Women in Motorsport Masterlist

So a few of you liked this idea, and I decided to go ahead and make it. Basically this list is designed to be a one-stop resource for people who want to support women racing drivers, but perhaps don’t know who to follow or where to find them. I feel like this list can be helpful as for drivers in the junior formula, just a message of support from someone can be a massive boost to them, so its definitely worth giving them a follow!

Anyway, a few notes:

- This is NOT a complete list yet, I’m sure there are loads of drivers missing off this list. I will keep on updating this list when I can but these were the drivers that I could find with a couple of hours worth of searching.

- If you know of any drivers that I have missed of the list, feel free to reblog the post and add their name to the list or send it to me and I will add it.

Tatiana Calderon - - GP3

Carrie Schreiner - - Lamborghini Super Trofeo

Esmee Hawkey - - GT Cup

Emily Glavill -  - Celtic Speed Mini Coper Cup

Shanel Drewe - - Michelin Clio Cup Championship

Katie Milner - - Ginetta GT5 Challenge

Christine Doran - - VAG Trophy

Alexandra Mohnaupt -

Dana Freeman -

Jessica King - - BRSCC Fiesta Senior Championship

Sophia Floersch - - ADAC Formula 4

Jamie Chadwick - - British F3

Beitske Visser - - Formula V8 3.5

Alexandra Marinescu -

Bryony King - - Formula Jedi

Simona De Silvestro - - Supercars Australia

Danica Patrick -

Anna Walewska - - British GT Championship

Jo Polley - - MINI Challenge

Jade Edwards - - UK Clio Cup

Abbie Eaton - - Blancpain GT

Charlotte Birch - - Junior Saloon Car Championship

Kyla Birdseye - - MG Metro Cup

Jessica Hawkins - - MINI Challenge UK

Marta Garcia - - Spanish Formula 4

Pippa Mann - - Competing in Indy 500

Alice Hughes - - Mighty Mini Championship

So We have a new addition to Super Saiyan forms from the New DBZ film

But first lets go over all of them

1) Super Saiyan The OG transformation, Gold Hair, emerald eyes. Just Badass it had bulkier forms in Ascended and Ultra Ascended but we’re ignoring those

2) Super Saiyan 2 We had this form, that only looks badass on a 9 year old kid but when this form hit it was RAW as hell with the electricity and spikes

3) Super Saiyan 3, lack of eyebrows, awesome theme and five minutes of screaming unleash this beast

4) Either ya accept it or ya dont but we had this primal brutal form in GT

5) We got this skinnier hair dyed lame version of Kaioken in Super Saiyan God

and NOW


IT HAS BLUE HAIR da ba dee da ba dah

So this is Goku’s new Super Saiyan God form for the new movie…..BLUE HAIR Now??? So ya had Gold, Black, Lime, Red, and Now blue..Just give em a Rainbow dash mane at this point. Oh well……at least its better than skinny Goku.