Brooklyn Magazine: The Greatest Love Story Never Told

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Story and art for @capreversebb (The Captain America Reverse Big Bang 2017!)

Art by:

Written By: @shipperhipster (Kamiki on AO3) and @araniaart (Araniaart on AO3)

Rating: G

 News Media, Magazine Article, in-universe media, fake magazine article, Multimedia, Interviews, preslash, Winter Soldier Trial, Captain America: Civil War (Movie) Compliant

Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes

Word Count:  

In this special issue of Brooklyn Magazine, we sit down with Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, and James “Bucky” Barnes, aka the Winter Soldier, in these first, EXCLUSIVE interviews since their disappearance following the Sokovia Accords.

Fic: Creeper

Summary: Dan and Phil meet for the first time
Word Count: 1,869
Rating: G
Tags: 2009 Phan, Fluff, First Meeting, Awkwardness
Author’s Note: This fic was inspired by how simultaneously provocative and innocent Dan seems in the “AmazingDan” video (even though that wasn’t filmed until 2010). Combine that with how young he was and his constant insistence that he is painfully awkward, and I thought his first meeting with Phil probably wasn’t as instantly easy as most fics portray it.

[Chronological list of all fic posts in the Creeper series]


Phil hunches his shoulders a bit, not exactly hiding behind a pillar but just standing … really close to a pillar. And maybe a little behind it. Just a bit. But definitely not hiding. Definitely not hiding like some creeper waiting to meet up with a teenage boy he met on the Internet.

He’s never done this before, actually arranging to meet one of his subscribers in real life. Dan has become more than just a subscriber to him over the past few months, of course, but he can’t deny that the … relationship? friendship? … began with Dan stalking his videos and hounding him on Twitter like so many other subscribers had done before. Phil’s had plenty of admirers as his subscriber base grew over the years, and a lot of them flirted with him, some outright propositioned him, but he was never tempted to take any of them up on their offers.

It’s just … Dan is … different.

But Phil can’t deny the power imbalance. He knows he’s a well-known personality, even if only in a limited little sphere of the Internet. His YouTube channel has thousands of subscribers. Tens of thousands. He gets fan mail. Lots of it. Weird as it sounds to him sometimes, he has … fans.

And Dan is one of them.

And he’s only 18.

And Phil, AmazingPhil from the Internet, has invited this teenage fan to come stay at his house. Overnight. For three days. While his parents are away.

Yeah, it sounds creepy. Which makes him incredibly self-conscious. What in the world do Dan’s parents think about this? Phil hasn’t asked, because he doesn’t want to mess this up.

Because, despite the power imbalance, he’s really excited and nervous to meet Dan.

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anonymous asked:

What if trini could longboard and everybody finds out and they expect her to be all hardcore about it but then she shows them her skills and she's really smooth and elegant (see hyo_joo on Instagram for reference) and everybody is SHOOK

Not gonna lie to you but I actually had a skater!Trini on my list of ideas and I got so excited when I got this ask because it finally gave me motivation to write. Also, your prompt is so much better than my original idea! Thanks for sending this! Last thing, I love Hyo Joo so much, I’ve been following her for a long time!

Summary: Basically Trini is smooth af on the longboard

Rating: G

Tags: Nothing really, bunch of fluff. 

Visual reference: Hyo Joo (she’s so amazing)

Read @ Ao3

“Miss Gomez, no skateboarding at the halls!” A booming sound from a teacher made its way through the halls and all eyes were suddenly on the small girl with two Krispy Kreme coffees on her hand and a small bag of donuts hanging by her mouth, the bag being bitten by her teeth. Trini puts a foot down on the ground, slowly stopping her accelerated motion.

“Sorry, won’t happen again” Trini says in a small voice, balanced the two coffees in her arm then picks up her longboard in between her body and arm to grab the other coffee.

The coffee was quickly snatched out of her hand by girlfriend who bites her lip.

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Short Stuff

A/n: So I kinda wrote this differently than my other fics and IDK how I feel about it just yet but last time I read through it I remember liking it. Truthfully I’ve had this done for awhile and forgot to post it. Sorry to @milleniumxhan for the wait.

Request: @milleniumxhan Heyyyyy!!!! Could you do a Thor x reader where you’re really short (okay me like im 5'1) and like he finds it hella adorable and the when the other Avengers tease you he gets all defensive and yeah. Thanks <3

Warnings: none 

Originally posted by imagine-marvell


It was yet another Sunday morning at the Avengers which meant a “family” breakfast. You, Nat, and Wanda started on the pancakes and waffles as Tony and Steve worked on the bacon and sausage. The others were setting up the table and sipping coffee. Once the food was ready, everyone gathered in a line and made plates the filed into the dining room. To say you hated these meals was an exaggeration but you didn’t like them much either, especially when pancakes were served which is when the jokes started because someone had the bright idea to call you “short stack” one time and not surprisingly the name suck. It wasn’t that you couldn’t handle yourself you just would rather eat in peace than listen to the Avengers think they were funny, especially Tony.

“Y/n, you can’t eat that, it’s cannibalism” Tony smirked at you

“You know what they say, you are what you eat,” you replied taking your place at the table.

“So that’s why you’re so short?” Bucky asked. He may have been nice most of the time, but he could be an ass just like anyone else

“Yeah I ate too many pancakes, and it shrunk me,” you deadpanned

‘Don’t let those fools bother you Y/n,” Thor said taking a seat beside you

“I don’t,” you said, “I’ve had plenty of idiots think it’s funny that I’m small but what they don’t realize is I’m the perfect height to kick their ass.”

Thor chuckled, and the rest of the meal was filled with talks of missions and stupid things Steve did.

This is it you thought I hate being short. You were currently standing on a box you found on top of a chair because someone decided to stash the chocolate in the highest shelf.

“Need some help there, little one?” Thor asked

“I got it.” you huffed “and you too? I thought you were above name calling?“

“I don’t understand?” Thor said moving closer to your makeshift step stool
“Little one,” you said as you grabbed the chocolate, leapt off the box making it and the chair move. Luckily, you ended up safely on the ground.

“I didn’t mean to offend you Lady Y/n.” Thor replied sincerely

“It’s alright,” you said “it’s better than shorty or smol bean.”

“If the others ever bother you let me know,” Thor told you “I’ll try to put an end to it”

“Thanks but it’s fine really I don’t mind” you replied

“If you put your elbow on my head one more time I swear!” you growled shrugging Clint’s arm off of you

“Sorry Y/n I don’t mean to you’re just the perfect height” the archer smiled

You grumbled a response and glared at the man child next to you. During your sparring session with Clint Thor walked into the practice room just in time you watch you pin Clint to the ground after a swift kick to his ankles that made him lose balance

“This is punishment for using me as an arm rest” you smiled as you got off the floor and made your way to the exit

“It would do you well to treat Lady Y/n with respect Hawkeye” you heard the god say.

“I respect her” Clint responded “she’s just so small sometimes I forget she can kick my ass”

“Small and adorable” you heard the thunderer say, making you stop in your tracks and make your way into a better hearing distance

“Adorable?” Clint said “does someone have the heart eyes for our little Y/n?”

“Of course not she’s just small and cute. She needs to be protected sometimes and if I’m the one that has to do it then-” Clint cut him off

“You totally have heart eyes for Y/n,” He said “ask her out I’m sure she’ll say yes”

“How would you know,” Thor asked

“Cause I’m pretty sure she has heart eyes for you too big guy” at that you left. Of course you liked Thor but he was just a friend or at least that’s what you thought. Once your mind was openeded to the idea of having something more with the god it ran wild.

It was moments like these when you praised your genes for making you short. Weaving in and out of the crowd of people was easy and it made for a simple getaway. Two hydra agents were following you but it didn’t take long to lose them as you pushed your way through a gap. The only downside, Thor couldn’t keep his eyes on you. You had watched him fly off around the time the agents showed up and although he offered you a ride you declined. You only knew this upset him after you had escaped and after he spent a half hour trying to find you. You were already in the plane when he got back.

“What took you so long?” You asked smirking at the blonde before you

“I was looking for you,” Thor said his eyes searching you for possible wounds “why didn’t you tell me where you were going?”

“Because if Hydra heard they would fund us and then we’d both be in trouble.” you shrugged “I don’t know what the big deal is” that was a lie, a blatant lie, you knew exactly why he was mad.

“I could’ve lost you Y/n” his words confirmed your thoughts

“So” you stated simply. You needed him to admit his feelings to you, not just to Clint

“So that would’ve been horrible,” the god paused “Imagine what the others would think if I lost you”

“What about what you would think?” you asked

“I imagine I’d be upset” Thor sounded confused

“Why” you asked

“Because you’re my friend” Thor hesitated

“Wrong,” You said “tell me the truth”

“That is the truth” he was more confused now

“The whole truth” you demanded “I know what you said to Clint that day I pinned him. I know you like me so tell me.”

“I don’t just like you Y/n. I think I’m in love with you” he looked down at his hands

“Good” you smiled “because I think I’m in love with you too.”


A/n: I hope you enjoyed this I know it’s a bit different. Requests are open, and I’m slowly working through the few I have rn but feel free to send some in if you have an idea. Love you all! -G

tags: @ws-lover-245 (I remembered JFC it’s a miricle. If you want to be added to our tag list let me know)

Sun and Sky

Pairing: Kagehina

Rating: G

Tags: soulmate au, fluff

read on ao3

So I’ve hit 400 followers! For those of you new here, every time I hit a multiple of 100, I add to this soulmate series. This time, it’s Kagehina’s turn, and I’ve been very excited to write my otp!

Hinata Shouyou hid his soulmate mark.

It wasn’t the nicest thing he could do, he guessed. It probably made actually finding his soulmate harder, considering he was in his first year of university and hadn’t seen a trace of them, but it was the best choice for him now.

He had the night sky on his wrist. If you looked close enough, you could see swashes of darker purples and blues, constellations packed into a small space only a couple centimeters across. Shouyou thought it was beautiful.

Other people didn’t think the same.

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The Angel’s gender [ABO Bingo]

Square: Presenting
Ships: Destiel, Castiel x April (past, implied)
Rating: G
Tags: Alpha!Dean, Omega!Castiel, Alpha!Jimmy, April (Reaper), Alpha!Sam, Omega discrimination, implied dub-con, pining, scent-marking, first kiss, fluff, angst, love confessions
Summary: Angels’ genders don’t necessarily align with their vessel’s, Dean falls for Castiel despite it, even if their alignments do match when Cas finally presents.
Words: 1096
Written for @spnabobingo

When Cas first walked into that barn, Dean was terrified. Not only because of what he was or the overwhelming scent of alpha but because when the angel explained he was wearing a vessel he could finally place his suspicion that Cas’ something wasn’t right about Cas’ scent. It had been Jimmy who was an Alpha, Cas himself… had no distinct scent, but not in the way betas do, simply a lack of any scent whatsoever. In fact, he did not present at all.

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canon LGBT/implied LGBT characters in GTA:

asuka kasen / GTA III 

  • implied sexual relationship with maria; practices BDSM with her
  • has expressed attraction to claude

maria latore / GTA III

  • implied sexual relationship with asuka; practices BDSM with her
  • has expressed attraction to claude

reni wassulmaier / GTA: vice city stories

  • afab
  • trans/genderfluid, has changed pronouns numerous times throughout the early 80′s to the late 90′s (currently uses she/her pronouns) 

elizabeta torres / GTA IV 

  • implied romantic/sexual relationship with marta 
  • known to frequent female-only gyms and tennis courts 
  • married 3 men in the past

bernie crane / GTA IV

  • openly gay
  • in a relationship with the deputy mayor of liberty city

tony prince / GTA: TBoGT 

  • openly gay
  • owner of hercules
  • was in an emotionally abusive relationship with a male model/body builder

brucie kibbutz / GTA IV 

  • implied to be extremely closeted 
  • has a crush on niko bellic and luis lopez

trevor philips / GTA V

  • “any hole’s a goal”
  • “i’d rather suck cock than smoke weed and i’ve done both”
  • “now normally, have that whole “beggars can’t be choosers, take anything you can when it comes to love” attitude…”
  • what more do u need
Sticks and Stones

A/N: I am so sorry this took so long to put up I was just so nervous to post it not to mention half way through I got busy with school and things. I’m still really worried that I didn’t show enough of the abuse or that I glorified it so if you feel that way I am sorry and please let me know and give me a few tips to fix that if you would like to. I wanted to go a different route than physical abuse because I see that touched on a lot and I hardly ever see emotional abuse at least in what I read. I hope you enjoy this was requested by @the-blue-haired-boy (Thank you for the request and for the nice things you had to say) -G

Request: Hi! I just discovered your blog and I LOVE your work! I was wondering if I could request a fic where the reader is in an abusive relationship and Bruce who has secretly loved her discovers it and helps her out of it? Thank you!

Warnings: Emotional Abuse, maybe swearing 

Originally posted by petils

It was a beautiful evening. You and your boyfriend Adam were walking on the beach, joking with each other. You were laughing and having fun, Adam may have said a few rude things to you, but you reminded yourself he was always like this, so you allowed yourself to brush his comments off.

“10 bucks says you won’t go into the ocean to get your hat,” Adam said as he swiped your favorite beanie off your head.

“Hey give it back” you protested trying to grab your hat. Adam held it high above your head as he laughed. You continued to jump to reach the navy cloth but it was too late, Adam tossed it into the water.

“You did not just do that,” you said as you stared in shock at the beanie floating in the water just out of your reach “Adam, my grandmother made that for me.”  

“Why don’t you just go get it,” Adam said a smug look on his face 

“Because I’m in a dress that cost me more than your paycheck” you practically shrieked, Adam just laughed. As you were walking home, you got a text from Tony inviting you to dinner with the Avengers. You joined the Avengers just after the events of New York and had grown close to the team especially Bruce. “Wanna go out to dinner with the Avengers?” you asked Adam 

“You and your so-called friends?” he mocked

“Yup” you answered trying not to let his comment get under your skin

Adam shrugged “why not” he replied as you lead him to the tower. 

You met briefly with the Avengers making sure to introduce them to Adam before leaving for the restaurant. Once you were seated, you began to look over the menu. Adam looked over your shoulder “what we’re you going to get” he asked 

“Uhm… chicken marsala sounds good” you replied. 

“doesn’t that have a lot of calories? I thought you were trying to lose weight not gain it?” Adam asked. 

“I wasn’t trying to lose weight” you looked at Adam confused.

“that explains a lot,” Adam said “maybe you should start” 

The Avengers stared at the two of you surprised by your interaction. They expected a snarky comeback or something about how you looked fine, but instead, they watched you nod.

“I think chicken sounds great Y/n,” Bruce commented 

“I dunno, Adam is right it’s not that healthy” you responded 

“treat yo self,” Tony said to you as a waitress came by to take your orders. Again the Avengers were surprised to hear Adam order a salad for you and you didn’t even bat an eye. You hardly ever ate just a salad for dinner and you hardly ever let someone else dictate what you should eat. They overlooked it, thinking you might not be hungry, but as the night progressed, they each grew less and less fond of Adam. The perfect man you had described to them was replaced with a complete ass. He told you were ugly, that you weren’t good enough. Of course He never directly said these things, but they were present in his tone and how he treated you. The Avengers drove Adam to his apartment per your request and took you back to the tower with them.  

“Y/n” Bruce called as you were walking to your room “can I talk to you?”

“Sure” you chirped

“Are you and Adam fighting? He said some rude things at dinner” Bruce asked hesitantly.

You shrugged “He’s always like that it’s fine, really, don’t worry about it.”

You could tell Bruce wanted to say more probably tell you this wasn’t fine and it wasn’t ok for Adam to say the things he did about you, but instead, he kept his mouth shut and invited you to lunch   

“I’ll have to ask Adam, but if he says it’s fine I’ll be there,” you replied entering your room. 

The next day Bruce waited hours for you to show up for lunch but you never came. On his way back to the lab he saw you walking out of your room.

“Hey I thought we were going to get lunch?” he asked. You hardly ever ditched without a reason

“Sorry Adam said he wanted to take me somewhere,” you said 

“You didn’t think to tell me?” Bruce asked trying to mask his annoyance

“Actually” You hesitated “Adam doesn’t want me to talk to you.” 

Bruce was stunned. How had you let this man come into your life and control you? Before he could talk to you, you were out the door and walking down the street with your so-called boyfriend.

“You’re late” Adam chastised 

“Sorry I ran into Bruce” you commented

“I thought I told you I didn’t want you talking to him” He reminded you

“He started talking to me. He’s a friend I can’t stop him from talking to me. I did tell him what you said about us hanging out, there is nothing for you to worry about.” you told him 

“You were probably really nice about it huh?” Adam asked  

“Well yeah,” you said

“You act like that, and he won’t take you seriously” he mentioned, “You’re never strong you’re always so weak and nice.”

“Sorry” You muttered. Adam continued to walk down the street and grabbed some food for himself but nothing for you. You didn’t even think to ask him for something. He’d done this before when you forgot your purse at home. He walked you back to the tower calling you an idiot and saying if you wanted something to eat you should’ve brought your money. You went straight to your room. You felt like shit, and you wanted to wallow in your worthlessness. A soft knock interrupted your sobs, and you heard Bruce call your name before opening your door.

“Hey,” he murmured “are you ok?”

“I’m not supposed to talk to you,” you said like a child to a stranger as you tried to calm your breathing 

“Y/n, you don’t mean that,” the scientist said as he moved next to you and pulled you close to him “we both know I’m not leaving till you tell me what’s wrong.” 

Your mind was racing, did Bruce really care? Why would he care you were a pathetic mess? No one should care about you, and if they did it was because they wanted something “What do you want?” you finally asked 

“For you to be ok,” Bruce said 

“And after that?” Bruce looked confused “I’m a worthless piece of shit no one wants to make sure I’m ok unless I can do something for them.” 

“Who told you that?” he asked  trying to look at your face which was tucked between your knees 

“Adam” you muttered 

“Y/n, if Adam is saying these things he doesn’t love you. He’s using you. He’s not good enough for you” Bruce spoke softly.

“And who else is there?” you asked “You really think I could get a nice guy to like me? I’m a mess, nice guys like you want someone stable. They want someone who doesn’t mess everything up; they want someone strong.”

“I can guarantee that a nice guy like me loves you” Bruce blushed “You’re not a mess, and you’re definitely not worthless. You may not be 100% stable but who is in this world? And you’re the strongest girl I’ve ever met”

“You’re just saying that,” you said 

“I’m dead serious” Bruce replied

“No you aren’t” you argued

“Y/n,” Bruce paused “you can do so much better than him you deserve better than him.”

“You keep saying that” you sighed 

“It’s true,” Bruce said as he grabbed your phone from your bedside table and handed it to you “end it.” 

“And if I don’t want to?” you asked

“I’m not in control of you, in the end, it is your decision, but I’d think you were lying if you told me you wanted to stay with Adam,” Bruce observed 

“And how do you suggest I end it,” you asked 

Bruce shrugged “You could text him or call him, whatever you feel comfortable doing.” 

You sighed and called your soon to be ex, Bruce sitting beside you the entire time for support and reassurance that you were doing the right thing. Tears were shed, and eventually, you hung up on Adam as he continued to tell you no one in their right mind would love you. Little did you know you had already found someone who did love you and would love you if you let him.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed reading this fic if you want a part 2 let me know. I was thinking about writing one anyways. The next part of Operation: Save the Fairy should be coming out soon you can read the latest part here! If you have any requests, send them in! Love you all! -G

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sic itur ad astra

read it on Ao3
Yuri!!! On Ice
PAIRING: Otabek Altin x Yuri Plisetsky
RATING: General Audiences / G
TAGS: SciFi/Fa, Alternate Universe; Moonwalker and Starchild AU

Or, an AU where Otabek is a moonwalker, and Yuri is a starchild who falls onto his home.

// based on this amazing piece of art by @chantedeer, beta’d by the sweetest @astruous!! // reposted from my ao3/personal // @otayuriwriterscollective

It is moonrise.

Otabek rouses from his sleep and stretches, pale skin and sinew. His movements are stiff and laborious, and his body feels rigid. It is cold; it is always cold. His footsteps echo in the small cavern as he makes his way outside, where the starlight greets him. He reaches out, winding the last few threads of sunshine through his fingers. They glow rose and gold against his skin.

Carefully, carefully, Otabek presses his hands to his chest, and feels the sunshine warm him. The gentle heat spreads through him, and slowly, he softens. He shrugs his shoulders, wiggles his toes.

Around him, the stars twinkle.

Otabek goes about his daily chores. He checks for fallen asteroids, then clears the area around his cavern of moondust and bits of meteor. Every once in a while he will call over some starshine with his fingers, and press it to his chest.

He savors the warmth, the way it eases his body. He is careful never to take too much, else he might burn. Always, it is just enough for him to move easier, see brighter. Always, just enough.

He checks the craters in case something has fallen in. Then Otabek goes back to his cavern, feels the tightness return to his body. He is cold, but he will fall asleep soon.

The sun rises. Otabek sleeps.

It is moonrise, but not just.

Otabek peers outside his cavern, looking in awe at the star shower that flashes across the sky in yellow and blue and white. He stays indoors tonight; the chores will have to go undone. The starlight flickers through the mouth of the cavern and Otabek watches it paint the walls with color. Even in this shelter, he feels warm.

He wonders what it feels like to be a star, always burning with heat. He would like to thank them for being kind enough to share their light.

Otabek wakes the next night in a haze, languid and soothed. The star shower had left him just warm enough in his slumber that he need not catch the last of the sunshine. He takes his time with his chores instead, even peers over a ridge to watch the Earth. He checks the craters in case something has fallen in.

Something has.

It is vivid and warm, and breathing.

Otabek inhales sharply as he looks at the starchild who sits there, small and lost. It has not seen him yet, though it is looking around and hugging itself tightly. In the dark of the crater it glows, faintly.

He thinks of the star shower last night, and of this starchild losing its way and falling here.

“Hello,” he calls, and the starchild looks at him. It curls into itself a little more.

“Are you all right?” Otabek asks. The starchild does not answer.

There is a moment of hesitation, then Otabek slowly makes his way down to the starchild, who watches him with wide eyes. It is scared, Otabek thinks. He understands.

“What is your name?” he asks softly. He is near enough now to see gold, starspun hair and a young face. The boy’s eyes are an astonishing green, which Otabek has only seen glimpses of on Earth. He looks at Otabek, wary and frightened. There are scratches and bruises on his body from his fall.

They look at each other. Otabek is patient, quiet; he does not press. The starchild shivers in the cold. With careful motions, Otabek spins down some starshine. He offers it up.

Uncertainty flashes over the starchild’s features, before slender hands reach out tentatively. When he is close enough, the starshine flits over to him, curling through his fingers and up his arms. His glow becomes a little brighter.

When the last traces of light and warmth have left Otabek’s fingers, the starchild peeks up at him.

“Yuri,” he whispers.

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Because @1dmademedoit was begging.

Right, so, I ligit went to the very last page in Niall Horan/Harry Styles on AO3 and worked my way back to the beginning. So…here this is. {I MADE THIS BACK IN JULY AND I HAVE NOT UPDATED IT SINCE THEN}

PLEASE NOTE: I have separated the fics into two categories, rated NC-17/M and rated G-T. Those fics containing smut/PWP will have a note saying so. For fics that I am particularly fond of I will make a notation. They are not in any certain order. Please remember these are fics SOLELY from AO3. {SIDE NOTE: Any and all smut is bottom!Niall. If you’re looking for bottom!Harry…you won’t find it here.} I’m also rather picky soooo…



I Want You So Much (But I Hate Your Guts) by siempreniall {SMUT/PWP} NC-17 AU
Tags: Angry Sex, Blow Job, Barebacking, Orgasm Denial
Summary: Niall doesn’t know what he’s still doing there. This isn’t really how he likes to spend his Sunday nights. He doesn’t want to be yelled at and made to feel guilty for something that happened months ago. All he wants is to leave, really.

{One of my favorites!} Once In Your Life by wearecities (falsetto) {Contains bits of smut} M
Summary: Niall and Harry make a marriage pact.

{super hot. Love this author} Baby You’re a (Porn)Star by trespresh {SMUT/PWP} NC-17
Tags: Anal Sex, Blowjobs, Slutty!Niall, Riding, Sex Tape
Summary: “Is it weird that I kind of want to watch us having sex?” Niall asks nonchalantly one morning, and Harry chokes on his cereal. “I mean, it’d be hot, right?”

{love this one} Gentle by aguantare M
Tags: Angst, Slash, Sexual Content
Summary: “I’ll be gentle,” the first guy Niall decides to sleep with tells him.

Bottle Blonde by PoisonApple M
Tags: F/F, F/M, Girl!Niall, CisGirl!Niall
Summary: Niall is twelve the first time she dyes her hair blonde…

Trial and Error by strawberryfinn M AU
Tags: Friends to Lovers, Fluff and Angst, Slash, Hurt/Comfort, College/University, First Time
Summary: Niall falls in love five times before he finds the one, and Harry? Well he’s been there all along. Or the one where Harry and Niall are best friends who fall in love.

Bienvenido a Miami by rivers_bend {SMUT/PWP} NC-17
Tags: Marijuana, Stoned Sex, Rimming, Friendship
Summary: Harry and Niall share a joint and a bed on a yacht off shore while visiting Miami.

We’re All Just Broken Hearts, So it Yours To Mine by explicitones M AU
Tags: High School, Angst, Boys pining, Jealousy, First Time, Public Sex, One Sided Niall/Louis
Summary: In which Niall spends a lot of time pining after Louis, and Harry very patiently waits for him to figure things out. Though, that’s not to say he doesn’t play dirty. Highschool!AU

{very hot read} Underneath Me by leitmotifs {SMUT/PWP} NC-17
Tags: Fingerfucking, Rough Sex, Overstimulation, Dirty Talk, Multiple Orgasms, PWP, Mild Dub-con
Summary: Harry just really wants to ruin Niall.

Leviticus 18:22 by KelliDiane AU NC-17
Tags: Catholicism, Sex in a Church, Physical Abuse
Summary: Harry is the new kid with a bad attitude and Niall’s the son of priest who’s never even thought about girls- let alone boys. Somehow, they make it work.

Let Me Ruin You by KayleeJohn {SMUT/PWP} NC-17 AU
Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Anal Sex, Alpha!Harry, Omega!Niall, Bathing/Washing, Felching, Knotting, Missionary Position, Punk!Harry, Rimming, Scent Marking, Snowballing, Side Zouis, Mild Dub-con
Summary: Niall is dragged to a party by his friend, Zayn, who is only there to hang out with his ‘not-my’ boyfriend, Louis, and Louis likes to play matchmaker so, naturally, he introduces Niall to his friend, Harry. Or the one where Niall runs into someone from his past and, wow, this is not how he saw his night going at all.

Fine Again by elounarry M {Warning: Contains Non-Con/Rape}
Tags: Mentions of rape/non-con, Sexual Content, Protective Harry
Summary: When Niall gets raped by Justin Bieber he has to work on getting his life back together. Thankfully Harry’s there every step of the way. Except he doesn’t expect it to end the way it does.

My Baby, I’m Afraid I’m Falling For You by smuttythings {SMUT/PWP} NC-17
Tags: Age Play, Kink Negotiation, Daddy Kink, Developing Relationship, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Barebacking, Dom/Sub Undertones, Spanking, Phone Sex, Kink Exploration, Watersports
Summary: Harry and Niall have a thing. They’re sleeping together and it’s fun and easy and wonderful. Then everything changes because of one word and they have to figure it out together.

(NOTE: You have to have an AO3 account to read this. I do not have the author’s permission to hand it out.) In The Back of The Closet by CerinityKS {SMUT/PWP} NC-17 AU
Tags: Underwear Kink, Daddy Kink, Shameless Smut, Rimming
Summary: Niall likes wearing women’s underwear, and Harry is more than okay with this.

{A+ smut fic} Pretty in Lace by MemoirsofNarry {SMUT/PWP} NC-17
Tags: Crossdressing Kink, Feminization, Lace Panties, Dirty Talk, Light Angst, Light Dom/Sub, Aftercare
Summary: In which Niall learns that Harry wants him to dress up real pretty for him and it’s weird until Niall finds himself in panties and he kinda likes it.

Any Daddy Would Be Proud to Say I’m His by MemoirsofNarry {SMUT/PWP} NC-17 AU
Tags: Sugar Daddy Harry, Sugar Baby Niall, Light Dom/Sub, Daddy Kink, Feminization, Feminine Niall, Light Angst, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Genderbending
Summary: From the first whiff of the sugar vanilla body lotion on the boys skin and his blue eyes shining in the dim light of the club, Harry knows this boy is his. In which Niall is quite feminine and is Harry’s sugar baby.

(NOTE: You have to have an AO3 account to read this. I do not have the author’s permission to hand it out.) Love Like Whoa by CerinityKS {PWP/SMUT} NC-17
Tags: Light Bondage, Overstimulation, Felching, Dom/Sb Undertones
Summary: Harry just loves teasing Niall and pushing his boundaries, and Niall loves it just as much

Selfish Pain by nuuuge M AU
Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Omega!Niall, Alpha!Harry
Summary: Prince Niall is the youngest son of King Tomlinson. His older brothers Louis and Liam are Alphas while Niall is an Omega. Everything changes the day King Malik comes for a state visit.

Anticipating The Days Ahead by glamourinthegutters M AU
Tags: Harry is 27, Niall is 17, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Daddy Issues, Mild Sexual Content, Subspace, Underage Relationships
Summary: What he doesn’t suspect is that Niall knows exactly what he’s doing, his actions calculated when he gets up on his tiptoes to reach Harry’s jacket which is slung over his wardrobe door, revealing a pair of pale pink, particularly feminine-looking underwear as his shirt comes up over his hips.

Doubly Blessed by butterflytattoohaz {PWP/SMUT} NC-17
Tags: Double Penetration
Summary: “Lube. We need lots of lube.”

Let’s Spin The World Around by jamesniall {PWP/SMUT} NC-17 AU
Summary: Harry learns spanish thanks to Niall’s dirty talk.     


{love!} A Guide To The Human Mind by orphan_account T AU
Tags: OCD, Mentions of dyslexia, Fluff
Summary:  A super self indulgent fic where Niall has OCD and Harry likes him.

Lost At Home by brokendrums G
Summary:  Harry gets home from tour but feels terrible so he goes and finds Niall to make him feel better.

These Arms Of Mine by brokendrums Strong T
Summary: Companion to Lost At Home but can be read alone. Niall is naturally a touchy feely person - he’s grown up with people comforting him with his hands. A look at how his friendships, especially with Harry and Zayn quickly turn into something more.

{Really, really love this} Ache for Home by Indigotuesday T
Tags: Asexuality, Homophobia, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Cuddling & Snuggling
Summary: Niall is asexual. This changes things, eventually for the better.

And Then One Day by significationary T AU
Tags: Stripper/Exotic Dancer, Stripping
Summary: Harry goes to a strip club and meets someone.

{MY FAVE NARRY FIC} Are You There God? It’s Me, Niall by wendydarling T AU
Tags: Fluff, Angst, Family, Romance, Comedy, Marriage, Same-Sex Marriage, Drama
Summary: Life was perfect for Niall. That is, until he discovers that his classmates in the nursing department have a fanclub dedicated to his husband Harry Styles, an MD student, and that no one knows he’s the one Harry married.

{Really, really love this. Another favorite of mine) Want To Hold You High and Steal Away Your Pain by leitmotifs Strong T AU
Tags: One-sided Louis Tomlinson/Niall Horan, Angst, Self harming behavior, Abusive Relationships (NOT Louis and Niall), Mentions of eating disorder
Summary: (That’s not what the voices say, and Niall loves Louis but best friends are supposed to tell you things like that. Niall nods wordlessly whenever he hears it, but he knows; it’s his fault his parents didn’t love him, it’s his fault he’s never good enough.)

(He thinks there’s some saying that goes, we accept the love we think we deserve.)

(This is a love he knows he deserves.)

Or: Niall and Harry are both a little broken, but somehow fall in love anyway.

Carry You by LonelySparrow G
Tags: Claustrophobia
Summary: Niall gets stuck in a lift, and Harry’s not there to calm him down.

this was supposed to be a short drabble, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

title: i’ll give you shelter out of the rain - ao3 link
pairing: bokuaka (approx 800+ words)
rated: g
tags: fluff, first kiss, they’re wet in the most innocent way i swear

i’m aware i’ve already used shelter by hedley for another bokuaka fic, but it’s a v cute song and they’re a v cute couple trust me i’m a volleyball

The rain is coming down hard by the time they make it inside Bokuto’s home. The older boy bounces right over the genkan, shaking raindrops out of his hair, and effectively spraying Keiji all over. Keiji would be annoyed, except he’s already drenched and soaked to the bones, so what does it matter. Instead, Keiji rests his gaze on the other boy. 

The rainstorm had come as a surprise, and neither of them were prepared for it when they decided to visit the zoo earlier that day. Thankfully, the rain started on their way home, otherwise Keiji is sure he’d have to put up with too many pouts (and Keiji knows from prior experience that he is weak against Bokuto’s pouts, and who knows where they would have ended up if that happened). 

Now, Bokuto is in front of him, wet clothes clinging to his skin, doing wonders defining the muscles that come from years of hard work and passion for volleyball. The gel in his hair has completely washed away, leaving behind a limp shaggy mess of black and white that drips water into his eyes. Keiji finds his eyes tracing the droplets as they slide down Bokuto’s skin, from his temple to his jawbone down his neck until it reaches the collar of his shirt, where it disappears from sight. 

Something stirs in Keiji as he stares at this Bokuto. There’s an urge to reach out and touch him, and Keiji has a hand half-raised before he catches himself.

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[BokuOi fic] How Lucky We Are

Title: How Lucky We Are
Rating: G
Tags: just me loving Bokuto through other characters; so basically just my regular jam

In all seriousness, Bokuto is - in all ways- simply ridiculous. It’s making it a lot harder for Tooru to keep his cool.

Gifted to: @ryonello


Word count: 742

Tooru digs his fingers into the muscle of Bokuto’s forearm, pulls it a little tighter against his chest.

“You’re ridiculous,” he tells him, pressing his nose against the bare skin of Bokuto’s bicep. “Absolutely ridiculous.”

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