We’re talking about the crazy super secret hidden within the already-secret secrets. When players accessed the code for the game, they discovered coordinates for a few plants that nobody had ever found, accompanied by a cryptic clue within the code itself. You actually had to crack into the game – which is going way beyond “Easter Egg” – and even then, you didn’t get the answer. You merely got a hint.

It took a long time, but eventually players figured out the conditions required for the mystery golden peyote to appear. You must complete the whole game at least once, you have to have collected all the regular peyote already, and you have to have completed the mission “The Last One,” in which you hunt down a guy in a Bigfoot costume. Oh, and also, the plants only appear on a certain day of the week, at a certain time, and only if the weather is set to snow or fog, which is itself next to impossible without a cheat code.

If you possess the patience and lack the job to meet those criteria, the game lets you play as Bigfoot.

And it’s still not over! If you collect all the golden peyote, you access a secret mission in which you, as Bigfoot, have to hunt down and kill Michael J. Fox’s character from Teen Wolf.

Doing so unlocks Teen Wolf as a playable character. Only he is now possibly an undead Teen Wolf? We’re not super solid on the taxonomy of teen wolves.

5 Video Game Easter Eggs That Were Absurdly Hard To Find

Happy to finally be adding this to the collection. Was bummed out I missed out on it the first time around but luckily they did a second printing.
Oldschool GTA 1&2 gameplay with tons of humor and references out the ass. Hoping for a sequel at some fuckin point if possible

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