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Here it is! My 100th post - a trade post!

Straight to the point:

What I’m looking for? - if You give me opossum skull, all feathers (or more if you want) and something more you pick are yours. Same’s with coyote (but more items for you I guess). Any other skulls (mink, raccon), wings and feathers from species that I don’t have, if you have pelts that you want to trade I’m also in it.


What I trade? - those are examples of item I have

-I have many, many feathers, but I’m too lazy to take photos of them all, so I picked few that I know are unprotected by MBTA. So if you’re interested in other species you have to message me! I’d be interested in raptor feathers (I do have them for trade)

-b.lue tit and r.obin wings (mummified) - both juveniles, died from natural causes, unprotected by MBTA

- Nests - two nests I found after storm fallen from trees, probably songthrush

-random owl pellet. I have few, but never checked what bones are inside. Kind of surprise I guess!

- badger bones and vertebas  - cleaned from dirt, but still need peroxide bath/degreasing

-broken roe deer bone - | | -

-boar teeth - molars stuck in bone - thet’re pretty big tho

-Broken boar skull - cleaned from dirt but I haven’t peroxiding or degreasing it. Has a natural stain. Is pretty big (31cm of lenght) and heavy, so idk if I be able to ship it… :/


Message me if you’re interested! Ask for other items - as I said I didn’t listed everything! As for shipment I know I can ship feathers and small bones worldwide!

Não faz eu me apegar para depois partir, eu ando cansada de partidas, quero alguém que resolva ficar, que me cuide, que me veja, que me escute. Não faz eu me apegar para depois dizer que não tem sentido mais me encontrar,  porque eu cansei de me perder e nunca mais voltar. Não faz eu me apegar para me soltar, porque quando me soltam eu não sei voltar. Então  não seja mais um que me fez apegar para nunca mais voltar.
—  E se for amor?

Lets talk about this little bae. I found her in the field, lying on a cave. First, I let the larvae to eat her, but I was so tired to wait and warm macerated her. So, every little bone was separate and I had to do that horrible puzzle that is the paws (Maybe they are not 100% in their right position but I do my best). 

She is waiting her male to play with, but I need some time to articulate him and make them both the cartilague ribs.

Hope you liked her, she will be so grateful.

As I said I found this animal dead in the field, I didn’t kill it. Will be in my own collection.

I took QotD out of the shelf after x years, randomly went thru pages and then read about how Daniel and Armand were heading to Lestat’s concert wearing glorious couple look (or at least that’s the image this particular translation lead me to believe), and one point Daniel holding Armand from his belt so he wouldn’t get lost in the crowd while spacing out.

Gosh darn these vampires, these fools. I love them all. o<-<