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I just love living in a constant tire fire, so this was inevitable. GTAV ruined me in a very unique way. This is only the beginning, you should probably unfollow.

Story Time

Where I live there is this old woman I see frequently, this said lady drives a golf cart. Now, She doesnt drive it the way the average granny would, not at all, shes fuckin GTA’s this shit. 

This old bat, THIS OLDBAT CUTS OFF CARS, she has swerved into traffic with no damn concern for her own life or the life of others cutting of cars with the flip of her grayed hair, she snatches their parking spots as fast as a scavenger on a kill when the hunter isn’t looking. She gives no shit.


I promptly told my discord chat:

She was named GTA SALLY

Which evolved into this:

and today, TODAY I FOUND HER.


yeah so i have a gta cow chop au up on ao3 and i have just now gotten to telling tumblr about it, whoops. but i made a thing for it. im gonna just leave a link for ya here. its called Abate


“i like it here.”

a really sweet moment between our ocs from our grand theft auto v story! aubrey (left) belongs to me and sage (right) belongs to @itsthelastofus  ♡

we’ve had these characters for nearly 4 years now, and we’re planning on posting a story very soon that follows their adventures in los santos! 

you can read the one shot this drawing is based off of here, and if you have any questions about these characters, feel free to ask :)

That White Picket Fence: Prologue

guess what. i started writing that new GTA fic i posted a snipped about forever ago. this is just the prologue to frame the story. i’m going to try and keep these chapters manageable. probs like 2000+ words so that i can manage the length in a timely manner.

so. GTA au. Geoff centric. gents ot3. more details can be found on my writing projects page on my blog. until then, enjoy.

Prologue: Did You Hear?

It’s been five years since the infamous Fakes were last scene in the city of Los Santos. If people recall those past events, the Fakes performed a grand heist upon the city in which many fireworks were lit off during the day time, computer servers were hacked with a virus that resulted in computer screens going dark and saying Long Live the Fakes with the call sign of the gang continuously flashing, and the most funds had been stolen during a single event than ever before. The LSPD and the FIB were left clueless as to what was happening as the criminal organization set off to perform a heist the likes of which would never be seen again. At the end of the day, millions had been stolen from the elite of the city and been redistributed among the poor of the city with still 50 million missing after the tally had been taken.

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canon LGBT/implied LGBT characters in GTA:

asuka kasen / GTA III 

  • implied sexual relationship with maria; practices BDSM with her
  • has expressed attraction to claude

maria latore / GTA III

  • implied sexual relationship with asuka; practices BDSM with her
  • has expressed attraction to claude

reni wassulmaier / GTA: vice city stories

  • afab
  • trans/genderfluid, has changed pronouns numerous times throughout the early 80′s to the late 90′s (currently uses she/her pronouns) 

elizabeta torres / GTA IV 

  • implied romantic/sexual relationship with marta 
  • known to frequent female-only gyms and tennis courts 
  • married 3 men in the past

bernie crane / GTA IV

  • openly gay
  • in a relationship with the deputy mayor of liberty city

tony prince / GTA: TBoGT 

  • openly gay
  • owner of hercules
  • was in an emotionally abusive relationship with a male model/body builder

brucie kibbutz / GTA IV 

  • implied to be extremely closeted 
  • has a crush on niko bellic and luis lopez

trevor philips / GTA V

  • “any hole’s a goal”
  • “i’d rather suck cock than smoke weed and i’ve done both”
  • “now normally, have that whole “beggars can’t be choosers, take anything you can when it comes to love” attitude…”
  • what more do u need

themarslion  asked:

What's you're favorite anime and/or video game?

Okay, before I answer this: I’m 44 years-old and I don’t have the time or focus to watch thousands of hours of anime like I did when I was a kid and we got bootleg VHS copies of whatever was available at the local comic convention. Whenever this comes up, someone who is younger than my children has LOTS OF OPINIONS about why I’m too late to the party, or boring, or whatever. I don’t need to hear that, so save your time, if you’re thinking it’s a good idea (this isn’t just YOU, you, I mean it’s the entire Tumblr “you”).

Recently, I have loved One Punch Man, Psycho Pass, and Ergo Proxy. I’m very late to the party on Cowboy Bebop, but I have massively loved every episode I have watched.

I was so into Death Note, but I got really bored about 15 or so episodes in, where I felt like two minutes of story were stretched out into 30 minutes of show.

I watch dubs and subs, depending on my mood. I know a lot of people who do the dubs (and I’ve done them, myself) so I know that time and energy and effort goes into making them as faithful to the original intent and performance as possible.

I don’t have a single favorite video game. At the moment, I’m replaying some NES games on my RetroPie, and I’m working my way through maybe actually completing the story in GTA V for the first time. But I’ll never say no to Robotron, Black Widow, Dr. Mario, Mr. Do!, or Sinistar.

Oh, and I’m having a good time playing TopSoil on my phone when I poop.


I drew Toni Cipriani for a friend’s thumbnail, go check the vid out!

its a bit rushed but it was a nice practice plus I edited it a bit more now.