gta characters


I just love living in a constant tire fire, so this was inevitable. GTAV ruined me in a very unique way. This is only the beginning, you should probably unfollow.

I wonder if Delirious looks like his GTA character or his fanarts..

Things Widely Accepted as Fanon in GTA AU For the Weirdest of Reasons

headcanon: Gavin is obsessed with gold. he wears gold make up and has golden weapons and golden jewelry and eats gold for breakfast
reasoning: the golden sunglasses his gta character wears

headcanon: Ryan is obsessed with plants
reasoning: i’m pretty anarchetypal made a one off headcanon and them being the Headcanon God they are, it got popular

headcanon: b-team does something, we just aren’t sure what
reasoning: b-team does something, we just aren’t sure what

headcanon: Geoff wears suits 24/7/365
reasoning: Geoff’s gta character wears a suit often and we just accepted it, despite wearing other clothes sometimes

headcanon: Gavin has insomnia
reasoning: ??????

headcanon: Gavin is a hacker
reasoning: ??????

headcanon: Gavin is a smooth talker
reasoning: ??????
note: we gave the guy that says shit like “I’m pretty sure I can make a new triangle” the smooth talker trait, well done folks

headcanon: Ryan has insomnia/Ryan chooses not to sleep
reasoning: fuck if I know dude 

idk thats all i got i’ll add more if i think of any

I want Sunday Driving to come back and I want it to be like one of those weird podcasts with dumbass plot outlines that no one acknowledges.

Like one day they’re just telling stories and roadtripping to some place in GTA, playing as their characters. One day they’re all in the same outfit. One day they drive in a circle, taking every right turn they come across. One day they’re all on bicycles. One day they’re in GTA 4. One day they’re in Borderlands 2. One day they’re all playing the wrong character.

No one says a thing about it, no one bats an eye. They just tell their Sunday Driving stories.