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I’ve been watching the Achievement Hunter gang for just over a year now (and still have a ways before I catch up to current videos), sooo here’s the Fake AH Crew as I know ‘em~ Goddamn heists are the best. <3

fake ah crew gta au aesthetics/inspo for a dumb fanfic [6/6] >> Mark Fischbach

“Mark wasn’t too big into killing cops for fun like the Fake AH Crew. Nor was he a pusher of high grade drugs and guns, like the Steam Train Crew. What Mark and his network of crewmembers (lovingly called his ‘Heroes’) often did in the streets was take out every dog fighting syndicate that popped up in the streets of Los Santos. Like pruning weeds from a garden, if there was a paw print graffitied anywhere on the street, Mark and his Heroes would be there to take the fight down and the “owners” out before they could do anymore damage. He always made sure the dogs were freed and cared for, and whichever boss/gang in charge paid dearly for every dog captured and killed in a fight. He owned several rescue dogs of his own, his day one a pretty Great Pyrenees he named Lucy. Because he’s considered a well-respected neutral, several crews around the city give a piece of their heist money to his dog sanctuary for rehabilitating rescues.”

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Accidental FAH arguing about having a pet.

It starts with a cat. Geoff thinks that it just crawled in fro the balcony window that some idiot left open and soon it will be on its way. He’s grey with white paws and underbelly. When he keeps seeing the cat around he sets out a saucer of cream. He actually likes the little fuzz ball and affectionately names him Flynt, in memorium to a war buddy, Flynt Coal.

The rest of the guys (and Jack) like him too. They buy proper cat food and a proper collar. Ryan buys catnip. Ray takes an old laser pointer off a rifle for him to play with.

a couple weeks later there are two cats sitting in the kitchen waiting for a saucer of cream. Geoff quirks an eyebrow but figures Flynt just brought a buddy with him. It’s not like this will be a regular thing or anything.

oh how wrong he was.

Soon there’s ten cats and four dogs and a pigeon (?) running around the apartment and Geoff just. Well, he has a breakdown. And then there’s a group meeting.

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Sure Rachel, why not? Not like you have any papers due or anything

  • Geoff was a taxi driver. Yup. He grew up in a different state in a pretty stereotypical suburban neighborhood with his mom and step-dad. dying to get out, he joined the military and served for 5 years. after that he just bounced around from job to job and has a very varied resume, from a newspaper photo journalist to a bar tender. He ends up in Los Santos just for kicks and gigs and accidentally steals a jacket to start the whole thing rolling.
  • Jack owned her own fashion boutique in a city near where she and Geoff grew up. They lived across the street together and dated for about a month in high school before deciding just friends would be better. She graduated from a small arts college with a triple major in fashion design, Japanese and business before opening her own shop downtown. Ends up stuck in Los Santos when she comes to visit Geoff and a rumor grounded her there.
  • Ryan grew up in a small town in Georgia (or the equivalent of Georgia) on a farm and was known locally as “that nice Haywood boy”. He grew up with a stutter which made him very quiet as to avoid teasing. While he doesn’t stutter now he still is a terrible word-flubber but is still a taciturn person. His family sends him to college where he majored in Computer Science and minored in theater and political science. post-college he returns to the family farm for a few years before landing a job interview a state over in Los Santos. a terrible misunderstanding cause Ryan to be now wanted by the LSPD and stuck as an affiliate to Geoff Ramsey
  • Gavin Free. literally no one has any idea where he came from or what his backstory is except he’s from a country across the sea. is a jack of all trades type but seems to still be terrible at everything (he’s a certified pilot some how and once worked in a circus to name a few things.)
  • Michael Jones lives outside of Los Santos and worked as a multi-talented handyman. His estranged dad lived somewhere downtown while he and his younger brother lived with his mother. He dropped out of college when his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and went into contracting work. his mom has since then been cured and she and his brother moved to another state while Michael stayed in their small house. a simple “wrong place in the wrong time” labels him as a demolitions expert and affiliate of Geoff where he then moves into his apartment
  • Ray is the only one of them that has been born, raised, and stayed in Los Santos his whole life (and doesn’t plan on leaving no matter what). raised by a single mom, Ray does his best now to help support her. he never went to college. like geoff he’s bounced from job to job and at the time of meeting Geoff and the rest of them he was employed at a second hand game store where he was later fired for assumptions he was a partner to Geoff
Looking for a GTA V crew

I play for fun and enjoyment
I take things seriously when they need to be taken seriously
I’m an active player
I play on Xbox
My gamertag is HellKitty667
Send me a message in here or on kik (cl00lEss) if you think I qualify or if you have any questions