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hey you should show us 777 and LardNar~ and also the kind of shenanigans that he and Zim used to get into.

Zim: Jackpot aka 777 aka Steven Stevens Stevenson and his (brother? Buddy? cousin??? I dunno I never asked or cared) were these two dudes I used to hang out with freshman year. They were both juniors and loved me because I’m amazing. Jackpot was a hacker and inventor and Lard Nar was his partner. LN was really into that socially justicey BS and made us go to his dumb protests all the time.

Zim: The only time those things were ever fun is when the cops showed up and someone threw a molitav. I’m not saying it was me. But it was me. Anyway, despite Lard Nar being the slowest runner ever and my constant prayers for his failure, Jackpot ended up in Juvie instead of him. I visit him when I can’t remember GTA cheat codes

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Any tips to make losing your virginity hurt less?

nah this ain’t GTA, there ain’t no cheat code we all gotta go through the pain ma nigga 

Wait, Not On Camera!

Request: I love ur twitcam preference 😍🙌 it’s amazing. For me can u please maybe write a twitcam where Y/N is dating one of the boys💘 please 😁 and if u do that thanks💁

Pairing: Luke and Y/N

Rating: PG-13

A/N: Omg this was so much fun to write! and thank you for being patient with me 

  “I am starting this twitcam with or without you!” I heard Calum call from downstairs. 

Michael’s ferocious stomping and grumbles from the room next to mine signaled that he was running behind. I giggled at his frustration and Calum’s impatience before flipping the page in the book I was reading.

I had been dating the lanky and beautiful Luke Hemming of 5 seconds of summer for a while now. We had met at a meet and greet and hit it off and now here I was, basically living in their band house.

The boys were doing a surprise twitcam for the fans today since they hadn’t done one in a long while. I was excited for the fans reactions at the sudden surprise and knew they would be pleased. 

I turned another page in my novel and let the bickering of what the forgotten password was until cheers of jubilation startled me. 

“We’re on!!” Ashton screamed and the boys hollered and yelled. 

“Welcome to the twitcam!” Michael called. 

“Hi I’m Ashton Irwin, i play the drums.” Luke said and i scoffed while the boys chuckled, starting to introduce themselves as each other. 

“We haven’t done a twitcam in awhile because we’ve been really busy working on our tour and writing new songs for you guys.” Ashton said. 

“And Luke’s been busy with his girlfriend Y/N.” Michael sniggered and I heard shouts afterwards.

“Luke hit me!” Michael yelled like a little kid.

I was full on laughing by this point.

Suddenly my phone exploded with twitter notifications asking where I was and questions about Luke and the boys. The amount that flooded in was too much that my phone froze. I tried turning it off but nothing would happen, it was stuck.

“Way to go Clifford you made my phone freeze!” I called downstairs to him.

“Good, now your phone can match your cold heart!” He yelled back and I heart more shouts.

I sighed and shook my head before stomping down the stairs in cotton shorts and a t-shirt and into the lounge room where the boys were huddled around the computer resting on the coffee table. I climbed onto the couch next to Luke who smiled at me. 

“Just because i wouldn’t bring you papadums the other day doesn’t make me cold hearted.” I smacked him upside the head and Luke chuckled next to me.

“I think Y/N’s heart is very warm.” Luke said in a deep voice next to me and I gave him a sweet smile while Michael pretended to gag.

“This is disgusting people.” Calum said to the computer. “You don’t understand what we have to go through with all of Y/N and Luke’s romantic shit. It’s gross.” 

“You’re just jealous.” I said as I moved to that i was cuddled up next to Luke who wrapped his arms around me.

“PDA NO!” Ashton screamed and covered his eyes, pretending his eyes were burning whist rolling on the floor. 

I threw my head back laughing at the spectacle before me.

Michael stood up next to me and i paid him no attention as he walked back towards the kitchen until i heard a crash.

The boys and I all looked back towards where the sound came from.

“Y/N! KEEP YOUR SHOES OFF THE FLOOR!” Michael shouted and I just laughed harder. “IVE TOLD YOU A HUNDRED TIMES!” 

Michael stomped back in with a mock angry expression and i cracked up, tears of laughter clouding my vision.

“Thats karma for cheating at GTA yesterday!” I said between laughs.

Rolling his eyes and protesting, Michael stopped away back into the kitchen and Luke squeezed my sides while laughter quite down.

“Let’s read some tweets!” Calum whined and Ashton nodded enthusiastically.

“Tweet us some questions and we will answer them. Tweet us at 5sos.” Ashton flicked his hair to the side and began to read some of the tweets that scrolled up on the screen.

“Luke who would you date in the band?” Ashton asked, laughing at annoying Luke with he stupid question.

“I’d date Michael.” Luke said and i gasped in mock outrage. 

Luke and I had always had a playful relationship. We knew where each others boundaries were and knew not to take the jokes and sarcasm too far so i wasn’t  made about this at all.

“Michael, really!” I gasped. “You could do so much better.Go for Ashton, he has nice muscles.” 

“I heard that! Dick!” Michael yelled from the kitchen.

“Don’t call me what you don’t have!” I yelled back and a bunch of “OOOOHHHS” and “BURN” came from the guys.

“You’re sassy today.” Luke commented next to me and i turned to face him, shooting him a wink. 

“You know it babe.”

“Ew. Please, my ears.” Calum said in disgust and Luke and I both rolled our eyes.

I moved so that I was now sitting in between Luke’s legs, his chin resting on the top of my head. 

“Luke’s looks like a floating head.” Ashton chuckled.

I moved my hands up to place them on each side of Luke’s face and began moving his head back and forth, making him look like a dancing, floating head. Luke played along and began making weird expressions causing laughter from all of us.

“Y/N make me food!” Michael whined as he came back in the room holding a piece of toast.

“I am not your maid clifford, make your own damn food!” I stuck my tongue out at him.

“Yea, Y/N’s my maid.” Luke pouted and i turned to him with a ‘oh really?’ glare.

“You better take that back Hemmings or I will fuck you up.” I pushed playfully on his shoulder.

“But what if I like that?” Luke said innocently and wiggled his eyebrows.

“You’re so dirty minded!” I smacked his arm.

“Gross!” Ashton yelled and covered his ears.

“This is disgusting.” Calum looked sick.

“I hate both of you.” Michael gagged.

Luke just grinned and began to tickle my sides. 

“Luke!” I screeched and began to climb off of him in order to get away and when I stood up Luke pinched my butt. I ran behind the couch but Luke was quick and caught me, picking me up, (flailing arms and all) and threw me on the sofa, attacking my sides with his fingers.

“Let me go!” I giggled and squealed.

“Take that back then!” Luke laughed, enjoying my struggle.

“Fine! Fine i take it back!” I squealed and Luke just smiled before leaning forward as if to kiss me.

“Wait, not on camera!” I cried before he attached his lips to mine and gave a long, sweet, kiss.

“THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE PG RATED! OH GOD!” Ashton yelled as he tried to cover out faces with his hand on the computer.

“MY EYES!” Michael screamed.

‘THIS IS DISGUSTING, I QUIT!” Calum yelled after Michael.

My cheeks were burning red as I just realized that Luke had kissed me on camera and touched my butt in front of thousands of people, and this was most likely going to be up on youtube.

“Luke Hemmings you are in so much trouble.” I warned before he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder.

“You loved it, admit it.” He whispered in my ear and i buried my face in my hands.Luke set me down upright on the ground and wrapped his arms around me.

“Well we’re gonna go so Y/N and Luke can go be all lovey dovey somewhere else.” Calum said with a nod.

“Yea and I need to go wash my eyes with soap.” Michael whined.

“I’m sorry you had to witness that.” Ashton said and Luke and I both rolled our eyes.

“Your just jealous.” I smirked before taking Luke’s face in both of my hand and kissing him.

“EWS” were all that was heard before the screen went black.