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Anything Joel or anything Ray? Thanks xxxx

Ryan/Ray + Michael/Gavin

Just a Little Trigger- Happy by NappingStabbingBlooking

Summary: Ray grew up with people constantly asking him about his soul mark.

Which was stupid, because it wasn’t like he knew what it meant either. No one really did.

And he couldn’t really hide it; he had the terrible misfortune of his tattoo appearing on the

palm of his left hand, and fingerless gloves just made him look like a prick.

It wouldn’t have been very much of a problem, if his soul mark hadn’t have been a gun.

Ray grew up just trying not to care.

That is, until he meets his soulmate, who shoots him.


Soulmate!AU where you’re born with a black and white tattoo of an item or possession your soulmate is often associated with. When you meet them, the tattoo will gain it’s color. [PG13]

WC: 6,047 - WIP

The Magnolia King by PAPERSK1N

Summary: Achievement City was the beautiful center of The Achievement Lands, and sat directly on the throne was King Geoff Ramsey, First of his name. With his oldest friend as his adviser, and three rambunctious princes with very different heritages, Geoff has always got a lot on his hands.

When an old friend from the Dark Realms stops through town for a visit, things only grow more complicated.

James Ryan Haywood the Third, Dark God of the Dark Realms and its Land, otherwise known as; The Mad King has been one of Geoff’s oldest friends from when they were just boys. However, Geoff knows of Ryan’s mindset and reputation. So, when he begins to develop an interest in Ray, the darling Rose of the kingdom, he grows cautious.

Because what could a king like Ryan possibly want with a young prince like Ray? And more importantly, how would Geoff ever be able to stop them?

Updates Every Tuesday ! [R]

WC: 10,726 - WIP


Office Hours by dovingbird

Summary: “Adam,” Joel tries.

“Shh,” Adam replies. He remembered to lock the door this time, at least, but Joel’s eyes roll to the side like a startled horse toward the open curtains while Adam starts palming one of his big, meaty hands over Joel’s shirt. “I’m trying something, Joel.”

“That’s, I’m Mr. Heyman, excuse me,” Joel says as he slides out from between the desk and Adam’s immense, warm, soft body, Jesus Christ, he’s massive. Beautiful. Massively beautiful.

Adam laughs. He snags one of Joel’s belt loops without hesitation and Joel swears as he stumbles, as Adam tugs him back with no effort whatsoever. “You were Mr. Heyman when I was actually in your class,” Adam teases. He grabs Joel by the tie to pull him in for a kiss and Joel immediately knocks his hand away - he ironed that this morning - but threads his fingers in Adam’s hair to pull him in instead, savors the hot press of their mouths together. [R]

WC: 1,031

Ryan/Ray/Joel (One-Sided)

Everything You Want by lforevermore

Summary: Based on “Everything You Want” by Vertical Horizon.

Got a song you want done? Hit me up at [PG13]

WC: 478