Fic: Creeper

Summary: Dan and Phil meet for the first time
Word Count: 1,869
Rating: G
Tags: 2009 Phan, Fluff, First Meeting, Awkwardness
Author’s Note: This fic was inspired by how simultaneously provocative and innocent Dan seems in the “AmazingDan” video (even though that wasn’t filmed until 2010). Combine that with how young he was and his constant insistence that he is painfully awkward, and I thought his first meeting with Phil probably wasn’t as instantly easy as most fics portray it.

[Chronological list of all fic posts in the Creeper series]


Phil hunches his shoulders a bit, not exactly hiding behind a pillar but just standing … really close to a pillar. And maybe a little behind it. Just a bit. But definitely not hiding. Definitely not hiding like some creeper waiting to meet up with a teenage boy he met on the Internet.

He’s never done this before, actually arranging to meet one of his subscribers in real life. Dan has become more than just a subscriber to him over the past few months, of course, but he can’t deny that the … relationship? friendship? … began with Dan stalking his videos and hounding him on Twitter like so many other subscribers had done before. Phil’s had plenty of admirers as his subscriber base grew over the years, and a lot of them flirted with him, some outright propositioned him, but he was never tempted to take any of them up on their offers.

It’s just … Dan is … different.

But Phil can’t deny the power imbalance. He knows he’s a well-known personality, even if only in a limited little sphere of the Internet. His YouTube channel has thousands of subscribers. Tens of thousands. He gets fan mail. Lots of it. Weird as it sounds to him sometimes, he has … fans.

And Dan is one of them.

And he’s only 18.

And Phil, AmazingPhil from the Internet, has invited this teenage fan to come stay at his house. Overnight. For three days. While his parents are away.

Yeah, it sounds creepy. Which makes him incredibly self-conscious. What in the world do Dan’s parents think about this? Phil hasn’t asked, because he doesn’t want to mess this up.

Because, despite the power imbalance, he’s really excited and nervous to meet Dan.

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tips til jer der starter på gym om lidt:
  • hav så lidt fravær det første halve år som overhovedet muligt. så kan du bare chille til sidst.
  • fokuser på dine C fag 
  • dag til dag lektier er IKKE lige så vigtige som afleveringer, men det meget dope at lave dem så man kan deltage i undervisningen
  • ikke pjæk i C fagene, det giver en wack fraværsprocent
  • du bliver nødt til at være røv irriterende i timerne hvis du vil have en ordenligt mundligt karakter. hvis du er villig til at ofre lidt giver det et nøjeren snit
  • dem du klikker med i starten, er højst sandsynligt ikke dem du ender med i 3. g
  • tag lige gymnasiet seriøst hvis du har valgt at gå der homie
  • og husk at chille en gang i mellem alligevel
Things My Heart Used To Know

Pairing: Keith/Lance

Rating: G

Tags/Warnings: fluff, piano, insomnia, gratuitous movie references, college AU, one-shot, click the links for music!!!

Words: 2382

Lance wakes up to lilting piano notes, coming from the common room. They seem vaguely familiar somehow, and he listens intently – he wants to figure out where he knows them from. It’s a simple melody, slow presses on single keys. It’s soft and sad – beautiful. The pace picks up, and Lance feels his eyelids slipping open as the song grows more passionate. He glances at the clock, 2:34 AM.

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this was supposed to be a short drabble, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

title: i’ll give you shelter out of the rain - ao3 link
pairing: bokuaka (approx 800+ words)
rated: g
tags: fluff, first kiss, they’re wet in the most innocent way i swear

i’m aware i’ve already used shelter by hedley for another bokuaka fic, but it’s a v cute song and they’re a v cute couple trust me i’m a volleyball

The rain is coming down hard by the time they make it inside Bokuto’s home. The older boy bounces right over the genkan, shaking raindrops out of his hair, and effectively spraying Keiji all over. Keiji would be annoyed, except he’s already drenched and soaked to the bones, so what does it matter. Instead, Keiji rests his gaze on the other boy. 

The rainstorm had come as a surprise, and neither of them were prepared for it when they decided to visit the zoo earlier that day. Thankfully, the rain started on their way home, otherwise Keiji is sure he’d have to put up with too many pouts (and Keiji knows from prior experience that he is weak against Bokuto’s pouts, and who knows where they would have ended up if that happened). 

Now, Bokuto is in front of him, wet clothes clinging to his skin, doing wonders defining the muscles that come from years of hard work and passion for volleyball. The gel in his hair has completely washed away, leaving behind a limp shaggy mess of black and white that drips water into his eyes. Keiji finds his eyes tracing the droplets as they slide down Bokuto’s skin, from his temple to his jawbone down his neck until it reaches the collar of his shirt, where it disappears from sight. 

Something stirs in Keiji as he stares at this Bokuto. There’s an urge to reach out and touch him, and Keiji has a hand half-raised before he catches himself.

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|| Get to Know Me! ||

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Nickname: Hani, I have been called Han before, but that was once? Golden Maknae, Evil Maknae and simply Maknae.
Gender: Female
Star sign: Sagittarius
Height: 160 cm 
Time right now: 6:10 PM
Last thing I Googled: Downpour I.O.I Lyrics
Favourite bands: Seventeen, EXO, BTS.
Favourite solo artists: My queens Ailee and IU
Song stuck in your head: At The End ~ Lee Changsub
Last movie I watched: Train To Busan
Last TV show I watched: 13 Reasons Why
When did you create your blog: I made this blog like three years ago but I only used it actually an year ago.
What kind of stuff do you post: A lot of my writing, recently a few of my own thoughts, shit my friends post, and a lot of kpop fandom shitposting.

Did your blog reach its peak: It is reaching I am thinking, but I still want it to go higher, since for somebody like me, nothing is enough.
Do you have any other blogs: Yup, I have @aestheticjihoon which is my aesthetic sideblog, more personal shit there though.
Do you get asks regularly: Mostly when I do ask games, but otherwise my inbox is pretty dry.
Why did you choose your url: I adore Jihoon, and I love it when he is soft, so I named my blog after it.
Following: I am on like 578 following or something
Posts: I am like on 8k i think
Hogwarts house: Slytherin
Favourite colours: Black and White
Favourite characters: Right now probably Aelin Galanthyius and Lysandra from Throne of Glass
What are you wearing right now: Pyjama trousers and a black shirt
How many blankets do you sleep with: 1 or none
Dream job: A lawyer, however after I am settled, I would love to write professionally 
Dream trip : Japan -> South Korea -> Hong Kong -> Thailand -> Around the world

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Because @1dmademedoit was begging.

Right, so, I ligit went to the very last page in Niall Horan/Harry Styles on AO3 and worked my way back to the beginning. So…here this is. {I MADE THIS BACK IN JULY AND I HAVE NOT UPDATED IT SINCE THEN}

PLEASE NOTE: I have separated the fics into two categories, rated NC-17/M and rated G-T. Those fics containing smut/PWP will have a note saying so. For fics that I am particularly fond of I will make a notation. They are not in any certain order. Please remember these are fics SOLELY from AO3. {SIDE NOTE: Any and all smut is bottom!Niall. If you’re looking for bottom!Harry…you won’t find it here.} I’m also rather picky soooo…



I Want You So Much (But I Hate Your Guts) by siempreniall {SMUT/PWP} NC-17 AU
Tags: Angry Sex, Blow Job, Barebacking, Orgasm Denial
Summary: Niall doesn’t know what he’s still doing there. This isn’t really how he likes to spend his Sunday nights. He doesn’t want to be yelled at and made to feel guilty for something that happened months ago. All he wants is to leave, really.

{One of my favorites!} Once In Your Life by wearecities (falsetto) {Contains bits of smut} M
Summary: Niall and Harry make a marriage pact.

{super hot. Love this author} Baby You’re a (Porn)Star by trespresh {SMUT/PWP} NC-17
Tags: Anal Sex, Blowjobs, Slutty!Niall, Riding, Sex Tape
Summary: “Is it weird that I kind of want to watch us having sex?” Niall asks nonchalantly one morning, and Harry chokes on his cereal. “I mean, it’d be hot, right?”

{love this one} Gentle by aguantare M
Tags: Angst, Slash, Sexual Content
Summary: “I’ll be gentle,” the first guy Niall decides to sleep with tells him.

Bottle Blonde by PoisonApple M
Tags: F/F, F/M, Girl!Niall, CisGirl!Niall
Summary: Niall is twelve the first time she dyes her hair blonde…

Trial and Error by strawberryfinn M AU
Tags: Friends to Lovers, Fluff and Angst, Slash, Hurt/Comfort, College/University, First Time
Summary: Niall falls in love five times before he finds the one, and Harry? Well he’s been there all along. Or the one where Harry and Niall are best friends who fall in love.

Bienvenido a Miami by rivers_bend {SMUT/PWP} NC-17
Tags: Marijuana, Stoned Sex, Rimming, Friendship
Summary: Harry and Niall share a joint and a bed on a yacht off shore while visiting Miami.

We’re All Just Broken Hearts, So it Yours To Mine by explicitones M AU
Tags: High School, Angst, Boys pining, Jealousy, First Time, Public Sex, One Sided Niall/Louis
Summary: In which Niall spends a lot of time pining after Louis, and Harry very patiently waits for him to figure things out. Though, that’s not to say he doesn’t play dirty. Highschool!AU

{very hot read} Underneath Me by leitmotifs {SMUT/PWP} NC-17
Tags: Fingerfucking, Rough Sex, Overstimulation, Dirty Talk, Multiple Orgasms, PWP, Mild Dub-con
Summary: Harry just really wants to ruin Niall.

Leviticus 18:22 by KelliDiane AU NC-17
Tags: Catholicism, Sex in a Church, Physical Abuse
Summary: Harry is the new kid with a bad attitude and Niall’s the son of priest who’s never even thought about girls- let alone boys. Somehow, they make it work.

Let Me Ruin You by KayleeJohn {SMUT/PWP} NC-17 AU
Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Anal Sex, Alpha!Harry, Omega!Niall, Bathing/Washing, Felching, Knotting, Missionary Position, Punk!Harry, Rimming, Scent Marking, Snowballing, Side Zouis, Mild Dub-con
Summary: Niall is dragged to a party by his friend, Zayn, who is only there to hang out with his ‘not-my’ boyfriend, Louis, and Louis likes to play matchmaker so, naturally, he introduces Niall to his friend, Harry. Or the one where Niall runs into someone from his past and, wow, this is not how he saw his night going at all.

Fine Again by elounarry M {Warning: Contains Non-Con/Rape}
Tags: Mentions of rape/non-con, Sexual Content, Protective Harry
Summary: When Niall gets raped by Justin Bieber he has to work on getting his life back together. Thankfully Harry’s there every step of the way. Except he doesn’t expect it to end the way it does.

My Baby, I’m Afraid I’m Falling For You by smuttythings {SMUT/PWP} NC-17
Tags: Age Play, Kink Negotiation, Daddy Kink, Developing Relationship, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Barebacking, Dom/Sub Undertones, Spanking, Phone Sex, Kink Exploration, Watersports
Summary: Harry and Niall have a thing. They’re sleeping together and it’s fun and easy and wonderful. Then everything changes because of one word and they have to figure it out together.

(NOTE: You have to have an AO3 account to read this. I do not have the author’s permission to hand it out.) In The Back of The Closet by CerinityKS {SMUT/PWP} NC-17 AU
Tags: Underwear Kink, Daddy Kink, Shameless Smut, Rimming
Summary: Niall likes wearing women’s underwear, and Harry is more than okay with this.

{A+ smut fic} Pretty in Lace by MemoirsofNarry {SMUT/PWP} NC-17
Tags: Crossdressing Kink, Feminization, Lace Panties, Dirty Talk, Light Angst, Light Dom/Sub, Aftercare
Summary: In which Niall learns that Harry wants him to dress up real pretty for him and it’s weird until Niall finds himself in panties and he kinda likes it.

Any Daddy Would Be Proud to Say I’m His by MemoirsofNarry {SMUT/PWP} NC-17 AU
Tags: Sugar Daddy Harry, Sugar Baby Niall, Light Dom/Sub, Daddy Kink, Feminization, Feminine Niall, Light Angst, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Genderbending
Summary: From the first whiff of the sugar vanilla body lotion on the boys skin and his blue eyes shining in the dim light of the club, Harry knows this boy is his. In which Niall is quite feminine and is Harry’s sugar baby.

(NOTE: You have to have an AO3 account to read this. I do not have the author’s permission to hand it out.) Love Like Whoa by CerinityKS {PWP/SMUT} NC-17
Tags: Light Bondage, Overstimulation, Felching, Dom/Sb Undertones
Summary: Harry just loves teasing Niall and pushing his boundaries, and Niall loves it just as much

Selfish Pain by nuuuge M AU
Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Omega!Niall, Alpha!Harry
Summary: Prince Niall is the youngest son of King Tomlinson. His older brothers Louis and Liam are Alphas while Niall is an Omega. Everything changes the day King Malik comes for a state visit.

Anticipating The Days Ahead by glamourinthegutters M AU
Tags: Harry is 27, Niall is 17, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Daddy Issues, Mild Sexual Content, Subspace, Underage Relationships
Summary: What he doesn’t suspect is that Niall knows exactly what he’s doing, his actions calculated when he gets up on his tiptoes to reach Harry’s jacket which is slung over his wardrobe door, revealing a pair of pale pink, particularly feminine-looking underwear as his shirt comes up over his hips.

Doubly Blessed by butterflytattoohaz {PWP/SMUT} NC-17
Tags: Double Penetration
Summary: “Lube. We need lots of lube.”

Let’s Spin The World Around by jamesniall {PWP/SMUT} NC-17 AU
Summary: Harry learns spanish thanks to Niall’s dirty talk.     


{love!} A Guide To The Human Mind by orphan_account T AU
Tags: OCD, Mentions of dyslexia, Fluff
Summary:  A super self indulgent fic where Niall has OCD and Harry likes him.

Lost At Home by brokendrums G
Summary:  Harry gets home from tour but feels terrible so he goes and finds Niall to make him feel better.

These Arms Of Mine by brokendrums Strong T
Summary: Companion to Lost At Home but can be read alone. Niall is naturally a touchy feely person - he’s grown up with people comforting him with his hands. A look at how his friendships, especially with Harry and Zayn quickly turn into something more.

{Really, really love this} Ache for Home by Indigotuesday T
Tags: Asexuality, Homophobia, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Cuddling & Snuggling
Summary: Niall is asexual. This changes things, eventually for the better.

And Then One Day by significationary T AU
Tags: Stripper/Exotic Dancer, Stripping
Summary: Harry goes to a strip club and meets someone.

{MY FAVE NARRY FIC} Are You There God? It’s Me, Niall by wendydarling T AU
Tags: Fluff, Angst, Family, Romance, Comedy, Marriage, Same-Sex Marriage, Drama
Summary: Life was perfect for Niall. That is, until he discovers that his classmates in the nursing department have a fanclub dedicated to his husband Harry Styles, an MD student, and that no one knows he’s the one Harry married.

{Really, really love this. Another favorite of mine) Want To Hold You High and Steal Away Your Pain by leitmotifs Strong T AU
Tags: One-sided Louis Tomlinson/Niall Horan, Angst, Self harming behavior, Abusive Relationships (NOT Louis and Niall), Mentions of eating disorder
Summary: (That’s not what the voices say, and Niall loves Louis but best friends are supposed to tell you things like that. Niall nods wordlessly whenever he hears it, but he knows; it’s his fault his parents didn’t love him, it’s his fault he’s never good enough.)

(He thinks there’s some saying that goes, we accept the love we think we deserve.)

(This is a love he knows he deserves.)

Or: Niall and Harry are both a little broken, but somehow fall in love anyway.

Carry You by LonelySparrow G
Tags: Claustrophobia
Summary: Niall gets stuck in a lift, and Harry’s not there to calm him down.

[BokuOi fic] How Lucky We Are

Title: How Lucky We Are
Rating: G
Tags: just me loving Bokuto through other characters; so basically just my regular jam

In all seriousness, Bokuto is - in all ways- simply ridiculous. It’s making it a lot harder for Tooru to keep his cool.

Gifted to: @ryonello


Word count: 742

Tooru digs his fingers into the muscle of Bokuto’s forearm, pulls it a little tighter against his chest.

“You’re ridiculous,” he tells him, pressing his nose against the bare skin of Bokuto’s bicep. “Absolutely ridiculous.”

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Pairing: USUK
Rating: G
Tags: Blind Arthur
Summary: Do the impossible.

Note: This is a surprise gift for my friend @lily-clare who recently made a blog called @ask-blind-artie. I thought it would be a sweet surprise. I hope you like it ^^”

“People with great passion can make the impossible happen.”

Arthur’s mother told him that just after he was released from the hospital. Arthur was a stubborn kid, he had promised himself that he would do all in his power to be successful. That just because he could not see does not mean that he cannot achieve his dreams, or be a successful person. Take Helen Keller for example, did she let any of her disabilities stop her from being a author? So what was he to do when he only had one of her disabilities. Arthur knew he would be there one day, he would be a very successful blind author, he swore by it. His undying passion for literature never faded in the passing years, no matter what obstacle came his way. He knew that one day he would be the best, be known by  everyone. He would be the greatest.

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Make the Fireflies Dance

Because today it’s the lovely notenoughgatorade’s birthday so I wrote this. I hope you’ll like it, sweetie.
Title is from Six pence none the richer’s song Kiss me because I’m cliché like that. 

Rating: G
Tags: High school, jock!stiles, nerd!derek, humor, fluff, dating, first date, first kiss

Derek is probably crazy. Scratch that; he’s definitely crazy. What was he thinking, asking Stiles Stilinski on a date?! Lacrosse player, cool, smart, gorgeous Stiles Stilinski. Stiles Stilinski who, apparently, also is crazy because he said yes.

Derek has been freaking out for the last couple hours. He doesn’t have any clothes to wear to a date, especially not one with Stiles. Derek must’ve hit his head. He doesn’t even have any contacts left so he’ll have to go to the date in his nerdy glasses.

“You’ll go bald,” his sister Laura unhelpfully says as he tugs on his hair. Derek immediately stops the tugging. It would be just Derek’s luck to go bald before his date.

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myotparmada  asked:

How about professor!derek awkwardly flirting with fire fighter!stiles after he puts out a minor fire in the university.. Lab? Or something like that (this is weirdly specific, I'm sorry)

So, this isn’t exactly what you asked for. I’m sorry. I hope you’ll like it anyway. 

Rating: g

Tags: teacher!derek, firefighter!stiles, awkward flirting

Shit. Derek feels himself grow hot when he sees the firefighter outside the door to his classroom. Of course it’s Stiles who comes. It’s always Stiles who comes to the school to talk about fire safety. Stiles is always in a good mood, always letting the kids look at his equipment. Derek understands why Stiles comes, he’s great with the kids, but why does it have to be Stiles? Stiles with his arms and hands and eyes and pouty lips.

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