W: En uno de mis viajes a Indonesia fue cuando me mordió un Zombie y después cuando llegue a casa te mordía a ti.

V: Efectivamente *Willy se Ríe* porque yo estaba tumbado en el sofa y digo “Bueno, cuidado Willy te veo con cara extraña” y me dijiste “Vegetta estas pa´ comerte” y me mordiste, vale.


Esto no es para nada gay eh 😏

If you click around on YouTube long enough, you’ll stumble across a weirdly specific genre of videos with absurdly high view counts. Like this one, which opens with a crudely rendered Spider-Man standing atop a building while a woman recites “Itsy-Bitsy Spider” over and over and over.

Keep watching the video, and you’ll soon feel like you’ve fallen out of the world and right into some strange, Dadaist nightmare. Feast your eyes on Spider-Man seducing Lightning McQueen before taking him out for a spin around town.

It appears the video was made using a GTA IV mod, but the way all the pieces are put together is unnerving, to say the least. It’s more than the fact that the walking animation they used for Spider-Man is clearly a female one, or the unblinking presence of the Lightning McQueen car, or that Spider-Man’s main mission in the video is to go shit his tights in a Cluckin’ Bell restaurant with that sing-song nursery rhyme playing the whole time.

But let’s not stop there – we’ve come so far. Here’s the Hulk performing an exotic dance for Spider-Man, Batman, and Superman to the tune of “Do You Know The Muffin Man,” before he realizes the madness of the situation and throws a couple of Cars characters off a roof, because why the shit not:

And there are so very many of these freaking things, each one an orgy of infantile earworms and copyright violations.

5 Mind-Meltingly Creepy Corners Of The Internet


-W: Porque yo era piloto, bueno, de hecho, en uno de mis viajes a Indonesia fue cuando me mordió un zombie y después cuando llegue a casa te mordí a ti.
-V: Efectivamente. porque yo estaba tumbado en el sofá y te dije cuidado Willy, te veo con cara extraña…. y me dijiste: Vegetta estas para comerte, y me mordiste. Vale!

Hombre es que Ver a Vegetta en el sofá…quién no se puede resistir a darle un bocado? Willy no. 
Me parece que nos va encantar esta nuevo mod de gta, su imaginación ya no tendrá limites.


my gender identity class honestly tries so hard to be good and its just. not. i have to do a powerpoint on a section in the book called “consequences of gendered media” and thats some real shit, obviously theres a lot of examples they could discuss

u know what they decided to cite as a major consequence of gendered media?

the goddamn hot coffee mod from gta san andreas. 

The Marble Machine

((Not a prompt, just something I felt like writing based off of this video. (Y/F/N) stand for Your Full Name. This also takes place in the GTA!AU. -Mod Kim))

The Marble Machine

Michael Jones only took one day off of work every year. He never requested time off for if he was sick or injured or extra vacation days. Every year he would request a single day off and every year Geoff said yes without thinking much of it. But after five years of Michael being in Geoff’s crew and asking for the same day off every year Geoff is bound to get curious so when Michael came up to Geoff with the customary “time-off” form filled out, Geoff asked about it.

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