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- ALL OF ASTRO: Fluffy day at an Amusement Park


Welcome Home // Kim Hanbin (IKON, FLUFF)



A couple days a week you would be out late until the early am. One night when you entered your apartment that you and Mark lived in, you accidently slammed the door waking him up. Instantly he would race towards where the sound came from seeing you standing there in a uniform. Confused, he would ask what you were doing, to which you replied you were working late. Questioning why, you would explain you wanted to save up to go back to your hometown to see your family.

“(y/n) there’s no need money doesn’t matter to me you do, if you want to see your family we will go see them as soon as we can, okay?” He would then pull his laptop out booking the earliest flight.

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After spending many nights a week out and not coming home until late at night, Jackson was starting to wonder where you were going. He would confront you but not full on, he would bring it up if the conversation was going in that direction or would text you when you were out. You would try to hide it but would confess to him admitting you were learning mandarin for him, but you would try and tell him in mandarin saying something completely opposite and he would just smile and know exactly what you were doing, he may even cry a little.

“Princess you didn’t have to.”

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It was a late Tuesday morning when you tried to crawl back into bed where JB was sound asleep, when his hand suddenly slipped out from under the covers grabbing you. He would ask you where you’ve been as he sat up to see your tired face. You would sit down on the bed and admit to staying out late to learn Korean. Smiling JB would embrace you saying you didn’t need to do that.

“Jagiya I seriously thought you were cheating on me damn.”

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When YoungJae woke up last night to find you not in bed he would worry but see a note on the side table as you knew he would worry. The next morning YoungJae would ask you where you were last night in his husky early morning voice. You would be hesitant to tell him but as you saw the worry, doubt and tears fill his eyes you couldn’t do anything but ruin his surprise birthday.

“(y/n) I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to ruin the surprise, I was just worried.”

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Jinyoung and you were lying in bed when it had gotten late, thinking he was asleep you slipped out of bed and got changed ready to head out. Just before you opened the front door you would hear Jinyoung clearing his throat, startling you. He would question what you were doing at this time of night for the past couple days. Unwillingly, you would break down crying saying your friend has been in the hospital and you didn’t want him to worry, but you’re starting to get worried about your friend so you want to spend some time with them.

“(y/n) it’s going to be okay. Let me grab my coat, I’ll drive you.”

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Knowing Bambam he would stalk you, not in a creepy way though, like, he would notice that you had been going out late at night the past couple of weeks and would get curious. He would also get worried thinking that you were cheating on him because he felt like you deserved better. When you pulled up to the community centre, the sign next to the road would say ‘Thai classes tonight from 11pm’. Once you got out the car, Bambam would follow and run towards you, swinging you around in a bear hug.

“Omg Jagiya I thought you were cheating on me!”

“Bam what the hell are you doing here, and why would I cheat on you?!”

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Yugyeom wouldn’t catch you out late at night because he’s a giant teddy bear and would be asleep, he would catch you practicing a dance in the bedroom when you thought he was at practice with the rest of the boys. He would kind of just stand and stare through the crack in the door. He would hear you swear because you thought you mucked up a move he would have to try not to laugh. After you finished dancing to his routine from ‘Hit the Stage’ he would clap and walk through the door walking over to you, hugging you and planting a kiss on your forehead.

“When did you become so good ha?”

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Married To The Boss [Nine] | Rap Monster

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Things become more initmate between Namjoon and Y/N.

Slight smut


These past few weeks I’ve caught myself staring at Namjoon’s lips and now I’m actually feeling them against mine. His actions today caught me off guard. The whole time my mom was here I was scared to tell him anything about her, thinking he would be embarrassed by me. I didn’t want him to worry about his father finding out and using it against him to get rid of me. In the end he knew everything and never asked questions about it. I’m truly grateful.

Once the shock passes that we’re kissing and I’m not fantasizing it I take the chance to explore the parts of his body that I have been curious to touch. As expected, his shoulders are firm to the touch. My hand trails up his neck into his soft hair. His full lips continue to control mine giving them no chance at a break.

A moan escapes me when I feel the warmth of his hands roaming up my spine, pulling me closer into his body. The harder he squeezed me into his hold the more parts of his body I felt and the more turned on I became.

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[Mark] Teacher's Pet (Chapter 68)

All Chapters

The next two days pass in a complete blur, and I’m lost between Fanny’s death and Bea and Max’s situation. My dad’s aunt passed away on Friday night right after they came back home. They decided to stay here and just go back to San Diego for the funerals.

My dad is sad, but him and his aunt weren’t really close. I must have met her a handful of times when I was a kid. I still want to be there for him. The loss made him ultra ‘familial’, and I think he’s scared of losing someone who’s closer to him. He drops random ‘I love you’s to everyone, tells us we’re everything he has. He’s not depressed or anything, just really grateful I think.

Bea, on the other hand, is a mess. She’s told everything to Max, and as expected, he left her. She can’t stop crying, doesn’t want to get out of my bed, doesn’t want to eat, doesn’t want to shower, doesn’t want to see the sunlight, reminding me of me when Mark and I broke up. I feel bad for her.

Andy gives me news, calls me everyday. Despite my disapproval, he is still with Drew and didn’t tell him about what happened with Bea. He says he feels gayer than ever, that he found back his attraction to boys, especially Drew, but I keep telling him he’s just fooling himself. I can’t say he’s become straight, but I think he’s bisexual. He doesn’t even try to think about the possibility, but hey, it’s his life.

The TV says there will be the movie Clueless (a masterpiece) on Fox Wednesday night. The date rings a bell in my head. Wednesday. It’s getting closer and I haven’t started packing. I know I promised, and I hate disappointing Mark, but I can’t possibly leave my house when my family is in this state. It’s not even about how it would look in their eyes, it’s about how I feel. I want to be there for them.

Another reason why I’m not ready to move out is because I’ve thought a lot about Mark and I, and why I felt so weird after his explanation.

He said he jumped on the occasion when Ellie proposed to kiss him to see if he felt anything. That clearly shows he doesn’t think we’d survive external threats or greedy women. No matter how fucked up our relationship is, I’d never give any part of my body to anyone else in exchange of peace. He doesn’t trust us, and he doesn’t trust me either.

I know Andy was suggesting something had happened between us but I said no, and he should have believed me. I had a proof of him cheating on me, he didn’t have any.

I also hate how I felt when we had sex. I was hurt and angry, and then he brought me to heel. He made me vulnerable and weak enough to forgive him anything. I hate the fact that even if he had fucked her, I would have clung to him. I didn’t want to, but I knew I was going to give in. That means he can basically manipulate me with sex.

I’m afraid he knows what he does, that’s what scares me the most. If he sees I become weak and vulnerable when he fucks me, then he will maybe think he can cheat on me anytime he wants, and just fuck forgiveness out of me. He could make me lose all my dignity as a girl…or woman.

But I miss him. I need him with me, and I was us to be okay, I really do. I have all those bad thoughts in my head, but in the end I still end up wanting to call him, talk to him, hear his voice. I wonder what he’s doing. I know he’s hurting because of me. I wonder if he’s working in his surprise for me. I wonder if he has answers to my question. Maybe we can try to solve this together.

That will have to wait, because now is definitely not the right time.

I can’t possibly move out on Wednesday, leave when my dad is mourning and Bea is depressed. I just can’t. I need to tell Mark. I dread his reaction, but I find the courage to dial him.

“Abby.” He answers after the first ring, his voice soft. I haven’t heard it in two days, it’s crazy how much emotion it brings out.

“Hi.” I say.

“Hi.” He replies softly. I stay silent for a moment. Suddenly I wish we weren’t on a break. His voice itself makes me feel like home, and I feel stupid for depriving myself from it.

“I miss you.” He murmurs, breaking the silence. I inhale sharply, his words warming my heart.

“I miss you too.” I reply sincerely.

“Are you calling to tell me you take me back?” He asks hopefully.

“I already took you back, Mark.” I scold.

“What is it, then?”

“I’m not sure I can move out just yet.” I say wearily and cringe, expecting him to bark at me.

“What?” He breathes, very softly.

“I just want to push it back a little, maybe a week.” I explain. He says nothing for what feels like forever.

“But… But you said…” He stutters, and I can sense his agitation. He stops speaking, probably recomposing himself.

“You said you’d give me Wednesday.” He says more calmly.

“Mark, there’s so much going on, I swear. I’m not trying to bail out. It’s just not the right time.” I explain.

“What is going on exactly?” He asks. “Nothing you want to know. I just have to be here for everyone.” I reply, and he goes silent again. I wait. I wait for moments for him to say something.

“I want to see you.” He says. I want to see you too.


“You said you’d give me Wednesday, and you won’t. I want to see you instead.” He adds before I can argue.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“You don’t think it’s a good idea to see your boyfriend?” He asks.

“Not when I’m lost and he can make  me do whatever he wants me to do with sex.” I snap.

“What are you talking about? You know what? I want a date.” He says. “I want to come pick you up at your house, show you a good time, eat some good food with you, and then drop you home and kiss you goodnight on the step of your door.” He explains. He wants a date. A real date. Why does this idea look so new? We’ve never done anything like this before. The traditional way.

“No sex?” I ask, and I immediately want to slap myself, because this is a way to say yes. I couldn’t help it though. How long has it been since we’ve seen each other without having sex or without teasing each other in public? Maybe this is what I need. Maybe I need to find the man I love, not the one my body desperately needs.

“No sex.” He agrees immediately. Mark Tuan and no sex. I have no idea what it’s like. I’ve lost it. It would like returning to the beginning of our relationship. Endless conversations, no sex, just his charm.

“I think I’d like that too.” I say quietly.

“Then say yes.” He pleads.


“Thank you.” He sighs as if a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

“Wednesday?” He proposes. The day I was supposed to move in with him. I wince inwardly.

“Okay.” I agree, and then a question pops in my head. “Mark?”


“Did you sell her the car?” I ask. He stays silent, giving the answer away. I slump against the back of the couch.

“No.” He says finally. No? She doesn’t have my car?

“I want it back.” I say.


“I want my car back.” I repeat.

“You only want it because she could have had it.” I can almost hear his smug smile. I purse my lips.

“Yes, and also because it’s mine and I changed my mind about it.” I lie, and he chuckles softly. The sound warms my chest.

“Whatever. Alright, you’ll have it back.” He says.

“Thank you.” I reply. “See you on Wednesday.”

“Yeah, I’ll give you a time.”

“Okay, bye.”

“Bye.” He says, and I wait for him to hang up.

“Why don’t you hang up?” He asks. I blush on my own, embarrassed by my behavior.

“You hang up.” I reply.

“No, I won’t. You hang up.” He retorts.

“Are we really playing that cheesy game?”

“Are we?” He throws back.

“No, we’re not. See ya.” I can’t bite back the grin on my face as I hang up. That was cheesy and lame, but cute. My dad sits down next to me right after I drop my phone on my lap.

“Aren’t you supposed to start packing?” He ask distractedly, throwing an arm over the back of the couch.

“The move is delayed.” I reply, and he turns his head to look at me, eyebrow raised.

“To when?” He asks, and I shrug, because I have no idea. When everything will be alright here, I’ll feel it. I’ll start packing then.

“Isn’t your tyrant upset?” He asks, effectively pissing me off.

“Dad you seriously need to stop this.” I snap. “It’s complicated enough, I don’t need you to be so mean to him. You’re an obstacle between you and me, and as much as it makes him mad, he doesn’t talk like that about you.” I grind out, and he only rolls his eyes, looking back at the TV.

“You should know that when you’re in love, when someone talks bad about your special one, you hurt too.” I add, and he ignores me, focused on the TV. I hate how he doesn’t listen to me. How he has his own opinion about Mark and I and doesn’t even try to hear me out.

“You can continue to hurt me, and be sure I don’t try to be considerate and move out tonight without saying goodbye, or you can shut up and be there in case it goes wrong.” I mutter, and manage to get his attention. He snaps his head towards me and glares.

“Excuse me?!” He barks. “I didn’t raise you to talk to me like this!” He utters. Well, he’s pushing me. I hate how inconsiderate he is. He doesn’t see it hurts me that he’s so negative about my relationship. He doesn’t see I don’t feel good about this situation.

“You’re pushing me towards a choice, dad. You’re pushing me out of the house every time you say something nasty about the man I love.” I retort. “For fuck’s sake, dad, I’m nineteen. I could leave and you’d have no way to get me back. Does it even matter to you?” I add a little bit more calmly.

“You’re my only daughter Abigail, of course it matters.” He says, lowering his tone a little. I sigh. If it matters, he’d do everything for us to have a sane relationship with no hard feelings.

“I don’t want hard feelings between us, princess.” He murmurs softly, taking my hand in his, when I look up at him, surprised by his change of tone, he looks appalled.

“I don’t want you to hate me, Abigail. It would break my heart.” He says, and I immediately feel better. My papa bear. I wrap my arms around him and hug him tightly.

“I’m sorry for lashing out like this.” I mumble over his shoulder.

“No, you’re right.” He gently pats my back.

“I want you to like him, dad. He’s not like you think he is. I’d never be with someone violent or abusive or who makes me do things against my will.” I explain to him.

“Yes, I know that.” He says, pulling away from me. When I look at him again, his expression has completely changed. He looks really tender, happy even.

“Start packing.” He orders softly.


“I said, start packing. You’re moving out on Wednesday.” He declares. Ha!

“No, I have to be there. For you and Bea.” I retort. What the hell is this? He’s kicking me out, now.

“Oh, come on. You didn’t even know Fanny, and what can you give me? A hug? If I want one I’ll just drive to your place.” He waves a dismissive hand in the air.

“Mommy, on the other hand, has the kind of hug I want. If you know what I mean.” He winks at me. A disgusted shiver runs down my spine.

“Ew, dad! You’re a gross…” I trail off, trying to find something to qualify this man in front of me. “Bear.”

He barks out a huge belly laugh, the one that really makes  him sound like a bear.

“Why are you pushing me out of the house suddenly?” I ask him.

“I think you’re making a mistake, but clearly you won’t listen to me, so I’d thought I’d let you fall over your face, and just new there to catch you when it happens.” He explains, his knuckles caressing my face.

“I appreciate it, dad. But Bea and Max have broken up, and there’s no way I can pack everything by Wednesday.” I explain.

“You don’t have to live here to be there for Bea. You have a key to her house, just swing by whenever you please. It would be more easy if you had a car though.” He retorts.

“Alright, I’m outta here.” I chant, getting up and going back to my room. My dad trying to kick me out of the house, how funny is that?

In front of the stairs, my phone starts to ring. It’s Max. It’s the first time he’s calling me since their breakup. He said he was done with her. Clearly it’s not the case. I can’t answer this upstairs, Bea is catching up on her sleep in my room. I decide to go in the backyard.

“Max?” I say as I take his call.

“Does that prick really live in Chicago?” He asks. Well, hello. I’m good and you? Thanks for asking.

“Don’t lie to me, Abigail. I spent more than a year chasing Bea, I don’t want her to play games with me.” He mutters bitterly. I remember how hard it was for him to get her. My heart swells for him a little. I understand how he feels, so I’m not going to bitch over how rude he’s being.

“Yes he does live in Chicago, and yes he’s gay. Or became gay again.” I reply, and I hear a long sigh on the other end of the line.

“Listen, that guy fucked her over. He’s kind, and he doesn’t mean to hurt her, but he does fuck with her brain.” I add.

“She wanted him, she thinks about him now. I bet she thinks about what they’ve done together. She said I’d be her first!” He grinds out, hurt, pain and anger almost palpable.

“First of all, you don’t bet, she does think about how they fucked, all the time. Do you know how she reacts? She throws up.” I retort.

“Every time she thinks about it, she runs to the toilet. Second of all, do you think she’d be feeling bad at all if she didn’t care who her first was supposed to be? She hurt herself too, Max.” I add, and once again, he stays silent.

“What if he lived in LA?” He asks more quietly. The change of tone hits me. He’s… He’s going to forgive her.

“They both probably would avoid each other, putting me in a delicate situation. She’d never try to see him, neither would Andy.” I explain. I don’t want to lie to him, because what Bea and Andy have done to their boyfriends is disgusting, but facts are facts.

“Look, you were there when Mark cheated on me. I forgave him. Not only because he had a reason, not really a good reason but yeah, but also because I know he loves me.” I say, but he doesn’t react to this.

“I’m not telling you to take her back, or to even think about forgiving her. I’m just telling you facts.” I add.

“Heartless assholes don’t feel bad when they cheat, maybe when they get caught. Bea get sick just thinking about what she’s done, she’s really hurting.” I murmur. He stays silent for a long, long moment, and I know he’s thinking.

“You know, whether she had been single or not, she would have had the same reaction. That boy fucks her over.” I add quietly.


“Yes. It’s complicated, and weird. But it’s the truth.”

“Alright, thanks for sharing.” He says on a sigh.

“You’re welcome, bye.” I reply before hanging up. If you can call that a twist. Maybe there’s something to save between them. Bea has done so much more than Mark, and still Max is not sure he’s done with her. Reeling, I walk up to y bedroom, which is empty. Frowning, I go out and close the door, and then I hear a puking sound coming from the bathroom. There she is. My poor girl.

“Max called.” I say through the door. She coughs a little.

“He did?” She asks, her voice hoarse. Her throat must feel like hell.

“I didn’t defend you. Just said things how they are.” I explain, and she answers by vomiting again.

“I wonder if you throw up in hell.” She says. Hell? Who’s going to hell?

“Shut up and brush your teeth.” I snap.


A couple hours later the doorbell rings while Bea and I are upstairs.

“Bea, Abigail, it’s for you!” My dad’s big voice booms from downstairs. A visit for the both of us? We look at each ocher quizzically.

“We waitin’ for someone?” She asks me, and I shrug, clueless. I’m curious to see who it is. We trot our way downstairs, and all we see is my dad’s back hiding our visitor in the doorway of the front door. Then he moves to the side and turns to us, letting us see Max standing here with his hands in his pocket.

Holy shit.

He looks uneasy and shifty, anger radiating from him. With a nod, I dismiss my dad and he leaves, and then I turn to Bea, who is petrified. Her big glassy green eyes are glued on him, and she doesn’t seem to be able to move. I turn to Max again, and he’s staring at her right back, his gaze intense. I feel like an intruder.

Slowly, Max drags his eyes to mine and jerks his chin.

“He’s not coming back, right?” He asks me. Checking the water one last time before the deep plunge? I admire him. This shows how much he loves her.

“I really don’t think so.” I reply sincerely. He nods, more to himself then to me, and then on a long and steadying sigh, he looks back. “Then let’s try to save this.” He declares, before grabbing the frozen girls hand and pulling her forward. She sends a surprised, panicked look, and then he drags her out of the house into the street, just like this. I stand here, dumfounded, as he drags her away. “Wow.” I say to whoever is with me. I soon realise I’m alone and no one is listening to me. I go back inside and close the door, catching a glimpse of mom and dad cuddling in front of the TV. I could go sit between them, but I don’t feel like it today.

I find myself alone.

It amazes me that Max is trying to forgive her. I’m surprised that despite his anger, he saw through her actions and saw she was feeling bad about it.

It wasn’t hard for me to see it, because I know Bea is a good person. And I kind of understand she didn’t want to sleep with Andy. This is all really fucked up, but now I’m seeing good people can be brought to cheating.

Bea really fucked up, and Max is trying to save their relationship. Mark has done so much less, and he regrets too. In front of that comparison, there should be no doubt. What happened with Ellie was nothing, and we totally blew this out of proportion. But as we did, many issues surfaced. I still miss him, hell I want to see him. We don’t need a break, because despite all the shit that can happen, despite all the issues I can count, there’s no way we’re breaking up.

Locking myself in my room, I lay down on my bed and call the man I love.

“Hey.” He says as he picks up, and I smile on my own.

“Hey.” I reply. “I was wondering if you’d like to reschedule our date.” I explain.

“Rescedule?” He asks.

“I want to see you tomorrow.” I declare.

“Really?” He sounds surprised.


“O-okay, then.” He stutters. Excitement brings butterflies in my belly.

“Cool.” I almost squeal. “What should I wear?” I ask.

“Something casual. I’ll pick you up at five.” He says. Five? So no dinner date. What is he planning?

“Okay.” I reply. “See you tomorrow.”

“Bye.” We both stay on the line. “Hang up, Abby.” He scolds. Like he can talk! “Okay.” I pout, but obey.

So, tomorrow I’m seeing Mark. And I fully intend to make everything right.

Watch on


  • that hand choreography got me from the start - had to pause and start again
  • Jinyoung rubbing his thigh
  • Jackson close up and chest pumps - I was not prepared 
  • Jaebum being extra af - seriously it was like the dance practise all over again 
  • Jinyoung’s eye contact with the camera (man is a born actor he finds the camera like a sniffer dog finds drugs)

now hear comes the real fucking killer okay ….

  • S L O W     M O T I O N    H I P   T H R U S T S 
  • who allowed this? 
  • who though it was okay to be this obscene?
  • it’s basically porn on stage omg

I would love to know so that I can personally thank them. good lord am I so thankful.  

then it gets better with..

  • Yugyeom and Jaebum’s english - totally rewatched that more than once
  • how the fuck did Jaebum make that handrub look so damn sexy?!?!?!

and then they all just walk away like they didn’t just COMPLETELY SLAY ME IN 1 MINUTE ??!?!?!

Married To The Boss [Fourteen] | Rap Monster

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Namjoon discovers the deal from his dad and goes to confront him meanwhile Y/N is long gone.


I’m sorry that I chose to leave this way. It pained me to see you happy with me knowing I was planning on leaving. Another thing I should be honest with you about is that Yugyeom offered me a position with him at GT7 Entertainment but I couldn’t take it no matter how good the offer was.

Something else you’ll find out, if you haven’t already, is that your dad came to talk to me about our future together. He was willing to let us stay together but of course there were conditions. One was signing a contract to protect you but I couldn’t sign it. When that didn’t work the other option was to leave you and a promised opportunity that would guarantee me a good lifestyle and I took it. Not to be selfish but more like selfless. I want you to have a wife that you can be proud of, to show off at meetings abroad, and not have to fight your dad about her.

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