Ken (@keken_0406):

오늘 엄청 멋지신 Jun_K 횽님과
사진을 찍었다~><헤헷
존경합니닷~><울 애기들한테 불러주고싶당~헤헷

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I took a picture with the super cool Jun_K today~><hehe
I really like THINK ABOUT YOU~
I admire you~><I wanna sing it to my babies~hehe

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To celebrate me being bored af during the night shift at work.

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1966 Ford T5 GT K-code Convertible
Fast facts
Engine: k-code 289 hi-po transmission: four speed rearend: 3.50:1 9 inch
Special parts: pony interior, german mustang T5 trim, GT package, convertible top and k-code engine. production number unknown in 66, 151 convertibles in 67
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K☆R> The manga club’s planning for the summer camp this year. Well, that’s it for the daytime part. The night part will start at 10. If we talked about all her friends we’d probably fill three volumes of Ano’s Story, so we’ll be focusing only on those she’s particularly close with. Well, see you tonight! Enjoy the holiday!

We’re currently holding the third Kyuusei Council for support of Kindred Spirits on the Roof fan works on the blog. We’re accepting questions in the form of comments until 11:00 tonight. Check the details here:

K☆R> Kindred Spirits on the Roof Friendships (Ano Fuji #5). Tsurugimine Kiri. She respects her as a person who can put her feelings for people into honest words. Like, she seemed to be strangely affected by something Kiri said when they’d just met: “it would be immoral not to tell a cute thing that it’s cute!”

K☆R> Kindred Spirits on the Roof Friendships (Ano Fuji #6). Hearing about her complexes about her height and strong-sounding name, Ano suggested to Kiri: “why not change your look?” With the broadcasting club’s help, Kiri made her transformation into a cool older sister. There was a bit of a commotion about a “mysterious beauty” when she was sporting the look.

K☆R Additionally> Three days later, she decided the look was too much trouble (and she was scaring Tsukuyo-chan) so she cut it out. Some students still seem to be searching for the Mystery Beauty (a beautiful teacher?).

K☆R> Kindred Spirits on the Roof Friendships (Ano Fuji #7). Miyama Nena. A strange friend who’s just by your side before you know it, in games and in real life. When Nena told her “I like you ‘cause you’re like a kotatsu,” Ano had no idea how to respond, so she just silently flicked Nena on the forehead a few times.

K☆R> Kindred Spirits on the Roof Friendships (Ano Fuji #8). They still play that game where they send each other novels, movies, and videos they think the other will like and go “you got me, O Great and Powerful XX” and bow their heads to each other when the other one’s right. The game’s getting increasingly elaborate as they’ll have viewing parties at Ano’s house and go for three in a row, or they’ll limit each other to certain genres.

K☆R> Kindred Spirits on the Roof Friendships (Ano Fuji #9). Currently. Ano and the top members of the manga club are learning to edit videos from the broadcasting club. As Miss Nena’s sleeping time is whittled away, they’re making a video to recruit new members, since the new president Gano-san wants more dedicated members (about 80% of the current members are in other clubs as well).

K☆R> Which of course means Tamachi’s observation subjects have increased again. Well, that’s it for today’s K☆R! As you might have expected, Ano Fuji’s friendships will have to continue in a second part. We’ve got a lot to say about her friends outside of school and Yuna. Let’s head toward springtime together. Well, good night~

Ch-Cheers? (It’s too late) Kame-chan. The new second-year member of the math club. I bet she’s in one of the EFG classes (the commerce track). Her height would be a bit shorter than Kiri, her tastes, expansive. She’s got a lot of hair. Frankly, she’s more of a literary type, so she’s the type to put characters to logic puzzles and mess them up.


Remix Submission Guidelines

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LJ only accepts 65,000 characters per post so please put chapter breaks in accordingly.

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Please use these guidelines for ratings:

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If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask them!

How was the haunted house?

…. k.  >_>;

I have this bent idea to take Artyom AND Andrei to Bridgeport.

There’s really no reason they caaaaaaan’t…. but…

Andrei’s apartment is a one-bedroom.  Really this is only a strange mental hangup?  I don’t think Andrei’s even slept in his own bed there a single time.  I have things to do in Bridgeport.  No one has time to sleep.  xD

It’s just the odd idea that two hetero male sims would be sharing a single bed apartment….

I suppose I could destroy it and put in a… bunk bed…… >_>;



K☆R> Kindred Spirits on the Roof Friendships (Komano Hina #15). Tamachi, who undauntedly calls Nena “Coach,” is a little frustrated when she sees how weirdly well Hina and Nena get along. She seems to be proactively trying to get closer to Hina to find out exactly what it is Nena likes so much about her.

K☆R Additionally> Nena and Hina’s dogfights start only when Nena’s awake.

K☆R> Kindred Spirits on the Roof Friendships (Komano Hina #16). It’s been about two years since Yuna introduced Ano to Hina as “a princess-like friend I’ve made.” Hina trusts her as a fellow friend who loves Yuna and they’ve become close enough to hear things like “Yuna’s the mom and Ano and Hina-chan are the daughters, huh” (Nena).

K☆R> Kindred Spirits on the Roof Friendships (Komano Hina #17). Hina looks forward to the manga Ano lends her, and she’s started going over to Ano’s house with Yuna. Since she spends a long time reading manga, Hina’s started taking up the “leaning on Ano” position. She’s very pleasant to lean on because of all the fluff, reportedly.

K☆R> Yuna does the old Ano-leaning sometimes too. It’s very relaxing, apparently.

K☆R> Kindred Spirits on the Roof Friendships (Komano Hina #18). When Yuna started dating Hina, Ano was a bit confused at first, but she seems to have gotten over it after New Year’s. Just, she really doesn’t think the three of them should be bathing together just because she’s got a big bath in her house! Embarrassing!

K☆R> Kindred Spirits on the Roof Friendships (Komano Hina #19). Hina’s currently training for the local marathon, the one she ran in last spring too. She’s planning on advertising the tea shop where Ano works while she’s at it, so she’s chatting with Designer Ano every day about what sort of mascot character she should be.

K☆R> Kindred Spirits on the Roof Friendships (Komano Hina #20). When the new term starts, her old juniors start school at Shirojo. Miss Hina is finally a senpai again, but she stays as relaxed as ever about it. She sits and nods “mm” as she sips at the delicious tea Ano taught her how to brew.

Sonou-sensei’s Extracurricular Lesson 1: Stand, bow, be seated. It’s time for K☆R’s alternate broadcasts. Today we’ll be talking about the graduation ceremony we just held. It was my second ceremony being on the welcoming and seeing off side. I was fine at the event, but when I went home and caught my breath afterward, it really hit me. Well, let’s get started.

Sonou-sensei’s Extracurricular Lesson 2: The graduates wear hakama for the ceremony. Each class has matching hakama prepared for them. Students rent them from the school. They have to get fitted for them at the beginning of February, so that’s when it really hits you that it’s coming up. They all put a plum or peach blossom corsage at their breast.




K☆R> Kindred Spirits on the Roof Friendships (Komano Hina #7). Koba Youka. As she’d heard about her transformation from her younger sister Midori, the two were able to meet again without much surprise. Hina’s got a good memory and Youka gets flustered a lot when she brings up stuff like how Youka played a princess in a festival once.

Was Midori-chan the same age as Hina…?

@kyuu_ka I have two files saying she’s both a year younger and the same age, so I’m not sure.

A princess? Like in a historical parade-type thingy?

@mizu_Sato_ Yeppers

K☆R> Kindred Spirits on the Roof Friendships (Komano Hina #8). Maki Seina. They’ve both got very proactive personalities, so their best friends who get along very well. They pair up on a lot of things, so everyone around them saw them as best friends right away, but they didn’t seem to realize it themselves until Nakahara-san pointed it out to them.

K☆R> Kindred Spirits on the Roof Friendships (Komano Hina #9). When Hina and Maki are chatting, there’s a high probability you’ll find some sweet bread in between them. They’ll laugh and tell you it’s something like a charm, but it would be a bit of a problem if they actually ate it every time, so sometimes it’s just sitting there.

K☆R> Kindred Spirits on the Roof Friendships (Komano Hina #10). Sometimes on their way home from school, Hina will tag along with Seina while she’s browsing stores for accessories. Influenced by the way Seina chooses very carefully, Hina will sometimes look for things she thinks will look good on Yuna.

K☆R> Kindred Spirits on the Roof Friendships (Komano Hina #11). Seina introduced her to Aihara Miki, and she’ll say hi to her now when she sees her. She was a little confused when Miki came to her saying “I want to be friends with Toomi-san!” but she and Yuna seem to get along, so she’s glad she introduced the two of them.

Why did Yuna-san suddenly become able to see ghosts?