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canon LGBT/implied LGBT characters in GTA:

asuka kasen / GTA III 

  • implied sexual relationship with maria; practices BDSM with her
  • has expressed attraction to claude

maria latore / GTA III

  • implied sexual relationship with asuka; practices BDSM with her
  • has expressed attraction to claude

reni wassulmaier / GTA: vice city stories

  • afab
  • trans/genderfluid, has changed pronouns numerous times throughout the early 80′s to the late 90′s (currently uses she/her pronouns) 

elizabeta torres / GTA IV 

  • implied romantic/sexual relationship with marta 
  • known to frequent female-only gyms and tennis courts 
  • married 3 men in the past

bernie crane / GTA IV

  • openly gay
  • in a relationship with the deputy mayor of liberty city

tony prince / GTA: TBoGT 

  • openly gay
  • owner of hercules
  • was in an emotionally abusive relationship with a male model/body builder

brucie kibbutz / GTA IV 

  • implied to be extremely closeted 
  • has a crush on niko bellic and luis lopez

trevor philips / GTA V

  • “any hole’s a goal”
  • “i’d rather suck cock than smoke weed and i’ve done both”
  • “now normally, have that whole “beggars can’t be choosers, take anything you can when it comes to love” attitude…”
  • what more do u need

“You’re a pill-popping old queen, man. I’m a murdering maniac. But we survived, bro. We survived.”

“We did more than survive, amigo. We prospered! We took on this town and we won. We took on this place and we gave it the fucking finger. Fuck you all! I don’t care what people say! Tony Prince and Luis Lopez could not be stopped!”