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  • Me:ok I'll go to bed when I get to this location
  • Me:*gets to location* oh I love this side quest I'll do it real quick and then go to bed
  • Me:*finished side quest an hour ago, is wondering landscape* I've never seen this location before!! Let's look around, and then I'll save and go to bed
  • Me:*is at location I was heading to 3 hours ago* ok let's do the quest that's here so I can get it done
  • Me:*is basically never ending video game trash*

“Trevor appeared to us pretty much out of nowhere as the embodiment of another side of criminality – of freedom, and of doing what you want. If Michael was meant to be the idea of some version of criminal control – or some sort of bourgeois criminal who tries to go straight and gets sucked back in – what about the guy who didn’t do that? What about the opposite guy? What about the guy who just says ‘fuck off’ every moment, is relentless, doesn’t want to stop taking drugs, doesn’t want to stop partying, doesn’t want to be told ‘no’ by anyone, and just completely revels in chaos? Won’t take an insult from anybody. Kills without remorse, like a true psychopath, but very sentimental for the right reasons when it suits him.

“That seemed an interesting guy to have as a protagonist. Very unlike anyone we’ve had in a game before. If you began to develop him and Michael and their previous relationships… We wanted this feeling where you start off thinking one’s good and the other’s awful. Then you get spun the other way. Then you get spun back the first way, until you can’t decide.” - Dan Houser [x]