gta v style

GTA × BTS au by @jgguks


GTA VThe Big One !❞[  ]


So yeah, I’ve been thinking about a Noire-style GTA V AU for the last two weeks and thought to myself: Why not draw wallpapers in L.A.Noire style? So here we have the first part of these Wallpapers. This took me the better part of a week, mostly since I had to figure out how to even work in this style? And then I wasted about an hour on drawing my own version of the logo because of course I can’t just use the original one u.û
Background is an altered/partly repainted screenshot from L.A. Noire and I used a GTA V screenshot of Michael as reference for the pose.

L.S.Noire Series
Franklin | Michael | Trevor


Hatton Garden Heist

Recently, nine pensioners (the eldest being 76 years old) have been charged with a GTA: V  style bank heist, after they successfully robbed a jewelry store in the London area. Five of the main suspects drilled a hole through the concrete wall and the smallest man squeezed through it. (This man is still an unidentified suspect and is currently on the run.)  Mr Strong, Mr Ginger and The Gent are among the gang’s colourful nicknames, and they each have a long criminal past of bank robberies and conspiracy. They stole around £200 million worth of goods and were storing the loot at their properties when police raided them. The mastermind plan was crafted months in advance…. over pints at their local pub.