! We’re going to be reaching out to volunteers shortly after the event to help out with perks, and we really appreciate any availability you have to offer.


P4A 2016 Requests for Pledges

Last year during the days leading up to the Project for Awesome, I took drawing requests in exchange for donation pledges. People sent me asks saying things like “I’ll give this much money to the P4A if you draw this thing” and then I drew the thing and posted it, and hopefully the person donated the money they agreed to. It was really fun, but the amount of publicity I got for doing it led to me being overwhelmed with requests, while other blogs started doing the same thing and probably didn’t get as many. With the amount of excitement generated by this whole idea, I realized that I think as a community, we have the potential to raise a lot of money this way. 

This year I want to make a post with a list of creative Tumblrs that would like to do requests for pledges, and then I want to get that post promoted as much as possible. 

So, if you have a Tumblr where you post any kind of art (including stories, music, etc.) and you want to be listed on this post, send the following information to me by December 3rd, and I’ll publish the post the next day. If you have an ask box, I will link to it in the post. 

Email to 

  1. your tumblr url
  2. your name and/or the title of your blog
  3. a description of the kind of art you’re taking requests for (drawings, comics, fan fiction…). Include any conditions you have for requests (for example, if you’re only doing nerdfighter-themed art, or you’re only taking requests on certain days, or you don’t take anon requests) and anything else you want to include. Example: “I’ll be taking requests for Nerdfighter-themed drawings and short comics from now until Sunday.” 
  4. if you do visual art, send me a sample image to include in the post

Some additional notes: You don’t have to do all of the requests you get. The idea is that people only donate IF you post the thing they wanted. 

The official dates for the P4A are December 9-11. Usually the donation window extends a few days before and after the event. 

Please share! 

Project for Awesome 2016 - Submit Your Favorite Moments!

The livestream has ended, and in true P4A fashion, it was full of some of the most beautifully ridiculous things to ever appear on the internet. Hank will be making his annual recap video, and we want to make sure it includes your favorite moments! Submit the parts of the stream you loved the most using this form



Here’s what I made for the P4A art perk this year. Sets of 3 notebooks with a worldsuck decreasing theme.

I had a lot of fun making these. I have plenty more behind-the-scenes pics if anybody wants them (I do love taking artsy pictures of piles of scraps), but I hit the tumblr picture limit. I’m not going to get to watch a ton of P4A livestream because I’ll be at work, but last year Hank showed off some of the art perks. Send me a screenshot if these show up in this year’s livestream. Let’s all raise and crap-ton of money for charity, yeah?