GTA 5 PC Online Funny Moments - Action Replay, Epic Chase, Slow Motion, Military Base!

So I just watched the first Pack GTA video. Rob swearing is… weird. Really weird. Not bad, necessarily, but I’m much less comfy with him swearing than any of the others. Still, the “looser” channels will reveal more about them, for which I’m excited.

Anyway, let’s talk characters.

  • Mitch as the Space Man
  • Jerome as the pimp
  • Vik as, of course, Helmet Boy, who does what he wants
  • Preston as the well-dressed cowboy in weird pants (in other words, exactly the same as irl)
  • Rob as… somebody wearing absolutely no clothes
  • Lachlan as the memetic hipster
  • Gavin:I don't feel good.
  • Ryan:You don't?
  • Gavin:Nah, Michael made me feel all funny earlier.
  • -Ryan and Geoff laugh-
  • Michael:Woah, Woah! Woah! Woah! What the hell does that mean?!
  • Gavin:You made me feel all sort of...-gagging noise-
  • Michael:What does that mean??
  • Ryan:Was it a finger or something?
  • Geoff:What did you do to him man?
  • Ryan:Was it odd positioning?
  • Gavin:Nah, he just put me in a...ya, know.
  • Ryan:What??
  • Geoff:Gavin, did he touch you?
  • Michael:Stop stop stop
  • -Gavin laughs-
  • Michael:Use more words!
  • Geoff:Can you draw a picture of where he touched you?
  • Michael:What is going on here?!
  • Gavin:I like that I can use less words, it makes you sound worse.
  • Michael:No! I know what I've done sir, and it's not what you're making it out to be.
  • Geoff:Was it in the bikini area?
  • Gavin:Nah it wasn't as bad as that.
  • Michael:I did you a fuckin...I did you a favour.

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