Pokemon Recreated in GTA V

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any good new raywood?

I’m pretty sure I live in the Raywood tag. I feel no shame about it.


Insanity by Malefactor

Summary: To expect a different outcome after trying the same thing over and over. That’s insanity. Or was insanity what came from how their informant’s blue eyes could shine so brightly and how his laugh made Ray’s heart jump. Maybe insanity was looking at their new crew member, a mute mad man, only to see a possible future being surrounded by that leather jacket while cuddled closely. Maybe it was wishing for a threesome with both men.

Ryan Haywood or Vagabond.

Having to pick one or the other was insanity.

WC: 15,055 -WIP

Lush Roses by MissGillette

Summary: The Mad King’s little Rose Prince has some confidence issues with his body. Once, Ray was only skin and bones. But much has changed since their first night together a year ago, and Ray doubts the Mad King will desire his fuller figure.

WC: 8,076

Slipping by Emono

Summary: Ryan Haywood - genius, CEO of Monarch Labs, Alpha, respected in his field. But he’s not quite all he appears. A king and a scientist loom under his handsome face and the cracks are starting to show. He starts slipping the moment he sets his gaze on X-Ray. Ryan and the MAD Scientist fall hard for the little Omega hero during experimentation, but Mad King? His gaze trails elsewhere to a fellow villain with the power to manipulate and amplify kinetic energy - an old beau of Vav’s.

What this young ex-soldier doesn’t know is that every rung of the ladder he climbs gets him ever closer to the gilded cage the Mad King has prepared for him. He may be growing into his powers and his status, he may come off cold and ruthless, but he has a weakness in the form of a wild man in the forest outside town. Mogar.

Whether Ryan knows it or not, these people are all pieces in the chess game he has started that will either destroy the city in a heavy fog of biowarfare, or save it from the brink of oblivion.

WC: 7,835 - WIP

Such Is Life by PageofD

Summary: Ryan’s eyes rake over the unpresented boy in front of him. Dark hair, thick-framed glasses, naturally tanned skin all wrapped up in sensible black slacks and a white shirt that gives a peek of pale chest.

“Mr Haywood, this is Ray Narvaez Jr. He’ll be working your desk from now on.” Lindsay says, smiling broadly at Ryan.

WC: 11,794 - WIP

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Pokemon recreated in GTA V [Side By Side Comparison]


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