gtags didn't works in emacs(ubuntu 14.04)

The first thing after I installed ubuntu 14.04 was always to configure my programming environment, in other words to configure my emacs. 

This time is to record how to fix gtags(global) problem. Gtags was the best code indexing tool in Linux, but it didn’t works in emacs with following error message:

Searching location …
/usr/bin/global: unrecognized option ’–encode-path=“ ”’
Usage: global [-aGilnqrstTvx][-e] pattern
global -c[qrsv] prefix
global -f[anqrstvx] files
global -g[aGilnoOqtvx][-e] pattern
global -I[ailnqtvx][-e] pattern
global -P[aGilnoOqtvx][-e] pattern
global -p[qrv]
global -u[qv]

 I need to upgrade the global package to the latest version to fix this problem, then I remove the global package first, and compile the latest source code from its website.


rang rgyal bse ru lta bu - pratyekabuddhas, rhinoceros-like; rhinoceros-like pratyekabuddhas; shin tu dbang po rnon po yin te/ dud ‘gro bse la rwa gcig las med pa ltar 'du 'dzi g.yeng bas 'jigs nas gcig pur gnas pas der gtags la/ bskal chen brgyar sangs rgyas 'byung ba mnyes par byas nas tshogs bsags/ phung po dang/ khams dang/ skye mched dang/ rten 'brel dang/ gnas yin min dang/ bden pa ste bslab par bya ba'i gnas drug la mkhas par byas nas srid pa tha ma pa'i tshe/ sangs rgyas dang nyan thos kyis stongs pa'i 'jig rten du skye ba dang/ slob dpon sogs la ma bsten par rang gis byang chub mngon du byed pa dang/ ngag gi rnam par rig byed sogs kyi sgo nas ma yin par lus kyi brda chos kyi rnam rig gis gzhan don du 'gyur bar smon pa ste/ smon lam gsum gyis mtshams sbyar ba las/ skye ba tha mar sangs rgyas dang nyan thos kyis ma bzung ba'i 'jig rten du dmangs rigs ma yin pa'i rigs gsum gang rung du skyes/ rten de la sngon gyi smon lam gyi dbang gis mkhan slob med par bsnyen par! rdzogs nas/ bsam gtan bzhi pa'i rab mtha’ khyad par can la brten te bden bzhi mi rtag pa sogs bcu drug bsgom pa las/ stan thog gcig tu sbyor lam nas zad mi skye shes pa'i dgra bcom gyi ye shes kyi bar 'thob pa'o/ /'di ni nyan thos kyi lugs yin la/ / theg chen gyi chos mngon pa las ni drod nas zad mi skye shes pa'i bar du skye ba brgyud dgos par bshad do [RY]

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so…my name’s Emmeline

sexual orientation: my sexual orientation is louis theroux
fave colour: maroon/burgundy all the way bitch
lucky number: 8
last thing I googled: ‘jarvis cocker’s sunday service’ and ‘royal baby’
first word that comes to mind: theroux (it’s a cool word what can i say)
a place that makes me happy: a gardens down near my street
favourite characters:
- toby colman from the l-shaped room
- dirk mcquickly from the rutles
- dave from poor cow
- trigger and rodney from only fools and horses
- pete from up the junction
- reg ward from cathy come home (ahhh ray brooks my babe)
- jos, meredith and georgy from georgy girl
- george spiggot from bedazzled
- mr orange/freddy newandyke from reservoir dogs
- pumpkin from pulp fiction
- colin and mark from meantime
- natalie and nicola from life is sweet
- basically every character tim roth has ever played
- jerry maguire from jerry maguire
- charles from the rachel papers, rachel from the rachel papers
- daisy and tim from spaced
- danny and nicholas from hot fuzz
- gary and andy from the world’s end
- shaun and ed from shaun of the dead
- graeme and clive from paul
- rachel and susan from it’s different for girls
fav food: chicken and bacon pasta
fav drink: mcdonald’s caramel frappe
fav book: it’s different for girls by jo brand
last film i saw at the cinema: the theory of everything
dream wedding: dont wanna get married but if i did i’d like a massive disco
dream job: what i normally do, waitress. or boxer.

i shall tag a whole fucking lot of youse: bruce-foxton substitute4anotherguy i-want-jimmy-zoso-bad fuckingmileskane oayyysis 99-led-zeppelins achtu2g cogito-ergo-dumb mr-dalliard-ive-gone-peculiar thatblokeyouforgot beautiful-collision moregininteacups montypythons-flyingtardis imgonnamaceyouintheface gloriathebloggingwarrior

Aztán majd ha kimondjuk, vége van
leesett az eső, elmúlt a vihar
nem süt a nap és felhő sincs az égen:

Mi sem vagyunk már, vége van
majd mikor nem lesz több könnycsepp
arcodon, az arcomon
Mikor már nem sebes a száj
s a mellkasodra a semmi 
jár pihenni már.

Mikor már nem szeret,
se kéz, se száj, se végtag
mikor már nincsen olyan 
hogy nappalok és éjszakák.
Majd ha a gyűlölet is elmúlt
s nem érzed azt, hogy Fáj.

Mikor majd ülsz és fekszel
s reggeli csupasz hátam helyett
lélegzeted figyeled némán

Majd mikor már nem félsz
s nincs fojtogató magány
mikor már nem hallod
lépteim közeledő jelenét az utcán.

Mikor egy kék szempárba nézel
semmit sem érzel
akkor leszek Én, végleg a tiéd. 







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