-made and wired up a custom plug and play resistor box

-made a custom plug and play GM 3bar map sensor

-welded my cold side piping, welded flange for my BOV

-replaced old headgasket with Golden eagle headgasket

-put in new ARP head studs

-put 1000cc injectors in

-ordered another ecu with hondata s300

-put in my hasport mounts

-mocked up the charge pipe to be welded tomorrow

Still waiting on a shit load of more parts to be delivered. God damn it UPS
Ball Bearing Turbo - Garrett GT4294R/GT4202R (aka GT42R / GT42RS) - TWOO AUTOPARTS CO., LTD

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Ball Bearing Turbo - Garrett GT4294R/GT4202R (aka GT42R / GT42RS)


The T04 Flanged GT42 turbos are back right on time for the drag race season. Dual Ball Bearing GT42R/GT42RS Turbo assembly available now. Exhaust housing options include standard larger GT42 turbine flange with 5.00" V-band discharge(a/r 1.15) or T04 flanged with 4.00" V-band (a/r 1.01 or 1.15). 

-Wheel: 82mm
-Housing: 1.01, 1.15, 1.28, 1.44 A/R in T4 divided or 1.01, 1.15 A/R T6 divided 
-Maps: Not Available

-Wheel: GT4294R: 94mm w/ 56 trim (70.3mm inducer) GT4202R: 102mm w/ 53 trim (74.7mm inducer)
-Housing: .60 ar
-Maps: Not available

Applicable Garrett P/N’s:

451888-5011S (GT4202R)

451888-5009S (GT4294R)