Podemos ver que ir a los Brits no era una obligación ya que ni Harry ni Niall lo hicieron, entonces si Louis está en su “baby bubble”, ¿Por qué prefirió ir un unos premios no obligatorio que quedarse en LA con su bebé? 😂

Siento que de alguna forma éste va a ser el último golpe, Louis hablando de Freddie y actuando como un padre feliz. Después finalmente se vendría la negación y todos sentirían pena por él. 

Hasta se perdió el cumpleaños de sus hermanos por quedarse en LA con su “hijo”, pero claro, ahora elije ir a unos premios cualquiera con sólo Liam. Es raro, no jodan.



tips til jer der starter på gym om lidt:
  • hav så lidt fravær det første halve år som overhovedet muligt. så kan du bare chille til sidst.
  • fokuser på dine C fag 
  • dag til dag lektier er IKKE lige så vigtige som afleveringer, men det meget dope at lave dem så man kan deltage i undervisningen
  • ikke pjæk i C fagene, det giver en wack fraværsprocent
  • du bliver nødt til at være røv irriterende i timerne hvis du vil have en ordenligt mundligt karakter. hvis du er villig til at ofre lidt giver det et nøjeren snit
  • dem du klikker med i starten, er højst sandsynligt ikke dem du ender med i 3. g
  • tag lige gymnasiet seriøst hvis du har valgt at gå der homie
  • og husk at chille en gang i mellem alligevel
[BokuOi fic] How Lucky We Are

Title: How Lucky We Are
Rating: G
Tags: just me loving Bokuto through other characters; so basically just my regular jam

In all seriousness, Bokuto is - in all ways- simply ridiculous. It’s making it a lot harder for Tooru to keep his cool.

Gifted to: @ryonello


Word count: 742

Tooru digs his fingers into the muscle of Bokuto’s forearm, pulls it a little tighter against his chest.

“You’re ridiculous,” he tells him, pressing his nose against the bare skin of Bokuto’s bicep. “Absolutely ridiculous.”

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Pairing: USUK
Rating: G
Tags: Blind Arthur
Summary: Do the impossible.

Note: This is a surprise gift for my friend @lily-clare who recently made a blog called @ask-blind-artie. I thought it would be a sweet surprise. I hope you like it ^^”

“People with great passion can make the impossible happen.”

Arthur’s mother told him that just after he was released from the hospital. Arthur was a stubborn kid, he had promised himself that he would do all in his power to be successful. That just because he could not see does not mean that he cannot achieve his dreams, or be a successful person. Take Helen Keller for example, did she let any of her disabilities stop her from being a author? So what was he to do when he only had one of her disabilities. Arthur knew he would be there one day, he would be a very successful blind author, he swore by it. His undying passion for literature never faded in the passing years, no matter what obstacle came his way. He knew that one day he would be the best, be known by  everyone. He would be the greatest.

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Make the Fireflies Dance

Because today it’s the lovely notenoughgatorade’s birthday so I wrote this. I hope you’ll like it, sweetie.
Title is from Six pence none the richer’s song Kiss me because I’m cliché like that. 

Rating: G
Tags: High school, jock!stiles, nerd!derek, humor, fluff, dating, first date, first kiss

Derek is probably crazy. Scratch that; he’s definitely crazy. What was he thinking, asking Stiles Stilinski on a date?! Lacrosse player, cool, smart, gorgeous Stiles Stilinski. Stiles Stilinski who, apparently, also is crazy because he said yes.

Derek has been freaking out for the last couple hours. He doesn’t have any clothes to wear to a date, especially not one with Stiles. Derek must’ve hit his head. He doesn’t even have any contacts left so he’ll have to go to the date in his nerdy glasses.

“You’ll go bald,” his sister Laura unhelpfully says as he tugs on his hair. Derek immediately stops the tugging. It would be just Derek’s luck to go bald before his date.

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