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Frozen Meets GTA IV

Guilty of breaking and entering our hearts.

joebarbaro  asked:

whats your favorite video game? 💕

I’m kinda torn between GTA IV and Mafia II! It’s a close tie, but 2 always comes first. IV is a close second, followed by Scarface: The World Is Yours in third (I haven’t played that game in forever!) 🙌🙌🙌

Need some video game blogs ;o

Needing to follow some video game blogs, so reblong/like if you post any of these and i’ll check out your blog and follow :D (TBH if you’re a gaming blog I’ll follow regardless lmao)

- The Last of Us

- Mortal Kombat

- Grand Theft Auto

- Uncharted series

- Bastion

- Transistor 

- Binding of Isaac

- Borderlands/Borderlands 2

- The Cat Lady

- Dark Souls

- Don’t Starve

- Dragon Age series

- Elder Scrolls series

- Garry’ Mod

- Half-Life series

- Long Live the Queen

- Portal series

- Skullgirls

- This War of Mine

- The Witcher series 

- Pixel Horror 

- Hotline Miami