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I’ve been watching the Achievement Hunter gang for just over a year now (and still have a ways before I catch up to current videos), sooo here’s the Fake AH Crew as I know ‘em~ Goddamn heists are the best. <3

fake ah crew gta au aesthetics/inspo for a dumb fanfic [6/6] >> Mark Fischbach

“Mark wasn’t too big into killing cops for fun like the Fake AH Crew. Nor was he a pusher of high grade drugs and guns, like the Steam Train Crew. What Mark and his network of crewmembers (lovingly called his ‘Heroes’) often did in the streets was take out every dog fighting syndicate that popped up in the streets of Los Santos. Like pruning weeds from a garden, if there was a paw print graffitied anywhere on the street, Mark and his Heroes would be there to take the fight down and the “owners” out before they could do anymore damage. He always made sure the dogs were freed and cared for, and whichever boss/gang in charge paid dearly for every dog captured and killed in a fight. He owned several rescue dogs of his own, his day one a pretty Great Pyrenees he named Lucy. Because he’s considered a well-respected neutral, several crews around the city give a piece of their heist money to his dog sanctuary for rehabilitating rescues.”


I honestly don’t know what made me laugh more, G18 screaming ‘you fucking asshole’ and actually raging or D20 yelling 'you fucker’ cause his accent is divine.

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ok but has anyone talked about the angst in the accidental fahc au?? bc like. jack's boutique going out of business bc she's not there to run it. ryan's parents turn on the tv and see his face with the words "psychotic maniac loose in los santos" across the screen. ray panicking with the thought that his mom lives in los santos, she's RIGHT HERE, and there are so, so many people who wouldn't hesitate to hurt her to get to him. just. the possibilities.

ah yes the angst with the families. ahem;

  • Geoff: His mom just stopped asking questions. Geoff just makes up that he has a steady job now as a well placed business man or something but of course that’s bullshit so she asks Jack who just outright tells her. She pretends she doesn’t knows but as long as the boy is happy then she’ll let him live his life. His step dad is mighty proud of him.
  • Jack: Probably has the most angst because of the boutique issues. She tries so hard to figure out ways to run it from Los Santos “yes Allen, I’ve just um, gotten stuck in LS. Those terrible gang wars make it too unsafe to try to leave the city.” and tries for months and months to run it but of course can’t so Geoff suggests she moves it to Los Santos which Jack is at first vehemently against. but after Allen has to quit because “sorry Jack there isn’t enough business and well, mr. pickles needs to eat.” Jack and Geoff somehow gets her stuff all moved to LS where she starts a boutique but quickly reorganizes it to sell regular clothes and costumes and masks and so that’s how the gang gets costume fundage (also Jack’s stuff sometimes is REALLY out there and no one buys the pieces so to make her feel better the gang will wear them for a heist or something hey at least they are all matching)
  • Ryan: Ryan is from a really really small farming town. like the kind where only 3 neighbors have a barely working TV and the locals like swapping stories in the diner and just use the set to watch baseball games or whatever. Ryan’s family is not one of the tv owning houses and believe that if it’s important enough then it will make it in the newspaper. Ryan manages to make it back home after the incident before hear at the local gossip swap shop about what vaguely sounds like what happened to him which gets him all in a tizzy. at first Ryan is desperate to hide all evidence of him being connected to a gang from his family (which is ridiculously hard seeing has his pa wakes up way before anyone else and always manages to grab the paper first) but the cameras were (and always seem to be) the shittiest things in the world so his face just always is a dark blur (some other time we can talk about the face paint and the skull mask) and he just fidgets at the table waiting for ma’s pancakes and his dad just goes “huh. this strange feller carting around body bags. you watch out for them son.” and that’s the end of that (Ryan got the IT job btw.)
  • Gavin: Gavin just has the dumbest luck of them all like he can disappear for months at a time and come back totally fine and won’t really say anything about where he’s gone or been or anything and isn’t secretive about it just assumes people know were he was like “where the fuck were you?” “Bolivia” and that’s that. The only person Gavin ever talks about is this guy named “Dan” who he calls every once in a while and talks for hours, like 12 hours straight once but aside from that it doesn’t seem anyone worries about Gavin.
  • Michael: Michael’s mom is the worrier. She can’t stand to watch LS news, never has been able to even before they moved out of san andreas. So Michael’s little brother does and gives a very very very abridged versions on what the news reports on. Then Mama Jones calls Michael and gives him an earful. and for hours the two will just be swearing at each other at the top of their lungs, Michael saying he’s fine goddamnit and Mama Jones making sure he’s done his laundry this week. Sometimes Michael calls his brother ahead of time and tells him what to say to de-rage his mom like “okay so just tell her that like my phone died and then we took a wrong turn on the highway and got lost and that’s why I haven’t called all day yeah.”
  • Ray: I would like to imagine that Ray is always worried about his mom but she’s a tough bird she grew up as a single mother in LS her whole life and knows 52 ways to disarm an attacker and keeps telling Ray she’s fine but Ray just constantly worries about her and uses any excuse to visit her like “hey mom I bought the milk you wanted” “Ray. this is the 6th time today you’ve bought me milk. there is no more room in the fridge son.” and when the cash starts rolling in he starts moving her into another apartment or constantly moving and she just gets really fed up with the whole thing and eventually has to wrestle him into leaving her alone enough to let her breathe (they compromise by him visiting once a day and she moves apartments once every 2 or 3 months). Honestly Ray is the only one that’s super worried about her the crew think it’s hilarious.

Basically everyone is stressed out about it except Gavin.