They are not human beings. GT Pink is everything and more.


2013 Cheerleading Worlds Preview: Internationals All Girl 5! * I didn’t make this*

I ended up doodling this inbetween my commission work and my group work and just, I never see SU Human OC’s so I made one XD

She’s a resident of Beach City, a Divorced mom of two, and is a Marine Biologists thus her reason of living in Beach City. She’s lived there since being a kid except leaving for a few years for schooling. The ocean in beach city inspired her to become a Marine Biologists, mainly because she can’t explain a few things she’s seen around the area >^>;; like pink lions.

Her kids are a young 13yr old daugher, and a 7yr old son. They get to visit their father on the weekends.

  • Part 1 ☆ Jaipur Town, April 26 2015 *:・゚✧

nevvleaf super pretty Town of Jaipur ~ !

I’m going back on editing screenshots of my first dreams ! I think I’m now better at taking screenshots though hehe (♡´౪`♡)

This Town was so magical and pretty, it felt like a fairytale ! I spent so much time in it and I loved every detail, it was super relaxing ♥

I really want to visit again soon and take better screenshots of this beautiful pink Town ! ٩(๑>◡<๑)۶:.。+゚

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